President mocks Chamisa The President today called upon youths to defend the revolution and to shun drug abuse. He was touched by the testimonial of one female youth who used to be on drugs but was rehabilitated and directed that her child be put under BEAM and the mother given employment. Pictures: Presidential Communications

President Mnangagwa today mocked opposition leader Nelson Chamisa for naively thinking that challenges being faced by Zimbabwe can only be resolved by foreigners.

On Sunday, while launching by-election campaigns for his party, the Citizens Coalition for Change leader Chamisa bragged that if he got elected, white people would flock to Zimbabwe with money within a week.

“If you give me one week in office, you will see white people coming in with money, you will see the Chinese coming in with money,” claimed Chamisa.

But, President Mnangagwa reminded the CCC leader that Zimbabwe could only be developed by its own people using home-grown policies and resources.

President Mnangagwa, who has been championing this through the mantra, “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo” said he was greatly disturbed by Chamisa’s uniformed utterances.

“Zimbabwe can only be built by Zimbabweans, Zambia can only be built by Zambians, and Mozambique can only be built by Mozambicans and Botswana the same.

Part of the crowd at today’s National Youth Day celebrations held at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe Square in Harare.

“Britain can also only be built by the British, as America by Americans, China by the Chinese and Russia by the Russians, but Chamisa wants Zimbabwe to be built by white people, he should be ashamed of himself,” he said.

“The independence that we have was brought about by the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters who fought to remove the whites who are now being invited back by Chamisa. That is really shameful.”

President Mnangagwa also warned that security forces would be ready to deal with any social disturbances, following the declaration by Chamisa that he would incite his followers to riot if he lost next year’s Presidential elections.

He urged the youths to shun violence and parties that further imperialist interests.

“You should shun violence and all those that want to see the downfall of this great country will be put to shame, we have a few, you saw them yesterday. On your part, I urge you to reject those who want to make our country puppets of other jurisdictions. The onus is on you, our young people to defend, protect and guard the independence of our great country.

“While young people of yesteryear took to the gun, today you only have to use your vote, to defend our great country, and our independence. Your vote will determine our destiny. Therefore use your vote wisely, conscious that this very right to vote was paid for by the blood of many young sons and daughters of our great country,” he said.

“I call upon all the youth of our great country Zimbabwe to recommit to the values, principles, and ethos bequeathed to us by the many sons and daughters who fought for the liberation of our motherland Zimbabwe. It is incumbent upon you all the young generation to guard jealously the rich liberation heritage by nurturing patriotism, peace, unity, love, harmony, and a culture of hard honest work.”

The President said although Zimbabwe had diverse cultures, the country would remain as one.

“There is no room for tribalism, no room for regionalism, there is no room for hate or violence the responsibility of the youth is to remain patriotic, united, and peaceful while nurturing upright living through hard, honest work,” he said. – New Ziana

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