Taking a look at future careers

The Herald, 24 April,1984

TWENTY-THREE sixth-formers from all round the country recently spent three days in Harare getting to know the ins and outs of its various academic, cultural, commercial and industrial institutions.

Organised by the Harare Rotary Club, the know your community tour was aimed at giving the students a glimpse of the opportunities open to them when they left school. The tour is an annual event.

The students visited the University of Zimbabwe, the National Archives, Air Zimbabwe, Dandy Chewing Gum, the Morton Jaffray Water Works and various commercial concerns.

Lessons For Today

  • Career guidance is very important especially for high school students because it helps influence the choices and help them align their goals to the subjects that they are studying.
  • Seeing is believing. Most people tend to believe and trust in things that they have seen or experienced themselves as opposed to what they would have heard. Organising student visits to various companies not only gives them insight on what the various companies do but can also influence their career choices.
  • It is important for people to know what happens in their communities. It is also incumbent upon companies and organisations to open their doors to communities.

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