More women opt for reusable pads

26 Aug, 2019 - 00:08 0 Views

The Herald

Nyasha Mapasa Manicaland Correspondent
MORE women in Bonda are resorting to reusable sanitary pads as the prices of disposable material keep rising beyond the reach of many.

This has seen a surge in profits for Chiedza Community Welfare Trust (CCWT), which manufactures the reusable pads in Bonda.

CCWT director Mrs Gladys Mukaratirwa told The Herald that 2019 had witnessed improved profits for the organisation.

“Since we started this business in 2012, this year has seen us breaking our profits record,” she said. “It has only been eight months into 2019, but we have already experienced a 70 percent profit margin.” Mrs Mukaratirwa attributed the surge in profits to awareness campaigns and a sharp increase in the price of disposable sanitary pads.

“In 2012, our profit margin was very little, but as time progressed and awareness increased we started having about 30 percent profit margin,” she said. “Now that disposable pads are expensive, many people are opting for our product as an alternative because they are sustainable.”

The sanitary towel, which was developed with support from the Southern African Aids Trust (SAT), was approved by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) in 2012. The material is washable and usable for 18 months. Disposable pads cost between $30 and $35, a price beyond the reach of many women.

CCWT is expanding into diaper manufacturing.

“We were making profits from these pads so we decided to start producing reusable diapers for the elderly,” said Mrs Mukaratirwa. “We have already started training young women who work in our factories on how to make these. We also saw a high demand for children’s diapers, so we will start manufacturing those soon.”

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