JUST IN: 105 Covid-19 cases in hospital . . . 5 in ICU . . . 9 with severe symptoms

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JUST IN: 105 Covid-19 cases in hospital  . . . 5 in ICU . . . 9 with severe symptoms

The Herald

Africa Moyo

Zimbabwe has 105 people in hospitals due to Covid-19, with five in intensive care units, nine showing severe symptoms and 91 being mild to moderate, as of Saturday afternoon.

The number of those in hospital could be marginally higher than provided since Masvingo, Parirenyatwa, Manicaland and Thongroove did not report.

As the second wave of Covid-19 continues to sweep through the country, 31 deaths and 313 new cases were reported yesterday, with Harare accounting for 20 deaths although they did not all happen yesterday.

Twenty-three deaths occurred at institutional level while eight happened at community level.

In terms of positive cases, Harare had 157, the highest compared to other provinces.

A daily update released by the Ministry of Health and Child Care yesterday says all 313 were local transmissions.

Yesterday, 2 311 tests were done while 873 new recoveries were reported, leaving the national recovery rate at 71 percent.

Active cases went down to 8 065 yesterday, with 3 426 in Harare alone.

As of yesterday, Zimbabwe has now tested 423 736 people, with 31 320 being positive while 22 250 recoveries and 1 005 deaths have been reported.

Government continues to encourage people to remain indoors unless they offer essential services or have to go out to buy food or seek medication, to reduce the spread of the pandemic.

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