President, ED bury the hachet

former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Fidelis Munyoro Senior Reporter—
PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday reconnected with former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa as he begins processes towards a final solution and roadmap for the country. Cde Mnangagwa was fired from the Vice Presidency by President Mugabe on November 6, precipitating a chain of events that culminated in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces intervening to weed out criminals who had surrounded the President and who stoodaccused of fomenting an environment that had the potential to lead to violent confrontation.

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Sources close to developments said the two spoke for about 10 minutes over the phone after midday,and during the conversation President Mugabe told Cde Mnangagwa to return home immediately. Cde Mnangagwa acceded to the request.

The former VP is said to have told the President that he had left Zimbabwe for security reasons to which the President assured him he had nothing to fear as he was not involved in any threats that may have been posed.

Updating the nation on the latest developments last night, Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Guveya Nyikadzino Chiwenga said the ZDF were pleased with new the latest developments which included contact between President Mugabe and his former deputy. Cde Mnangagwa, he said, was expected back in Zimbabwe soon.

“As this happens, we as the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and security services urge Zimbabweans to remain calm and patient, fully observing and respecting the laws of the country for the sustenance of the precious peace we should never lose,” he said while briefing journalists at Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks, formerly KGVI.

Gen Chiwenga also urged other political players in the country including members of the ruling Zanu-PF, war veterans, opposition parties, students and members of the public to refrain from any conduct that threatens peace, life and property. He urged students at various institutions across the country to be calm and proceed with their educational programmes as scheduled.

“Once again, as the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and security services, we pay tribute to all Zimbabweans for support shown to us during the execution of Operation Restore Legacy,” he said. We remain a people’s force and security service which is why uppermost in our mind is the conclusion of this whole operation with the minimum inconvenience and certainly without any collateral loss of life, injury or destruction of property.”

He said the ZDF would keep the nation updated on any new developments as they occur. Gen Chiwenga commended the meeting the ZDF held with President Mugabe, which he said went well in a conducive atmosphere of mutual respect saying several guarantees were made.

He said the ZDF remained seized with the operation they codenamed ‘’Operation Restore Legacy”. The media briefing was meant to update the nation on the latest developments after President Mugabe’s address to the nation on Sunday night.

In a televised State of the Nation Address at State House, President Mugabe conceded that there was a crisis in the country and concerns raised by the ZDF and citizens relating to the state of the economy were genuine. He said Zimbabwe would chart a new path aimed at restoring normalcy in the country. The address came after President Mugabe held a meeting with military commanders that focused on several issues both at Government and party levels.

He also conceded that Zanu-PF was also facing challenges that required attention. These would be dealt with at the forthcoming Extraordinary Congress scheduled for the week December 12-17 2017.

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  • NotAlwaysFitToPrint

    Something’s very fishy here…

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Something very positive here!

      • yowe

        Hahaha you were not apprehended by ZDF?? You are a typical G40…YOWE!!!

      • Vhomoto

        What is positive here Prof. The people have spoken, all and sundry, across political divide. What else is there to speak between Croc and bob. On the contrary its a clear negation of the people’s will as displayed on Saturdays and years before Saturday. What is crystal clear though is that the primary motive of Chiwenga was to protect garwe not to restore legacy as he puts it nor to act in the interest of the Zimbabwean populace. Unless of course legacy is only synonymous with garwe. The Zimbabwean populace want to see the back of Mugabe and all cabals he has presided over and if Chiwenga is not careful and protects Mugabe because garwe is now free then he must brace himself for a mutiny within the ZDF ranks which will be catastrophic in my view. On the other hand the Chinese are holding his head in exchange for Mugabe for giving them a raw deal in the diamond consortiums. Either way Chiwenga akatanga nyaya ichamunetsa

      • mandevu


  • Vangodza

    Forgive but don’t forget.esp icecream

  • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

    For me this is brilliant. Mugabe gets a dignified exit. It was going to be a travesty of justice to have his cronies, whose hands are filthier and only seem to win because a good number of them each averaging Bob”s mettle, hapoen to be against him, kick him out like that.



  • xyz

    You honestly think they have kissed and made up on the basis of a phone call? You are deluded indeed! Mugabe will never ever forgive ED for this humiliation.

    • Pedro

      This is a very very sound analysis Cde!

    • Weston Mugocha

      Forgiving is one thing, doing anything to him is another. Peace must prevail starting with these two.

  • Kwangwari Gwayendepi

    This is turning out to be another ZANU PF circus. As long as ED is readmitted into the party,the ZDF could care less whether Mugabe goes or not. From the get go this was operation restore ED and not restore legacy as they want us to believe. How can ZDF blame our country’s troubles on a cabal around the president yet sparing the president who appointed the cabal? Everytime Mugabe is on the ropes then he starts preaching about unity. Mugabe must go. Ngaende ngaende.

    • yowe

      You are very correct…I feel the calls for Mugabe to leave are only from citizens.The army seems to not have that intention at all.
      I forsee the army turning aganist the masses once ED is back and working alongside mugabe.We are being set up for massive disappointment

      • tapuwa

        they said it wani kuti its not a coup,they just want a dignified exit for him otherwise they also want him to go..they allowed you to demonstrate wani.atidi wanhu wanoshandisa maemotions nepanodiwa strategy.

        • yowe

          Hameno wangu…it just seems to be getting complicated

      • munhumunhu

        Where did you read that the army wanted Mugabe to go? Read Chiwenga’s statement again.They said they wanted to get rid of those elements surrounding him.

    • danzo

      Brilliant analysis

  • king Bee

    chizororai Gushungo. we will not forget u

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    A dignified exit for our President would be most welcome.That will cement ZANU PF unity and its ability to continue managing our State affairs in the interest of our revolution. We await the unfolding of the positive in our party and national interests. We have reason to smell the necessary peace and reconciliation .

    • yowe

      Wazosimudza musoro??

    • Cde Hondo

      What about the interests of the population. Ok chimboitai tione

    • Talkmore

      The only hatchet many people want to see is one buried in Mugabe’s thick obstinate skull! However in the interests of a humane conclusion, a military firing squad for this traitor is also acceptable.

    • muchovi washoko

      aaaaaa aya mashura Mzvinavhu

    • zimbotry

      Sounds like Cabinet have ignored his summons. Its over for him. His and your use by date have gone. You and your ilk have destroyed our country. Lie low, farm your crops and let us repair the damage caused

  • bin t

    panoda kungwara apa,the guys did not play their cards closer to their chests. If this slips off their hands,it means our nation is doomed for failure.

  • bin t

    asi chii chokwadi nhai Mwari? minamato yese yerunyararo munyika yaiitwa neichiri kuitwa haina kunzwikwa here?

  • Chamangwiza WeHarare

    Only a fool will believe Mugabe forgives. He does not. His heart is as hard as a rock. ED and Chiwenga would have made the fatal error of their lives if they were to give Mugabe a breather. We will be saying; “We told you so”

  • Duke-General Hacha

    Takafarira n’anga inobata mai. All along we gave all the hammers to the military thinking they have rid us of chikwekwe yet their sole concern was ED. I feel like I have been robbed, conned, cheated and my intellect insulted.

  • Njabulo:libertyatliberty

    2.1.Njabulo.libertyatliberty at gmail dot com.ln my view,l think Mnangagwa must not meet the dictator.I think they must just leave the dictator alone.They have to ignore it .And when it goes to attend the forthcoming congress ,they impede it from addressing people.He no longer has the right to do so ,as that right has been forfeited from him through legal means(constitution).If he does not want to respect that decision which derives from the constitution ,then he must be treated like a criminal.All people have tried to show him respect during this trying period,but he does not respect that.So,its time they just ignore him and not give him any attention.At the moment he thinks everyone is a joke to him ,for thinking he can step down.If he wants to act like a criminal ,then treat him like one.The army must be very careful with that monster,he might be planning something evil against them.Remrmber he gave AU a bribe ,so that in the even of such a situation ,it will support him.They army must be very vigilant.Yesterday he did not tell the world that the army had staged a coup against him.That is diplomacy.He knows that if he had said that,the the world will see that ,he surely is no longer wanted as the leader of Zimbabwe.He just want to behave as if everything is normal ,yet he is in a dilemma.To be honest ,that Malawian (no hatred for Malawians)is bad news or a curse to our country.When he is gone ,we need to pray hard to burn his curses and his spirit in our country.We have to do that so that that demon does not manifest itself in our people.###

  • Pedro

    I think XYZ is very correct, the red line has already been crossed; thus it is very doubtful that ED will simply wake up tomorrow and say am going back to Zimbabwe just because he has talked with HE over the phone, and also especially given that the ZANU PF party has already kick-started the Impeachment Process.

  • sky

    Apa pakuda imwe coup within this coup.

  • kuda

    Celebrating Mugabe’s departure alone as the end is naive,what lies ahead is more toxic and lethal compares to what lies before us

  • SlackJawedYokel

    Birds of the same feathers! I tell, the best way to deal with a cancer is to cut it off completely!

  • Madara

    hope he is

  • Pasipamire

    Street theatre..

  • Loud Speaker

    Ring Ring. Ring Ring.Ring Ring….
    Hello, this is Emmerson,how can I help you?
    Emmo old chap,this is Bob calling.You know, after a bit of reflection,just thought we bury the hatchet;what do you say?
    Great idea Bob. Been thinking much the same myself. Ill bury mine between your shoulder blades.Good bye. Click…


    It was a very good bigning and we are expecting a good ending as well.
    our lovely national army paved the way and a very good opportunity for us zimbabweans to act as quick as possible to remove the dictator and his friends.
    We must know that the soldiers and police are waiting for us to remove this person. By the way who is his father and where does he come from?

  • yowe

    Lets see. It is getting more complicated by the day

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    ED haafushire bhemba zvekumhanya

  • wengere

    The Herald – showing that it does not have any real journalists to cover this post propaganda period. Just not getting it.

  • Bhora Resimbi

    Where is Chinotimba he is silent all this while Kikikikikiki kikikikikiki

  • yowe

    Haiwawo nhasi zvakuwana

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      I will continue to support ZANU PF and call for unity in our party,without espousing any factional leanings. Hapapna zvandiwana ini. I will invite you to my farm just to educate you on matters of our revolutionary party and its internal dynamics.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Ah ,as liberation hero,its government policy that we should be allocated land as heroes. I opted for an A1 plot. Yes we have economic problems ,mainly because of sanctions.