LATEST: Zim not fragile State says President

Victoria Ruzvidzo and Darlington Musarurwa in Durban, South Africa

President Mugabe has said Zimbabwe is not a fragile State and such assertions can only be made by those that are misguided and ill-informed about the state of development in the country.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum on Africa today, President Mugabe said the country’s rich human mineral resource and human capital base could not lend credence to such a description.

More details to follow…..

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  • Hlahla Hamburamatope

    The ironic question was -are you a fragile oldest worker, clinger

  • Taneta

    The situation is bad in Zimbabwe and people are indeed going to the diaspora. There are now as much as 5 million Zimbabweans in SA which clearly shows you how bad the situation is. People would rather face xenophobia in SA and have a better life than stay and die of hunger in Zim due to your party’s ruinous policies. You think everyone wants land and wants to be a farmer?? Even if farming paid billions some would never take it up, they want other professions like being doctors, teachers, engineers etc not kuswera varimumunda. The current Zimbabwean economy doesn’t offer these alternative opportunities except maybe being vendors thanks to your party.