She speaks through poetry Shaznay “Thee Ammartian” Wood

Reginald Chirenje

Youth Interactive Writer

Poetry is perhaps one of the most versatile of literary forms since it can convey great emotion, lyrical aesthetic and a story at the same time. It is some sort of a midpoint between songs and stories, yet for all its magic, poetry is found in our daily speech.

It uses words that are known to all of us, but in a sequence and order that surprises the audience out of our normal speeches rhythm and linear through processes. 

Its effect is to illuminate our lives and breathe new life, new seeing, new tasting into the world we thought we knew.

Shaznay ‘Thee Ammartian’ Wood, a 22-year-old poet who became popular after her touching masterpiece poem titled “Chipondamoyo”, said she uses spoken word to describe societal settings.

Describing her popular poem, “Chipondamoyo”, she said is about gender-based violence.

“The majority of people focus on physical abuse, forgetting about other types of abuse such as verbal and emotional which results in mental health issues, violence and suicide at times” said Shaznay Wood. 

The young talented poet said she started poetry career at the age of 12. 

“I wrote my first spoken word piece titled ‘The Scientists’ which left my high school teachers and classmates astonished.

“Poetry has always been in myself and the driving force is reality, it pushes me to write poems about society and the world itself. 

“Poetry is a type of literature that conveys a thought, dissembles a scene or tells a story in a concentrated, lyrical arrangement of words.”

“The Ammartian” is a holder of two accolades which are, Best Female Advocate Act at the Trendsetting Awards (2021) and Best Female Poet at the Poetry Red Carpet (2022). 

She was also on “Top Social Media Influencers” of Maydo 30 under 30 awards that were organized by Vimbai Butawu.

Shaznay seeks to minister inspiring messages to people through word and this was revealed in “Chipondamoyo” which speaks against gender based violence (GBV).

“African yet White” focuses on the plight of people with albinism and her recent project “Push”  speaks about staying motivated and loyal to your dreams as an individual and then there is “Shungu” and “Musoro Bhangu”.

“Poetry allows children and adults alike to explore the English language. 

“Mixing words in a sentence to find the right fact for creation of sense in rhythm and flow.

Poetry is real, people have written it to express real emotion that is normally hidden. 

Poets write to show that people have felt certain thoughts before which someone else maybe experiencing at another time. 

Poetry allows you to see beyond the surface. 

“Beauty is expressed and art is emphasised through poetry,” said Shaznay.

In education, children’s verbal and writing skills are somewhat under developed. 

Poetry helps by teaching in rhythm, stringing words together with a beat helps cognitive understanding of words and where they fit.

It also teaches children the art of creative expression, which is often lacking in the new age educational landscape. In essence, poetry gives them a great tool for developing one’s self.

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