Harare police to crackdown on mushikashika, unregistered cars, vendors Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova

Crime Reporter

Police in Harare will tomorrow embark on another massive operation to restore order and decongest the city.

The crackdown will target pirate taxis of mushikashika vehicles, unregistered cars, street kids controlling traffic and vendors operating at intersections.

Police said the operation will include other stakeholders including ZINARA, VID, Ruwa Local Board, Chitungwiza Town Council, Epworth Local Board, Harare City Council and the Department of Social Welfare.

The operation will be conducted in all of Harare province’s police districts, which are Harare Central, Suburban, Mbare, Chitungwiza, Traffic, Harare East, Harare South and Harare North.

In a statement, Harare deputy provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova confirmed the operation.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police Harare Province will conduct an operation to restore sanity and decongest the Harare Central Business District (CBD) and the Greater Harare starting on April 27, 2022. The thematic areas of the operation among others include: decongesting the city, no to mushikashika, no to unregistered vehicles, no to street kids controlling traffic and no vendors at intersections,” he said.

He warned members of the public against boarding mushikashika as a mode of transport.

“As Harare Province, we are worried by the congestion during peak hours and a number of criminal cases emanating from these mushikashika and non-Zupco kombis and buses. A number of robberies, rape and theft cases have occurred in which victims fall prey to these illegal transporters who misrepresent themselves as transporters through mushikashika.

“We have declared war against these mushikashikas. We will continuously impound the mushikashikas and arrest the drivers. We hereby appeal to the travelling public to avoid mushikashikas. Only Zupco buses and Zupco-affiliated kombis are allowed to operate. Those with private vehicles are encouraged and warned against picking up strangers as they may end up being robbed of their motor vehicles,” Asst Insp Dzvova said.

He said motorists should adhere to all the traffic rules and regulations.

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