Pfumvudza: Mutoko applauds Govt, appeals for timely inputs distribution Speaking during a field day held at Chitsike homestead in Chiendambuya in Makoni district, Dr Basera said outstanding balances will be paid in three weeks time. All the foreign currency arrears will be paid cleared.

Victor Maphosa recently in Mutoko

Government — through the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development — has been applauded by farmers in Mutoko for the Pfumvudza/Intwasa Programme with many testifying that indeed their lives have been transformed ever since joining the initiative.

The farmers hailed the second Republic during the Pfumvudza field day in Ward 13, Mutoko district this week, where some farmers were rewarded for being the best in Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme courtesy of a local organisation, Orgfert which specialises mainly in organic fertilisers.

Beneficiaries of Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme said they were now food secure, others adding that their livelihoods had been transformed.

“Its been three years now since I joined Pfumvudza and from then, I had always reaped good harvests. This is a good programme brought by Government. We do not receive enough rains in this region but with Pfumvudza we are not affected at all.

“I am happy with this programme it has changed our lives. We are even sending some grains to the Grain Marketing Board, i urge those who have not joined Pfumvudza to do so and stop discouraging others because this is a good programme,” Ms Kirina Mafuta from Gambara village said. Gogo Mazarura from the same village also thanked Government for the programme.

“I thank Government and the President for bringing this programme to us. I am a widow and have been finding it difficult to take care of my family but since I joined Pfumvudza, i am now fine in terms of food security. Pfumvudza is very good.

“I also take care of my grandchildren and even sending them to school. Last year had three plots and the harvest was the best , i even sent a tonne to the GMB and got some money for other essentials so i really appreciate the Government for this. This year, I have five plots, I expect a bumper harvest again. May our authorities distribute inputs earlier so that we can plant in time.”

Another communal farmer Mr John Moses concurred with his fellow colleagues adding that the programme had uplifted a lot of people’s lives.

“The programme is very efficient once you religiously follow all the recommended steps. I have 5five plots this season and i am guaranteed of a bumper harvest. To those who have not yet joined Pfumvudza, please do so, you will never go hungry. My appeal to Government is to give us inputs in time so that we also work in time. However we are thankful that Government is doing this for us.”

Mrs Sheilla Kamoto who scooped the first prize in Pfumvudza programme in ward 16 courtesy of Orgfarm said Pfumvudza is the way to go.

“If you follow all the principles, you are sure to get a bumper harvest. We are in a region where rains are erratic, some seasons we get good rains and in some we get fewer rains but regardless of few rains, with Pfumvudza we always get enough food for ourselves and even for sending to GMB, that is why I always encourage other villagers to do Pfumvudza.

“One does not need sophisticated machinery to do Pfumvudza which is an advantage to us because its easy to plant in time. So Pfumvudza is a way to go and our nation is guaranteed of food security. With Pfumvudza It is possible to stop importing food.

Chief director in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Professor Obert Jiri who officiated the event encouraged called on more people to join the programme and contribute to food security of the nation.

He urged communal farmers to always follow all the principles as directed by experts from his ministry so as to realise bumper harvests.

“If we take Pfumvudza seriously and use all the required inputs including these organic fertilisers, we are guaranteed of a bumper harvest, our nation will be food secure. I urge everyone to join the programme. Yes, some will say the process is hard, but let me tell you hard work pays. But we will always assist you to make it a bit easy. Through Pfumvudza, the nation is poised for food security. When you see us saying the nation is food secure, we have to be proud of our hard work because what it would mean is we will not be importing. So let us work hard in our fields and ensure there is no starvation in Zimbabwe.”

He encouraged farmers to make use of all the officers in their wards and get the best expertise for productive agricultural activities.

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