Uhuru preps transform Murambinda Murambinda A Primary School head Mr Collen Mumbijo stresses a point on preparations for the Independence celebrations at the Murambinda B High School grounds where the Commemorations will be held on Thursday.

Tadious Manyepo in MURAMBINDA

MURAMBINDA B High and Murambinda A Primary Schools will never be the same again.

The two schools, located about 5km from Murambinda Town, have been transformed totally.

It is here where this year’s 44th commemorations of Independence Day will be held on Thursday.

This is the first time that the main national Independence Day celebrations will be held in Manicaland in the spirit of devolution and President Mnangagwa’s mantra of leaving no one and no place behind in national development.

And these two neighbouring schools can attest to that.

Three boreholes have been com- missioned at the secondary school which has also seen an A Level block, a computer laboratory and several ablution facilities being constructed while a nutrition garden and two fish ponds have been established.

Murambinda A Primary School had classroom blocks refurbished, two boreholes drilled, fish ponds dug and a nutrition garden established.

Both schools and the Murambinda community at large will enjoy hav- ing a state-of-the-art stadium which will host the main celebrations and a football match pitting Highlanders and Dynamos on Thursday.

These are the benefits that come with hosting national events of this magnitude and this district is ready to host the nation on Thursday.

Murambinda District Development Coordinator Mr Freeman Mavhiza said all was set for the Independence Day celebrations.

“As Murambinda District, we are thankful to President Mnangagwa and Government for affording us this great opportunity to host the country here,” said Mr Mavhiza.

“We are elated and I can say that we are more than ready to welcome the nation to Murambinda come Thursday. We have worked around the clock to ensure that the venue is ready for the big day. We are eagerly awaiting to host the nation. Look, as a district, we have had three of our schools totally transformed after boreholes were drilled while there has been massive infrastructure development there.

“The Birchenough Bridge-Murambinda road has been gravelled and it is now trafficable. There is a lot to talk about. Look at the busi- ness boon that the independence project has brought here. You look at lodges here, service stations, public transport and the like. It’s really good when you look at it.”

Murambinda B High School dep- uty head Mrs Dorothy Charuka said her school will never be the same again.

“We are now a modern school with what has taken place at the school in a very short period of time. Our A Level block took just three weeks and it was complete.

“We have several ablution facilities. This stadium, computer lab and the entire school has been painted,” said Mrs Charuka.

“We would like to thank President Mnangagwa for rotating the Independence Celebrations. We are really grateful. He is an exemplary leader and here we are. We have witnessed development . Even the students are very excited and you can see how they are helping out in every way they can.”

Agriculture teacher Alexander Hlazo said the coming in of fish farming and a nutritional garden at the school would help him and the students in a big way.

“I am short of words to thank the Government and President Mnangagwa for these projects.

“Honestly, it will go a long way in helping me deliver practical lessons rather than concentrating on theory,” he said.

“The Government has given us the legs to stand on and I am sure more and more students will opt for agriculture because the facilities have been provided. We have already put up winter maize on it.”

Murambinda A Primary School head Mr Collen Mumbijo said two of the school blocks were about to collapse before Government came in to save the situation.

“I can tell you that we were sit- ting on a time bomb with two of our classroom blocks facing collapse. But they have been given a new lease of life by the Government who moved in to resuscitate the buildings,” said Mr Mumbijo.

“The benefits are just too many to mention. We are very grateful to the Government for the work they have done on our school. The coming in of Independence Day celebrations to our area has greatly transformed everything.”

Local businessman Philip Charamba, who owns a chain of lodges, is enjoying the boom.

“I can say that since the beginning of this month, we have always been fully-booked,” he said.

“The Independence Day project has transformed our business and we can now expand. We are thankful to Government for bringing the independence celebrations here.”

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