Warren Hills Cemetery full, closed — council


Farai Mukuwane Herald Reporter
Warren Hills Cemetery is now full and has been closed by Harare City Council. The remaining space has been reserved for the Harare Provincial Heroes’ Cemetery.

The city is now in the process of identifying land for new cemeteries in the eastern, southern and northern areas of the capital.

Granville (kuMbudzi) and Mabvuku cemeteries will still be used until new sites are explored.

The resolution was passed at a special full council meeting held yesterday.

Acting Director of Housing and Community Services Retired Major Matthew Marara said the decision by council was positive considering that the land, which is of a substantial size, will cater for provincial heroes for years to come before a new site is required.

“The land west of the provincial Heroes’ cemetery has been used up and the provincial Heroes’ cemetery authorities requested to be given 7,2 hectares for expansion of the provincial heroes’ cemetery. Warren Hills does not have any other land for immediate burials. Council had previously donated two hectares of land for the expansion of the Provincial Heroes’ Cemetery,” he said.

“We noted that land was available on the hill side of the cemetery but was expensive to service and develop, therefore, it is not immediately available for burial. Council signed an agreement with Nyaradzo Funeral Services in 2007 to develop terraced graves on the hill. Development had not yet started due to the negative economic environment,” read part of the Education, Health, Housing and Community Services and Licensing Committee report.

During the meeting, Glen Norah Councillor Herbert Gomba hailed the reservation of land for provincial heroes but said the city should also honour other luminaries in the province.

“Our counterparts in Bulawayo have areas reserved for provincial heroes. There are people who have sacrificed a lot for the country, therefore, honouring them is a must,” he said.

The city plans to build a wall along the Bulawayo Road side of Warren Hills Cemetery in the coming weeks to beef up security.

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