Mahoka attacks Herald, dares VP

Cde Mahoka

Cde Mahoka

Herald Reporter
Zanu-PF Women’s League secretary for finance Cde Sarah Mahoka yesterday asked President Mugabe to confirm whether or not he assigned Presidential spokesperson, Mr George Charamba, to warn successionists against abusing the First Family to pursue their own agendas.

Cde Mahoka also challenged Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to distance himself from people she claimed were abusing his name.

This came as President Mugabe yesterday said Zanu-PF members should adhere to party procedures when they have grievances.

Mr Charamba, speaking as the Press Secretary to the President two weeks ago, took a swipe at some Zanu-PF cadres who were claiming to be behind the First Family when they harboured their own presidential ambitions.

He said it was a matter of time before the successionists faced their comeuppance.

Speaking at an event organised by the Zanu-PF Women’s League at Zanu-PF Headquarters in Harare, Cde Mahoka attacked The Herald which she claimed was not reporting on developmental issues.

“Toda kuziva kuti baba ndovakatuma munhu iyeye (Charamba) here? Party ina spokesperson anotaurira party, hurumende ina spokesperson,” she charged,

“VaCharamba (George Charamba, Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, perm sec) ngavaregedze kutaura kwavasina kuswera!” Mahoka said.

In the interview, Mr Charamba asserted that he was speaking as the President’s spokesperson.

Cde Mahoka said VP Mnangagwa should speak against those using his name.

VP Mnangagwa, however, maintained his cool and did not respond.

“Vice President, hanzvadzi yangu iyi chikara,” Cde Mahoka said. “Ndinozviziva isu tichinzi chikara. Ndinokumbirawo kuti nyaya yekuti vanhu vatambise tambise zita renyu baba makangonyarara, Mai Mahoka vachiita zvavanoda nezita renyu. Toda kuti baba tikunzwei muchitsiura.

“Regai kuita sedhakisi rakapedza vana richingoti aaah! aaah! aaah! Baba simukai mutaure nekuti vanhu vatinetsa, nokutishungurudza,”

She went on: “Hatipo kurwisa VaMnangagwa, tiri pakurwisa kuti vanhu vaMnangagwa varikutaura ava, ko VaMnangagwa havazvinzwe here nhai veduwe? Toitwa marombe here, tokandwa (mugango) here.

“Vanhu vacho vari pano, vakatomaka ini asi handitye nezita raJesu.”

Some party members at the function said Cde Mahoka’s behaviour showed disrespect of protocol and party procedures.

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  • DK

    This woman lacks respect dangerously. So she wanted Mugabe to answer and say, “Yes amai, i am the one who sent Charamba…”
    She also expected the President’s second in command, Mnangagwa to bow down and say, “Aiwa amai, handisi kuda kuita President.” This is nonsense. Zanu-PF now lacks discipline seriously. You can not have a whole national leadership being denigrated to this extend by a t-shirt clad uneducated woman. Tipeiwo ma serious please.

    • AM

      Dear Dk, if you look at all revolutionary parties parties in Africa they have the Women’s league or Youth League as militants. In situations were the the leadership or party feels threatened they unleash them. and they don’t do things the conventional way. Remember “I will kill for Zuma” type of comments. They are meant to scare off your opponents. In this case Sarah Mahoka made these comments in front of the President and no one said anything. If you analyse this further, this was a warning to Mnangagwa, Charamba and the Herald. Ngwena has been in the game for some time and knows this.

      • MadzibabaJoshua

        You are spot on AM,the Mahokas are the storm troopers who are used in unconventional ways to get things done.Mahoka got her instructions from somewhere that is the reason why she had the guts to challenge Ngwena and Charamba.

        • General Sun-Tzu

          This is glaringly apparent, even the hat that she was putting on depicts a particular alliance, but unfortunately for her, she managed to take a clear position and the VP managed to upstage her by keeping quite, that which you call formlessness…. In my view, if nothing dramatic is done by ZANU-PF, it will implode because of such zealots. They are risking degenerating to the typical South African Parliament politicking tactics… In short, this woman not only crossed the line, but if anyone sent them, they are far duller than they think…

    • AM

      I responded to your comment. Unfortunately the Herald will not post it. Cant handle the truth. Wonder why many now run to opposition media.

      • Chamu

        Wakavharika which opposition party owns a newspaper company in Zim?

      • theheraldonline

        AM, we did not hold on to your comment. Please re-post it, or email to: [email protected]

        • max moyo

          why did u ban me

          • theheraldonline

            max moyo,
            had you been banned, you were not going to be able to post the way you have posted right now.
            try to paste back the missing comment.

          • max moyo

            ok, looks like the ban has been lifted.Thanks.

          • theheraldonline

            Cool, will however check if it was indeed a ban or just a moderation delay. Apologies for that buddy. Keep well.

          • zvenyika

            I cant post as well. Been banned for years

          • Imtoogoodtobetrue

            And you know why.Those beer bottles.kik.

          • zvenyika

            loool. will try to stay sober

          • Imtoogoodtobetrue

            That’s nice.

    • Ike

      Iyo position yavo does it allow her to stoop so low by asking such silly questions??? By whose authority and who is she denigrating between the two alleged factions?? This is empty Dutchman’s courage deserving some beating under the feet so that she stays seated for a couple of days. She has no discipline which probably is behind her bottom.

      • Dlodlo

        Respect your own, women.

    • Judas Iscariot

      Most of these cdes are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. No counseling,was offered to these cdes,when they came back from the liberation struggle. No-one in their right frame of mind,would dare challenge the president,to tell the nation if Charamba was speaking on his behalf. Then went on to Challenge the vp to distance himself from members of his faction. Prof Jonah told you, some of these cdes need help,they need psychological evaluation,and must be forced to take their medicine. These are the folks who want to run our country’s economy.

      • karombe

        mahoka haasi mu war vet

      • rumbidzai

        Ko T shirt yaakapfeka haisiyo factionalism

        • Imtoogoodtobetrue

          You actually believe the factionalism thing?

    • Chamu

      You tell me that you don’t realise that this party is a circus. Tipevo maserius. If you ever think Zanu is going to deliver after 35yrs of failure., then there is something terrible wrong with your mind.

    • rumbidzai

      Hunhu hwaramba zvachose. how could you do that Mahoka
      Shame on you.

    • Kyle James

      And why do you think that the current crop of leaders deserve respect?

    • Dombodema

      Uneducated you say so mean only the educated should say what they want?

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Asking for respect while trashing it! Talk of a forked tongue Sarah Mahoka happens to have one. Does the party have any constitution I wonder? Where can I find the constitution that allows shefs to be dressed down like that.

    • Cde Fide

      Or where it says one can sloganeer saying ‘pamberi neni’. no wonder party support is being diverted to individuals rather than the PARTY. Party slogans and regalia should be for highlighting, reinforcing, confirming agreement to party principles and mobilisation thereto – not for building personality cults or fiefdoms.

    • JSC

      The constitution only work with people who respect the constitution/rule of law. I rest my case.

    • Chamu

      Shef my **. You still believe those goons to be shefs?


    You thought they allowed her to speak in front of H.E and party cdes agendalessly? All the same, I understand her emotions especially on spitting venom on The Herald. why should a whole paper edited by a Master be dragged into lopsided publications? The “women” have spoken, let’s change how we are are running media business at Crnr Silundika and Sam Nujoma. Selfish functionalists shouldn’t control our leading daily publication.

    • Mai 2

      You are intelligent for sure…

    • chakutareal

      The best observation ever. Herald has become too conspicuous in the succession battle of ZPF.

  • DIVA

    I enjoy the breed of free spirited and highly charged Parliamentarians from Hurungwe. Cde. Mahoka should be a product of Cde. Themba Mliswa’s school of relentless ‘freedom of speech.” It’s time Ngwena was attacked, how can he ignorantly say there is no infighting within the party (Herald, Wednesday publication)?? Its noble the first family did not stammer on this subject thus rubbing off Ngwena’s previous denial of seriously evident infighting.

    • karombe

      vp vakachenjera. vaida kuti ataure zve factionalism vogozoti … ah mamunzwaka?

  • Ticha

    Forget social media worries, this woman is being disrespectful in front on the president himself ! Asking questions in a public forum that should be done through party channels if at all ! The party is being allowed to fall apart!

    • MadzibabaJoshua

      Ticha,you should also be analysing closely why the Women`s League was mobilsed to be at Zanu PF HQ on this day.They did not just go there for a stroll in the park,they went there for a specific agenda.Forget about this talk of `congratulating the president on his AU mission`,it was just a cover.Another group had mobilised war vets but unfortunately they could not do much because they were outnumbered by the Women`s League who came in large numbers.

      • Keith Rufaro

        you are spot on madzibaba

      • Givemore Chivandaidze

        spot on

    • Chamu

      Crap! why didn’t they repremand her?

  • dick mboko

    Kana kwedu kuruzevha hakuna madhaka akadai. Kana free speech yasvika apa muZANU torohwa nehana. Asi umwe moyo unoti – Kana bofu rikati ndokurova pane charakatsika. Mai ava pane chavakatsika! Toti kuda tanga tisina kujairira free speech. Even veANC yekuSouth Africa vandinoyemura havasviki apa.

    • maita

      True she went too far and she may regret it. The tongue is small but can start terrible veld fires she has to explain ‘you will die in the house’ because some died in houses.

  • Dr Bush

    This Mahoka woman lacks discipline and I say this without fear or favour! She was disrespectful to me as a party member! Her utterances in front of national leadership were just uncouth! Her disrespect for the VPs was just unacceptable! What channels should be followed to discipline her?! Surely she cannot get away with this! This is lawlessness within the party! Very disappointed by all this and disheartened. I want to thank VP Mnangagwa for maintaining his cool. Hallmarks of a future President

  • Matipa

    Herald still as biased as ever, they can’t help themselves…nxa!

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    I remember a woman in Masvingo being summarily reprimanded by VP Mphoko and subsequently being suspended (or is it being expelled?) for the slogan “Pasi neG40″. Regai tione.

    • Rawboy

      Most probably she was a nobody.Cannon fodder.

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Of interest in this saga is the fact that there is a woman who shouted “Pasi neG40!” in Masvingo and was dismissed and we now have this woman saying what she feels like saying unsolicited and nothing is done. The question is one of fairness, equity and justice in the party. If we allow mischief by others and disallow it from others then we have a glaring problem.This may just be the beginning of worse things to come. I respect freedom of speech but also respect justice, equity and fairness. On Cdes Moyo and Mutsvangwa I believe the President might have unwittingly exposed himself in two ways. Firstly, to some it may now appear that Cde. Moyo has the support of the First Family because he openly defied a known party position and secondly it may be that the President had no solution and could not afford to have Moyo leaving the party for various reasons. On Mutsvangwa I think there was a need for a reprimand. However, Mutsvangwa was defending a known party position and this again could have been a dilemma for the party president. On the other hand I think we are cursed as a nation if we disrespect war veterans because they define who we are and the mere mention of the word Zimbabwe is a product of a vicious war that took almost a decade to unseat white supremacy. Please note I am not giving war veterans the green light to do whatever they want because they were not mercenaries of the dollar. Theirs was a sacrifice. But what is now happening is so sad. Some have the temerity to say “what is a war veteran?” As I write attended a funeral of a war veteran who waged the war in the Gaza area. He died a pauper. He left school to join the struggle and in the Zimbabwe that he helped bring he was not rehabilitated and was not properly assimilated into society. Three war veterans have suffered strokes in the past three months and we are helping them recover. They feel aggrieved not because they were not paid, not at all, but because the words we are uttering have the effect of piercing through their hearts.

    • Blackwave

      I totaly agree with u that war veterans should be well catered for. I also agree that they deserve to be respected. However, iam against the idea that they and they alone are the true custodians of the war of liberation. The war was not only fought by those who had guns but the masses as well. Infact if the masses did not contribute the way they did, then it all would have been futile. People gave all they had in support of the war, entire herds of cattle ( remember gandanga haridye derere) clothes, food, money etc. They also suffered for this support, many lost businesses,homes, and lives. Women were abused in some instances by the liberators and some still bear the scars of the war. There are so many unsung heroes of the war of liberation, for a single political entity to own the war or for a small group of people to lay claim to the war. True liberators know and understand this and they take no offence. So my wish is that when we talk about the war,lets try and give a wholistic view of how things really happened for the benefit of future generations. A parochial view of this part of our history cannot help them…

    • Givemore Chivandaidze

      so sad indeed…my mani worry is i have many uncles who went to war including my inlaws all suffering and have no powers to such forum or access to better living..Then those who masquarades as Chimbwidos and MUJIBHAS becoz of their eduacation they are the real CDES enjoying power and wealth and they talk too much on every forum……sad story.

  • maita

    This woman has gone far what does she mean when she says you will die in the house? And what is this munhu wese kuna ami is it now a new zanupf slogan and when did it start? So where does the president who is not amai come in on this.

    • karombe

      he is no longer in the picture according to them

  • Women’s League

    When things get out of hand there might not be need to follow protocol in cutting the virulent cancer. Senior Officials responsible for presiding over disciplinary matters take time to and most times they don’t critically address them to the satisfaction of us the masses. What Amai Mahoka did is applausable and a true reflection of the spirit in us as party addicts. We need ‘most though not all’ of these factional issues to be publicly addressed not only in politburo’s after of which we are just told by a spokesperson who most times only summarizes a 10 hr politburo session into 1 sentence. BIG UP CHIMHAMHA MAHOKA. MUNOITAA. CHIBHAKERA MUDENGA

    • Madzibaba Chokurongerwa

      Saka maibirwa underwear dzenyu naMutsvangwa.

    • karombe

      problem ndeyekuti mahoka apa va mnangagwa vanhu. azvitora kupi coz hapana patakanzwa vp vachiti vane vanhu vavo

  • bhinikwa

    Who gave her the floor to speak in the first place without knwoing what she would talk about. If the meeting had a chairman surely he gave her the mic & knew what the agenda was. If the agenda was to talk openly to the leadership then its all ok. If zpf is a party of the people by the people then that is pure democracy. The right of a delegate to speak against what she perceives as not proper conduct in the party. This notion of top down, Chef syndrome is undemocratic & must be banned. It makes me wonder then if those very members have the power to recall the president or any member of the top leadership. if they cannot then theres no democracy within the party. Shes well within her rights to demand to be properly ruled

  • Widzo

    kkkkkkkk this happens everyday all over the developed world. Munhu unotaura zvaunoda. Protocol my a$$.

  • chinos

    This is the kind of frank talk some of us want to hear. Why cant Croco deny and reprimand Team Lacoste. Mdhara vari kungonyenyeredza nyaya yacho.
    About social media, i do not understand what is wrong with it. Actually it should be encouraged but obviously the content is what should be controlled. Baba Jukwa and Prof acts should have highlighted how strong whatsapp, twitter facebook etc are and should be harnessed properly.

    • Imtoogoodtobetrue

      Controling the content that’s up your a** would be a good start.

  • DickBalls&Sons

    its getting interesting

  • Ba2

    Guys if you listened to the President’s speech yesterday after this Mahoka woman had said these things…at around 1232hrs the President actually said we have heard you mai Mahoka , you have said a lot of things mixing things but we have heard you. The President also said this women’s gathering was organised by Dr Amai.

  • GONO

    mukadzi uyu haasiye akanyora message,message yanyora he is just a mouth piece washandiswa asi message yabvaku apex ichitsiura Munangarwa

  • theheraldonline

    You call this story a biased story? What do you suggest we should have done to that video of Cde Mahoka?

    • Judas Iscariot

      You gave us the video clip so we can listen to Mahoka, in her own words. You got this one right,there’s no bias here

      • theheraldonline

        Thanks Judas Iscariot.
        On a different note, why did you chose to call yourself Judas Iscariot?

        • Rawboy

          Asking people to explain their interweb aliases = openning a big can of worms!

          • theheraldonline

            Ok, thanks Rawboy. Let us end here. Was jus curious on the name – but i understand you. How has been the day?

          • Blackwave

            Nice to see the herald interacting with us and responding to some issues….keep this up…

          • Imtoogoodtobetrue

            Wooow.Didn’t know you guys could actually be this interactive.It’s cool.

        • Nyamasvisva

          hahahahahahahaa times often we need mirth !

  • blessing javhinho

    This mahoka girl wanted President Mugabe to say Yes,,,,,,Zvinongotaridza mumba maanobva kuti hamuna rukudzo ….U cant question president Mugabe like that … He is our leader , you don’t have to question him

    • Cde Ziso

      This kind of thinking ndiyo yatikwadzisa munyika muno. Anyone, I mean anyone can be questioned!

  • hunzi007

    She is doing her job and what she is paid to do. People think politics is easy, it is a hide n seek game and alienation of oneself to a certain group depends on anticipated benefactor gains. The dynamics of politics change with current political pathing determined by potent political figures who are relevant in that particular system in time.

  • brian

    whatever she represents, whoever she represents needs to know nobody is bigger than the party.zanu belongs to all .

  • Museyamwa

    Where did Mahoka come from really? There are investigations of attacks on VP Mnangagwa offices and here someone is telling him that he is going to die in a house! Really? But seriously, what does she want VP to say? She should explain on her threats or face the music legally!

  • Chamu

    Kikikiki dream on dude!



  • Darlington

    the Woman was trying to incite the President against Vice President and Mr Charamba.. Bob didnt buy any of it

  • zvakare

    If you have been an RGM student of his * ways you can see and hear him clearly through that woman.. I bet you no one I mean no one can speak like that woman in RGM presence without his blessings. ED days are numbered…

  • Korobodo

    President Mugabe wisely reprimanded this woman and advised the crowd not to worry about her claims as he gave an example of a village woman who would react at seeing her child crying by shouting against fellow villagers without ascertaining the truth. Saka in short this woman behaved like a monkey-the higher she climbed up the tree the more she exposed her bottom. And Zanu-PF must not be surprized too…why surprised to see maggots coming into your home when you have brought in a dead log?

  • kabija

    Vanhu, pane asipo apa. Prof Muzvinanhu vakaenda kupiko? Makastroka here?

  • DK

    Prof Moyo has been silenced. Stopped from abusing fellow party members on Twitter, whilst Charamba retains The Herald. Handei tione . . .

  • karombe

    ndinofarira maitiro ava mnangagwa. cool and collected. muchiri kuyeuka kuti vakambonzi vaida ku assassinate HE but he remained calm chokwadi ndokuzobuda chega pachena

  • karombe

    surely she wil get away with it in the name of factionlism

  • Henza

    A VP is not only for the party but for the nation ,it was not proper for the organizers of this event to allow this little woman to educate and direct a whole President to riprimand his VP and to tell the nation that “vanhu vaMunangagwa” Protocol was not observed, if you play back the video you will see who was behind this woman by the way they cheered her

  • mhofu yekwa nyashanu

    vp mnangagwa exhibited the maturity expected of a leader of his calibre.only time will tell

  • Tongogara

    Why can’t Jonathan hire me and I can easily hack the entire zim papers on daily basis and stop them from publishing rubbish, 100000k is enough

  • Ngwekazi

    Mese makarasika. Tinoziva tese kuti Ngwena munhu anotyiwa zvikuru. This woman is a big supporter for Ngwena. This woman was only alerting Ngwena to be careful or he will go Solo way. Musavharwe imwi. This woman was being sent mu faction ikoko to say such things. The Women’s League should be alert to this woman. Becareful Dr. Grace of such people in the league. Hapana munhu asingatye Ngwena. I repeat this woman is from Ngwena faction. She was actual telling her boss to be very very careful. If I were Ngwena I would ask for more Aides. Ndiwo maonero angu ini Media Studies student.

  • Ngwenana

    iyo Ngwena zii zvayo semunhu mukuru

  • Blackwave

    Its quite clear that this is the response from the other faction. The whole of last week the faction had so many stories in the papers and now there is your responsible. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that charamba and crew have been warned. The womens league are fully behind Dr amai and i feel there is still more to come. If i were Charamba i would be very very scared right now…

  • Mudhakisi

    Dr. Amai’s expression from 7:29 to 7:35 tells it all. Signals for Mai Mahoka to cut it.

  • SimonPetere

    She is just confirming that things are falling apart .GAME CHANGERS……vakomana

  • Mister Arcadia PhD.

    Herald,keep firing and thanks for unblocking this puwa muzukuru.I thought hamudi vazukuru pano lol

  • Mister Arcadia PhD.


  • Keith Rufaro

    If Mahoka had no blessing from an authority above Ngwena’s,she wldn’t have publicly slammed the 2nd in command in the country.Im sure this public pummel left Ngwena and Charamba sweating.

  • Mafira-kureva

    This woman is real danger to the youth society she need to be stopped now, she lacks respect ,but her tone is from an uneducated fool.I wonder if she has a husband at home. But you don’t need a rocket scientist to establish that she was send from the highest office. She was taking the jibe from a well recited and crafted speech .This is wrong ,all along i thought the poor people comes first ,but what comes around goes around Ngwena will fall Mujuru’s way. Gloves are out now ,* its dog eat dog now,because the sun is gradually setting.

  • Givemore Chivandaidze

    Mahoka has done nothing wrong she expressed herself well representing many who are tired of hypocricy…Mai Mahoka havana kushora dare rePresidium but she send the the meesage to H.E and The Deputy ED that the furore is about the ED and some who think its right time to position themselves for a nex gvt,when HE departs.This is not the time to politicking,where we have serious drought and God knows that the reason we will have our RG as president for a longest period ever just for peace in the country…chokwadi mwari vakatonga mukuru akabviswa,hatina zororo.Herald should be modest and give two sided stories and mainly the stories to do with one faction and taking sides is their well known strength but dangerous for the nation.Now some ppe want mai MAHOKA to respect Cde ED,and infact she respect him,she was strongly behind his ascendence from the deep end,but it is not the time for successsion issues vachifa vanhu nemombe outhere…but recently every jack and Jill was busy denigrating her Excellnce former Vice president Joyce,and nobody cares…Ndiyo ZanuPF parally ndopavatotaura wo sezvo pakasununguka as well as paconference saka vakataura and havatye…Women forms the integral force of any winning political party and if pple think Mahoka avekupenga,vachazoona kukosha kwechikorobho varasa mvura.Ukaona Mamai amira hana ngairove vanokugarisa mudish wakatemba and men run away when it gets hoter.

  • munhu

    Zvino kana nyika yotongwawo namahoka. Telling the VP he is a duck/dhakisi???
    What exactly is her position in zanupf??? I am not zanupf, never was, never will be BUT, this is interesting, even threatening the VP with death????

  • Imtoogoodtobetrue

    There are no factions.Just politics.Looks pretty messy to the unschooled,doesn’t it.Zanu has been doing this for years.Just that with current technology,we get a blow by blow account.

  • hosea

    Ms Mahoka is spot on. She is doing what is expected of her and the women’s league. And it’s true the Herald dwells too much on succession issues than real issues that affect the people today

  • Timothy Thorton

    A people is known by its culture and Zimbabweans are known for their respect for elders. Elders refer to either those advanced in age or those who hold leadership positions. President Mugabe belongs to both categories. All leadership positions in Zimbabwe are conferred by the President in his official capacity. It is therefore surprising that anyone would castigate the VP (appointed by the President) in public as to do so is simply to question the President’s authority and judgement. What is further surprising is where this woman’s anger originates from as there was no contest for the positions of Vice President where she had participated and was beaten by VP Munangagwa. After the noise made before the conference, it is surprising that some people did not read the President’s message in his speech both at Congress and the Conference itself.

    Anyone who respects the President cannot go against his choice and judgement as to do so would be to question the president’s authority. Mahoko cannot display the kind of indiscipline she portrayed at that meeting and remain in the Party. A woman was suspended for saying “Pasi ne G40’ isisri munhu. We wait to see what will happen to Mahoko who threatened the Vice President with death in public. This cannot be the Zanu that we know. If the Displinary Committee does not take action on this one then Zanu PF can start counting its losses. Mark my words. Surely why do so many people make so much noise about Munangagwa but the President continues to support him.