Goodbye 2022, enter 2023! The start of a new year is an ideal time to set self-improvement goals

Latwell Nyangu Youth Interactive Writer

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

And tomorrow we bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023.

While some focus on their lives, as a student you also need to be focused with your life.

It’s another time to set targets and we ought to dream big if we want to get big success in life.

After celebrating the long-waited Christmas Day, finally, New Year is here!

The start of a new year is an ideal time to set self-improvement goals.

Good New Year’s resolutions offer realistic strategies to help students kick-start constructive habits.

However, the idea behind a New Year resolution for students is simply to commit ourselves where we can purify our thoughts, inculcate good habits, and try something new to upgrade our personalities.

Being a student, the start of a New Year is a perfect time to set self-improvement goals.

Some fellow students scored big while some are ending the year on a sad note, most probably they failed or dropped out of college due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Some could not make it as they departed from this world.

May all the souls of students who died during the year 2022, rest in peace.

It’s sad that we lost some of us due to accidents and different circumstances, till we meet again fellow students.

New Year can be a perfect time for students to improve certain aspects of their life. Be it personally, academically or professionally.

Leave bad old habits and show more passion for your studies.

We fall, we rise and over to you fellow students and if you have fallen during this year, make 2023 your year.

Some say, if you lose your way, go back to the beginning. And as students, start your 2023 resolutions and start on a high note by going back to the drawing board.

It’s difficult to judge why some of us achieved their targets while some failed to meet their yearly resolutions but as long as we live to see another day, let’s keep dreaming.

No need for finger pointing or blame game, we fail, we rise as long as God gives us another day to live.

For myself, 2022 has been a great year as a student after I scored a First Class with a book prize and Vice Chancellor’s award, all many thanks to my hard work.

I also acknowledge the presence of my academic rascals, Bishop Sauti, Makaripe, Mlondolozi, they were also among other academic achievers in their field of interest.

I will not forget everyone who inspired me to fight till the end.

While my special class of 2019 at Great Zimbabwe University, was also part of my academic journey, cherio to you my colleagues. May 2023 give you other resolutions and we continue to rock.

I know many students did quite well than me, but as for my targets, I call it an achievement.

While, William Shakespeare said, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. I will buy this perception as we perform differently at college.

As we start a new year, fellow students set their own resolutions. Don’t put yourself under pressure or fear.

Run your own race and never compete when it comes to goals, you end up going wild or stray due to living a life full of pressure.

Come 2023, run your race fellow students. If the next student has it all, remain in your lane and you will get where you want to get.

In 2023, if you often procrastinate when it comes to studying or making assignments for school projects, setting up a study routine can help you overcome the situation.

Take a New Year resolution and come up with a genuine and realistic study plan that you can follow throughout your academic year.

It is one of the best New Year resolutions for students this year, to start something. The newness in everything you do makes things interesting and improves your zeal to learn more. So, this year, you can try something new that excites you. New Year can be a golden chance to do or learn something new.

Though grades are important in a student’s life, studying effectively is equally important for lifelong development and growth. If you are only focused on getting a good grade without paying attention to the quality of learning, you might attract success but not for the long term. So, this New Year, make a resolution acknowledging that it is easy to maintain certain numbers on your assignment reports, but the purpose is to learn from the concepts and apply them to your everyday life.

We know that procrastination is hard to cope with in student life, but in the end, it will only increase stress and workload for you throughout your project or assignment.

Getting rid of procrastination is one of the ultimate New Year resolution ideas students can take in the coming year.

Everyone is different, so pick out accordingly any of these resolutions or create your own based on your priorities.

It doesn’t matter what your New Year resolution is; stick with it and show a dedicated approach.

While some will be ritualistic in their beliefs, never stop reading.

Pray hard, read hard and God will be with us.

While we cannot count out other beliefs, whatever you believe in may do wonders in your life as a student.

Some of us will be fasting and praying during the ten days of prayer while some will be doing the 30 days as well as going to prayer mountains and prayer retreats.

As we take on a new year, evaluate how much your belief contributes to your success in the academic journey.

As for me, when I pray, I seek guidance for a good memory. Let’s use our beliefs to add value from what we could read.

Let’s keep praying and those whom we believe unto will know where to fit it in.

Make it a secret as well as you get into a relationship with your ancestors, your God or anything you believe in.

Let’s take on 2023 together and be better students.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

Cherio 2023!

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