EU, Zim launch political dialogue Mr Timo Olkkonen

Herald Reporter
Zimbabwe and the European Union (EU) are today expected to officially launch formal political dialogue as relations between the two countries take a decisive turn for the better. Previously, the relations with EU were on an informal note.

However, with President Mnangagwa’s new order, today’s event signals the start of formalised relations beginning with senior officials.

EU Head of Delegation Ambassador Mr Timo Olkkonen supported by ambassadors from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, Romania, Spain, France, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic and Ireland will be in attendance at the dialogue.

Reports last night indicated that Zimbabwe would be represented by the secretaries in the ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Finance and Economic Development, Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement and Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

The discourse is part of a re-engagement process with the EU being fronted by President Mnangagwa.
The Head of State and Government upon assuming power in November 2017, pledged his commitment to re-integrating the country into the global community.

This follows years of frosty relations that followed Zimbabwe’s fallout with Britain over the historical land issue.
Early this year, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister, Dr Sibusiso Moyo condemned the restoration of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the Trump administration, but said this would not assail the flight taken by the country to a forge ahead with the agenda to nurture economic prosperity through President Mnangagwa’s dream of having a middle income economy by 2030.

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