Media: When propaganda schema fail

Hey dear readers, this is Christmas time, let’s agree to have a bit of intellectual fun. Just a bit. This week we had a newspaper banner shouting, “PM says No to Mugabe”.

Barak Obama

USA: When Obama Romney wins — again

At least with the Chinese decadal leadership change, the world will have to learn to spell new names. First Xi Jinping, the new and incoming party leader and President of the People’s Republic of ...


Complex politics: When the Media follows

Are our politicians prisoners of an uninformed, ignorant yet overbearing media? Or are they playing political games with and through a pliant media? I raise these questions in relation to the whol...


MDC-T: A crisis of command

Was it Antonio Gramsci who wrote: “ . . . intellectuals have the function of organising the social hegemony of a group and that group’s domination of the state . . . the function of organising the...

US: Bitten by own Pet

The September 15th to 21st issue of the Economist has a huge leader splash titled “Murder in Libya”. The gist of the leader piece is to urge “the world’s policeman not (to) retreat from the world’...