Chishiri brothers storm FC Porto in Portugal Midfielder Byrone Chishiri

Youth Interactive Sports Correspondent

Initially there was Sunday and Misheck Marimo of Dynamos Football Club, there was also Madinda, Adam and Peter Ndlovu from the junior academy of Highlanders Football Club in Bulawayo.

Equally there was Tendayi, Itayi, Charles, Wesley and Christopher Chieza, the amazing football family from Mhangura and Hartley, now Chegutu.

Today we have the Chishiri brothers. Two young Zimbabwean soccer players who are in demand by football clubs in America, England, Spain, Eastern Europe, Italy, Greece and Portugal because of their exceptional talent with the ball.

During football selection trials held at High Achievers Sports Academy in Greystone Park, Borrowdale, the exceptionally talented younger brother, Jonathan Chishiri Junior – known simply as Jonah was the star of the event after scoring two goals.

His cool demeanour belies his determined character and his passion for the game.

Over 65 youths between the ages of 8 and 18 gathered at the High Achievers sports stadium in Helensvale for trial matches and potential selection to train and possibly play for the prestigious FC Porto’s academy in Portugal.

Porto’s selection process and soccer training programme began mid-last year, for the age range of Under 10s, 13s, 15s, 17s and Under 20s.

Two girls who were also training with the boys are earmarked for professional training with the Portuguese club.

The 10-year-old Chishiri Junior, from the Greystone Park Football Academy played with the U13s.

He proved the star of the trial matches scoring two goals and winning the approval of the small crowd of parents and numerous coaches on hand engaged to train and mentor the youths.

Extremely nonchalant, the diminutive star of the day is a natural fast runner and instinctive goal scorer – with impressive accurate ball distribution, alert and gifted with immense vision on the pitch.

His 16-year-elder brother, Byron Chishiri, is equally passionate about football and looks forward to being selected for the Under 18s.

In fact, they are the hope of the entire neighbourhood.

Their father was a former athlete for Dairiboard and won the cross-country in 1995 and 1996, while the mother was a keen netball player.

They admit they are proud of their sons’ talents and expressed their gratitude for the FC Porto talent scouting project, saying “it keeps the children healthy and away from mischief”.

The FC Porto Academy scouting project is a positive social development for the Helensvale and Domboshava communities and it should be commended and supported by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Recreation through financial and other assistance to the selected candidates, for the development of Zimbabwean youths and sport.

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