TM/Pick n Pay calls off Kirkman project

Mr Malcom Mycroft

Mr Malcom Mycroft

Tinashe Makichi Property Reporter
TM/Pick n Pay has called off its intended construction of a $2,5 million shopping outlet along Kirkman Drive in Harare. TM/Pick n Pay managing director Malcom Mycroft, told The Herald Property Guide that the retail giant was not considering reverting to the project in the short term.

“We are in the process of calling off that project and at the moment there are no plans to revive it in the short term due to reasons beyond me,” said Mr Mycroft.

Despite the current efforts to call off the project, the retail giant had already made some notable developments on the site. The construction of the outlet was initially scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2016. Information gathered says there were disagreements between the retail giant and the land owner, flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa.

Dr Philip Chiyangwa

Dr Philip Chiyangwa

TM /Pick n Pay Supermarkets is part of the retail arm of Meikles Limited, a listed concern on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Chiyangwa could not be reached for comment. According to information already provided, the Kirkman mall is being constructed on a 5,4 hectare piece of land on the corner of Kirkman and Harare Drive. The Kirkman City project has an additional 108 stands for sale to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

TM/Pick n Pay recently opened the Village Walk mall, which features TM’s long standing supermarket and an additional 30 shops on two levels of new and modern retail space. Some clothing boutiques, coffee shops and food outlets have moved in while other shops are yet to be occupied. Access and convenience to the shopping mall was a priority to the construction and the organisation undertook to upgrade the Borrowdale Road, a public access road leading to the shopping mall.

This was done to enhance the flow of traffic getting into the complex and showing their commitment to investing in the country in the long term.

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  • eliah

    Can you also call off the illegal price hikes you have implemented in your shops, it would be great for many of your customers.

  • ali

    They should come and build in Mt Pleasant heights. We desperate for descent shopping mall

  • Gonde

    How is it possible that a single man owns so much land ? I would have lots of respect for Tyson if he means what he says. He should start by investigating this Philip Chiyangwa.This Chiyangwa guy is a sham costing the country and certainly the job seekers opportunities.

  • eliah

    how when there are accessing the bulk of their currency for restocking from RBZ?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    More shopping malls, supermarkets, houses, residential flats, grave yards! But no factories? The structure of our real estate developments speaks volumes about the illness and economic imbalance of our economy. Where are the long term government planners?