Nathaniel Manheru

8 months ago | June 24, 2017

Manheru: Adieus and Hello Zimbabwe!

THE OTHER SIDE NATHANIEL MANHERU IT’S been many seasons ever since this column was launched, more accurately ever since I adopted it from its “tired” founder, Professor Jonathan Moyo. While I ...

8 months ago | June 17, 2017

Zimbabwe: The passing of Neo-Colonial Man

THE OTHER SIDE NATHANIEL MANHERU The year 1970 saw the birth of a publication titled “The Passing of Tribal Man in Africa”. Edited by a Canadian academic, the late Peter C. W. Gutkind, the ...

8 months ago | June 10, 2017

NATHANIEL MANHERU: Media: Dead in own lifetime?

THE OTHER SIDE NATHANIEL MANHERU I don’t know what triggered it, but I just woke up craving for hard-reading stuff. Deep and tough reading. It happens quite often, especially when you suffer a ...

9 months ago | June 3, 2017

South Africa: Zim’s near abroad

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE— AM I wrong? I have always thought the goal of opposition is to govern? And I haven’t said the goal is to lead. To govern.

9 months ago | May 13, 2017

Zimbabwe: Where knowledge is innocent

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE— ONE quote which high school history pupils in this country spout out with remarkable ease is one attributed to Otto von Bismarck, the German aristocrat and ...

10 months ago | May 6, 2017

Nathaniel Manheru: -Chidyausiku: On trial of a Subregional History

Nathaniel Manheru: THE OTHER SIDE— My deepest, heartfelt condolences to the Chidyausiku family on the loss of Godfrey, our recently retired Chief Justice. He was a fine character, an ...

11 months ago | April 8, 2017

South Africans: How I wish I was one!

The Other Side: Nathaniel Manheru It is very easy to think it is the flash, not the flame; that burns big logs. The local media excitedly reported on the resignation of an aide of Mujuru’s Nats, ...

11 months ago | March 25, 2017

Opposition: Jacobinism in times of plenty

Nathaniel Manheru: THE OTHER SIDE So it’s true after all? That Tsvangirai’s MDC benefited from Mai Mujuru and her late departed hero-husband, Chauya-Chauya’s Mavambo project? So why was she ...

11 months ago | March 18, 2017

2018: Sifting real issues from so much chaff

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE— One question many of my readers pose and even criticise me for is taking contrary thoughts too seriously. I fully understand where my readers are coming ...

11 months ago | March 11, 2017

Pseudo-Reformists: When Beasts of England Roar

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE— A cryptic but interesting response to my piece last week came from one “yowe” who advised me to read George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm. I can only ...