Mutual co-operation vital — Chihuri

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Mutual co-operation vital — Chihuri

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Namibian police officers who are attending a VIP protection course at ZRP Chikurubi Training Depot in Harare yesterday. (Picture by Aron Nyamayaro)

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Mutual co-operation between Namibia and Zimbabwe’s police forces is vital to maintaining regional stability, police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has said.Adressing 15 Namibian police officers at the opening of the VIP Protection Course in Harare, Comm-Gen Chihuri said ties between people from the two countries stretched back decades.

“Zimbabwe and Namibia enjoy deep-seated fraternal relations. We share a common history from the liberation struggle. For us in Southern Africa, the liberation struggle did not have any boundaries and we shared the trenches together when fighting the common enemy.

“We  are  happy the relations among  our countries have continued to blossom and the police  forces  of the region have  also come  together under the  umbrella  of  Southern African  Police  Chiefs Co-operation Organisation  (Sarpcco),”  h e said.

Comm-Gen Chihuri said Sarpcco had enabled police forces to interact and exchange training programmes vital in combating cross-border crimes.

“The course content is an intensive one involving theory and practicals in VIP protection but you will learn that one of the subjects they will learn is about the history of Zimbabwe. I am sure they will also share the history of Namibia.

“The role of VIP protection requires officers with the highest level of integrity, loyalty and commitment. The knowledge and identification with your country’s history is part of the measure of your loyalty and love for your country,” said Comm-Gen Chihuri.

He hailed his Namibian counterpart, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Haitota Ndeitunga, for initiating the course.

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