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Ventilators boost in Covid-19 fight

Zimbabwe has received five more ventilators and essential equipment for critical care units by the Chinese Red ...

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2 days ago | July 3, 2020

Dynamos stay in League race

DYNAMOS were worthy winners over Meikles at Gwanzura Stadium yesterday and maintained their challenge for the Rhobrew ...

3 days ago | July 2, 2020

Heavy demand to trigger shortage of tyres

The Herald, 6 March 1985 ALTHOUGH Dunlop Zimbabwe is working flat-out to produce tyres, the general countrywide shortage ...

4 days ago | July 1, 2020

A great man departs

INTABA yadilika. The mountain has collapsed. Umdala wethu sesitshiyile. Our great old man has gone. He has passed the ...

5 days ago | June 30, 2020

Roads project creates job opportunities for rural folk

THE labour-based technology for low-volume roads introduced as a pilot project in 1991 in two rural districts for ...

6 days ago | June 29, 2020

Railways apprentice exams break racial barriers

The Rhodesia Herald, 2 November 1961 FOR the first time in the history of the Rhodesian Railways, 204 African students ...

1 week ago | June 26, 2020

New boost for campaign to save rhinos from poachers

The Herald, 29 December 1985 SCHOOLS and companies are joining the Zimbabwe’s Rhino Survival Campaign as the bid by the ...

1 week ago | June 25, 2020

African ceremonies to precede moves from Zambezi

The Rhodesian Herald, 17 July 1956 WITHIN the next fortnight, ceremonies for the propitiation of spirits will begin ...

2 weeks ago | June 23, 2020

Media urged to play its part in economic process

PRIVATISATION and the commercialisation of parastatals are key components of the economic reform programme and for it to ...

2 weeks ago | June 22, 2020

It’s getting cold for ‘Skid Row’ sleepers

AS the nights get colder, it is taking Salisbury’s many pavement sleepers longer to get to sleep.

2 weeks ago | June 19, 2020

Rhodesian interest in bee-keeping at high pitch

INTEREST in beekeeping in Rhodesia continues to mount. It has now reached such a pitch that one of the main problems is ...

3 weeks ago | June 16, 2020

Electric geysers to make way for solar water heaters

ZIMBABWE is set to replace at least 140 000 electrical geysers with solar water heaters that will save at least 280 ...

3 weeks ago | June 15, 2020

Plans afoot to control issuing of service stations permits

THE Harare Commission is introducing new regulations that will govern the allocation of land for development of fuel ...

3 weeks ago | June 12, 2020

Gift of education turned into curse for Lobengula’s son

The Rhodesia Herald, 20 June 1944 THE death occurred near Bulawayo on Sunday of a man who refused to speak to anyone for ...

3 weeks ago | June 11, 2020

Hyenas wreak havoc in Beitbridge

THE councillor for Ward Six, Clr Joseph Itani Muleya, who is also the Beitbridge Rural District Council chairperson of ...

4 weeks ago | June 10, 2020

City adds power station to beef up Kariba power

SALISBURY City Council has recommissioned its 4.4 million pounds No 3 power station to supplement the output from Kariba ...