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COVID-19: Former Minister’s mother is fourth victim

22 Apr, 2020 - 13:04 0 Views
COVID-19: Former Minister’s mother is fourth victim

The Herald

Herald Reporter
The late Ambuya Nguni, mother to former Cabinet Minister Mr Sylvester Nguni, will be buried this afternoon after becoming the fourth person in the country to die of Covid-19.

Ambuya Nguni died at West End Hospital in Harare last night aged 82. She will be buried in line with standard operating procedures for Covid-19 victims.

Burial is set for the family’s rural home in Mhondoro, Mubaira area. Meanwhile, West End Hospital has stopped all admissions with immediate effect until further notice. Patients currently in admission are using upper floors.

The casualty area has since been disinfected and contact tracing, including health workers who were assisting the patient, has since begun.

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