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Meet the lady in Guspy Warrior’s life

22 Jan, 2014 - 00:01 0 Views
Meet the lady in Guspy Warrior’s life

The Herald

Guspy Warrior and wife Amanda Nyagato

Guspy Warrior and wife Amanda Nyagato

Yeukai Karengezeka Entertainment Reporter
Much attention has been put on the blazing dancehall chanter Emmanuel “Guspy Warrior” Manyeruke, yet his family life has been hardly spoken of. The fast rising star is married to Amanda Nyagato and blessed with a two-year-old girl named Hailey Tinotenda.Amanda narrates how they met.

“I met Guspy in our neighborhood, in Zengeza 5 where. That was in 2008 when l was doing my “O” level studies. We got married on December 26, 2011 although we had had our ups and downs during our courtship time,” she said.

There has been much speculation that Guspy Warrior is not a Christian considering his type of music as compared to that of his father but his wife dismisses this notion.

“We go to church as a family at Chitungwiza Salvation Army whenever we get the chance. This is because at times he would be having Saturday night shows and comes back in the morning,” she said.

As the old adage says behind every successful man there is a woman and this is true with Guspy who has been composing most of his songs with his wife.

“We compose, discuss and edit his songs together as l am a diverse song writer.

“I work with his band as a backing vocalist because l like reggae music a lot and I perform with him whenever I am free,” she said.

The couple stays together with the parents Mechanic and Hellenah Manyeruke and get along very well.

“The saying that there is always bad blood between mother and daughter in-law is not true. Mama is an amazing person who treats me like her own daughter. I thank God who gave me God fearing in-laws and I learn a lot from them,” she added.

Amanda said that she does not mind all the attention her husband gets when in public.

“It used to irritate me the first days we got married when ladies would scream for him in my presence but l have matured.

“At the end of the day, it is all about the trust we have upon each other. lt keeps me calm because l know that l am his queen and the rest are just fans. It is also the same fans that help us put food on the table so I appreciate the support they give us,” added Amanda. Regardless of Guspy’s busy schedules he manages to have time with his family.

“My husband gets very busy on weekends but we always make sometime together. We usually go out to quiet places and have fun once or twice a week,” she said.

In the mean time, Amanda is a part time student studying towards a degree in Human Resources with Institute Of Administration and Commerce.


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