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BOTSWANA President Mokgweetsi Masisi is impressed with the edu-tainment aspect of the Liberation City being established at the Museum of African Liberation in Harare, saying it will help youths understand Africa’s liberation  history.

The Botswana leader’s remarks come after a recent visit by a Zimbabwean delegation led by Zanu PF Secretary for External Affairs Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi to Gaborone to inform President Masisi about the Museum of African Liberation and possibly opening up avenues for partnership for the project.

The construction of the multi-million-dollar Museum of African Liberation housed at the Liberation City in Warren Park, Harare, has already started.

Ambassador Mumbengegwi was accompanied by Instak chief executive officer Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi, Instak legal advisor Mrs Cynthia Mhangwa and Zimbabwe embassy officials in  Botswana.

“President Masisi expressed that this gesture was very emotional for him because he had always felt Botswana’s role in the liberation of its neighbours had been underplayed for years, and it was an opportune time that the country got to accurately relay its role in liberating Southern Africa.

“He also highlighted that recently Botswana had been demanding a seat at the table of the liberators of Africa and was proud to take up the offer extended by President Mnangagwa,” INSTAK said in a statement.

During the meeting, Amb Muzawazi gave a brief of the amenities that will form Liberation City and advised President Masisi that one acre had been offered to Botswana for the erection of a monument to tell its liberation story, and presented the draft Memorandum of Understanding for the Government of Botswana’s  consideration.

President Masisi also expressed his desire to see a borderless Southern Africa in the spirit of brotherhood.

He also passed his deepest condolences to his Zimbabwean counterpart President Mnangagwa and the First Family following the recent loss of  andson Yasha.

In light of the current project of the construction of the Museum of African Liberation being facilitated by the Institute of African Knowledge, a special envoy was tasked with the mobilisation of political and financial support for the project.

Amb Mumbengegwi also highlighted that the Museum project is aimed at documenting the African Liberation stories from all perspectives, which includes the countries that waged armed struggles and those that supported the various liberation movements across the continent.

Botswana played an important role in the liberation of Southern Africa through tactically aiding various liberation leaders and fighters, but had not received credit for being a silent yet tactful front-line country.

Amb Mumbengegwi noted that Botswana assisted liberation fighters with food and shelter, and also made a pretence at arresting fighters in their territory but would later release  them quietly.

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