Recuperating Freeman promises fireworks Freeman

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Senior Arts Reporter
After recovering from surgery, Zimdancehall artiste and songwriter Freeman will be making a return to live performances tonight, sharing the stage with Sandra Ndebele and others.

Freeman has been battling headaches over the past few months and had to undergo a minor operation which he says has improved the situation, but he is not yet 100 percent fit.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Freeman’s manager Watson Kafelapanjila, also known as Watta in music circles, confirmed the latest development.

“Each time after a performance, Freeman was complaining about headaches and it has been going on and on, so he went for surgery months ago before he was on the Nash TV online show competition,” he said.

“This is going to be his second show performance after the first one with Alick Macheso which somehow did not go well as it was our first time hosting such and event. We have learnt the mistakes and tomorrow I promise you fireworks and he is now strong and looking forward to the performance.

“The pictures which circulated on social media of him in surgery and on a hospital bed are actually true and I can confirm that he was not well.”

Kafelapanjila said they were looking forward to the latest online show.

“Freeman will be performing together with Sandra Ndebele, Merciless Zimbabwe and Judgement Yard on Nash TV,” he said. “It is all systems go and he has been rehearsing and can’t wait to interact with his fans.”

Asked if Freeman will be dropping an album this year, Watta said the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected the singer just like everyone else. It was hard to work on an album but Freman was instead focussing on dropping an extended play.

“The coronavirus pandemic has slowed many things and some projects have been halted, however, we will be dropping EPs’ and 10 collaborations,” said Kafelapanjila. “We are going to have five top female musicians on the EP and the others will be male. We are also going to be dropping four videos, which are already in production.”

One of the producers for Nash TV show, radio personality Butterphly, said they were thrilled that Freeman was back and healthy.

“Freeman was part of our first live show we did back in April,” she said. “We thank God that he is well and ready to conquer the stage. This show is going to be amazing. Sandra Ndebele is full of energy and she is going to bring that women representation.”

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