Ropafadzo Ndangariro and Audrey Rundofa
THERE are no more cases of typhoid in Harare owing to measures taken by the Ministry of Health and Child Care and its partners, a Cabinet minister has said.

Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa last week said the last case confirmed in Harare was on June 20. The community has also been commended for working hard to fight typhoid in the city and prevented it from spreading.

“We have put in place control measures that include case follow-up and treatments in the community and use of safe water at point of use with chlorination of borehole water.

“We also stopped the use of contaminated boreholes in affected areas with emphasis on good hygiene practices,” said Minister Parirenyatwa. “Harare City Council took part and made sure that water was available 24-7, the community was taught about health especially about good hygiene practices.”

Dr Parirenyatwa said the inter-ministerial committee on typhoid control brought several ministries together to combat the typhoid and results were evident on the ground.

He said the rapid response teams in Harare were on standby and vigilant to respond to any singular confirmed case that may occur.

“The main issue now is to avoid any new cases from spreading once they are detected or re-occur. This will require enhanced surveillance and avoiding shortage of water in key suburbs,” said Minister Parirenyatwa.

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