Vapostori advance humanitarian work Vapositori 4ED leader Madzibaba Mozi chats with musicians Chipo and Terry after handing over wheelchairs and goodies to people living with disabilities and the less privileged in Mufakose, Harare on Saturday. - Picture: Innocent Makawa.

Herald Reporter

In a display of philanthropy, Vapostori religion followers led by Madzibaba Moses Gwasarira have extended their charity by giving wheel chairs and food hampers to learners with disability in Mufakose, Harare.

Under the banner Vapostori for ED, the apostolic sect has been pushing for peace building post-election across the country with various programmes currently underway.

Singer Chipo Muchegwa also benefitted as Madzibaba Moses pledged to pay full educational fees for her child up to university level.

Madzibaba Moses who is well known for his philanthropic works also vowed to pay recording fees for Afro-jazz sensation Chipo and Terry Gee whose song ‘Ndezvemoyo’ has been making waves.

It was all fun and pomp last Saturday at Mufakose High 1 as Madzibaba Moses hosted a luncheon for the children with disabilities together with their parents before being enthralled by a live band performance.

He also took time to interact with the children with disabilities as they discussed issues of drug and substance abuse.

Speaking over the donation, Madzibaba Obey Mapuranga who is the national spokesperson and strategist for Vapostori for ED said philanthropic work runs in the blood of Madzibaba Moses.

“Vapostori religion is now advancing humanitarian work, charity programmes and post-election peace building across Zimbabwe through the efforts of Madzibaba Moses at his personal capacity,” he said.

“Learners with disabilities in Mufakose were given wheel chairs and an assortment of food hampers. He also sponsored a school team at Mufakose 1 High that is headed to South Africa next month to represent Zimbabwe,” he said.

Madzibaba Mapuranga said Chipo, who was one of the musicians entertaining guests, is a beneficiary of Madzibaba Moses benevolence.

“He pledged to pay full fees for Chipo’s daughter from the current term up to university. Apart from that, he will also foot bills for Chipo and Terry’s album launches,” he said.

Beneficiary of a wheelchair, Mr Lawrence Semu’s mother, Mrs Beauty Mavamba said it has been a thorn in the flesh for her son without wheel chair.

“I am overwhelmed with joy since the burden of having to carry my child on the back will now be a thing of the past through the donation of the wheelchair.

“My child is nine years old and suffers from fro-cerebral palsy as he is incapable of doing anything including walking, talking and seating,” she said.

Chipo also applauded Madzibaba Moses for the kind gesture.

“l feel happy with what l have received today. All l can say is God should continue blessing Madzibaba Moses and increase his portion.

“Madzibaba Moses said he will assist by paying school fees for my daughter who is turning four in April. He also pledged to assist with our musical recording,” she said.

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