It never rains for Mboma after isolation… Eddie “Mboma” Nyatanga

Tadious Manyepo
Sports Reporter
JUST days after beating Covid-19, Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association founding leader, Eddie “Mboma” Nyatanga, escaped unhurt from a car crash in Harare yesterday.

Mboma, who is younger brother to former ZIFA president Wellington “Shumba” Nyatanga, said his car was hit by a water delivery vehicle in the Highlands area of the capital.

“It hasn’t been a good time for me,’’ he said yesterday. ‘’I can only say I am lucky to be alive again.

“Things happened very fast and the last I really remember is the truck hitting my car and I guess I slipped into a shock because everything just appeared to turn quite dark.’’

He said he was coming from conducting an interview with a local media organisation who had been following his battle against Covid-19.

The Mercedes Benz suffered extensive damage.

DARK DAYS . . . Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association founding leader, Eddie “Mboma’’ Nyatanga, escaped unhurt after his car was hit by a water delivery truck in Harare yesterday, just days after he was given the all-clear to come out of isolation after weeks of battling Covid-19

Nyatanga has just been cleared, to come out of isolation, after spending three weeks trying to beat Covid-19.

Tests which were done at Wilkins Infectious Hospital returned a negative result and he was given the all-clear to come out of isolation.

His 13-year-old daughter, who had also tested positive a few weeks ago, was handed the all-clear.

“It has been hell, you know, the last 18 days have been nothing but hell for me and my daughter,’’ he said.

“I am very happy that we have both tested negative and I’m now free to move out of isolation.

“When we tested positive, it was a difficult moment for both of us but I was convinced that, with a positive mind, it was never a death sentence.

“I knew it was going to be a battle but one which was very winnable.

“It needed me to have a strong mind, especially for my child.’’
Nyatanga said he was lucky to have the backing of people who have always cared for him.

“I took up to 183 tablets. I had an oxygen machine bought by Adam Molai. I just stuck to what the World Health Organisation prescribes.

“I am happy I managed to come out of this ordeal.

“It was a big fight and I am particularly more than happy that my daughter, just like me, has also recovered.

“Most of my children are in the diaspora and they helped us a lot. One CAPS United supporter, Wellington Chando, immediately called upon stakeholders to fundraise towards my medical bills.’’

He said the support was overwhelming.

“Out of the 183 tablets I took, there isn’t any which I paid for, from my own pocket.

“Tapfuma Mashonganyika, Farai Rwodzi and Farai Jere also helped, others from the diaspora came in and helped, I would like to salute each and every Zimbabwean who supported me financially, materially and morally.

“It was indeed a bumpy journey.”

He said he couldn’t sleep enough for fear of the worse.

Nyatanga said several Government ministers also provided moral support .

Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Deputy Minister, Tino Machakaire, also tested positive for coronavirus but he has since recovered.

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