ZNA on recruitment drive

Members of the ZNA marching at Rudhaka Stadium

Members of the ZNA marching at Rudhaka Stadium

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Reporter
The Zimbabwe National Army is on a recruitment drive and is inviting prospective soldiers to report at designated military camps in their respective provinces of origin throughout the country.
In a press statement yesterday, ZNA public relations officer Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore said prospective candidates should be between the ages of 18 and 22 years.

“The potential candidates will be required to report between 17 April and 31 May 2014 at designated military camps in their respective provinces of origin throughout the country.

“The candidates must have “A” level passes with a minimum of six points (6), plus five (5) “O” level passes at grade C or better including English Language and Mathematics. They must also be aged between 18 and 22 years for “A” level holders and 18 and 24 years for those with diplomas, or any other higher qualifications,” he said.

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  • Chatambudza

    Sometimes one is really left dumbfounded by the priorities attributed to the military by this Government.
    Knowing the current overstaffed and bloated situation of the armed forces, and the State’s inability to pay decent wages on time or correctly feed or even supply uniforms to present levels of recruits, we can question the wisdom or utility of such initiatives.
    With increasing cooperation between neighbouring forces within the SADC and beyond, and predominantly friendly relations between governments, current trends are for much smaller units, highly trained, and more efficient effectives within the armies. A recruitment drive given the parlous state of the economy, can only be viewed with suspicion and considered as highly irresponsible action by the powers that be.

    • rukudzo

      Uno nyepa iwe. Look at the picture of those soldiers do they appear starving and with no uniform? There is always need to replace those who retire, die or live the service for various reasons

  • denny

    And who will pay the salaries of those new recruits,when government is already struggling with the work force which is there already?

    • rukudzo

      Your tax. We need that security.

      • Munhuwo

        Who told you he pays tax? That tax base is shrinking by the day mind you, with companies closing.

  • Mashoko_Makukutu

    Tatini tambogadzirisa ku economic cluster uko tisati tafunga zvemavuto?

  • Mimi

    Very fair indeed. There are so many individuals out there who are languishing without jobs in Zimbabwe but armed with the qualifications that the ZNA have proposed. Zimbabwe needs an Army that is sound to defend its integrity always. But is it necessary for one to go to one’s Province for the recruitment process and why is this so?

    • Jotham

      Thank you very much.

  • Graduate

    Zvode A Level

  • AAA


    • Jotham

      No wonder the worst people who are imbeciles are the A – level graduates. They don’t have brains- you assume being O-level/A-level is being very special. Pfungwa nenjere shoma idambudzo kumwene wadzo

  • Mukoti

    ko isu vakoti tichatorwao rini sure

    • Analytic Analysis

      Endawoka handiti une diploma. Ikoko vanotodawo vakoti.

  • Zivanai

    Aah zvaari mashura, Masoja akazovaka industry papi. Haa tipeiwo serious. Apa Minister Chinamasa is struggling with a ballooning wage bill.

  • The Oracle

    i would have an educated defense force any day. A force that can keep abreast of technological advancements…why should the army always get second best candidates when it recruits? I want to sleep well in my house knowing that those that are guarding me can intelligently understand the machinations and strategies of those that may want to destroy my country and everything that i work daily for.

  • Chiichaunoda

    kkkkkkkkkkk 6 points or diploma to be a zim soldier aiwa, kana basa ranetsa ngazvirambe hazvo.

    • Jotham

      Unorwara ndiwe – une pfungwa dzebete. There are many soldiers who are degreed for your information. Gara kumba kwako hapana anebasa nazvo. Eurocentric mentality has corroded your brain to an extent of leaving you with an empty skull. One man’s meat is one man’s poison.

    • Analytic Analysis

      You are stupid. Educated soldiers will bring professionalism to the army and save the nation. Don’t you know that an uneducated chap will simply follow instructions without thinking the consequences. Do not downplay the Army. Today you are free to say whatever you want because you have security. Enda DRC uone kana ukawana nguva yokuenda paInternet uchiverenga pepa sezvauri kutia izvi. Chiichaunoda sezita rako

  • dibango

    the minimum qualification of A level to be a gunman is unconstitutional and can be challenged unless the government is now telling us that 5 O levels is no longer recognised as an entry qualification to training. the govt must first tell the nation that 5 O levels is no longer recognised. all government training institutions like polytechnics , teachers colleges, nursing schools were established to cater for those with 5 O levels but failed to proceed to A level. those with A levels must go to universities.

  • Mohummed

    I dont know whether this is the ZimAsset that Zanu pf always refers to! Are we at war gentlemen that we ned to increase numbers in the army????we need infrastructure, roads, schools, hospitals!!! Mwari honai vanhu venyu vaye zvovoita

  • Tamuka

    Kumasoja taiziva kuchienda maGrade 7, ane maunits mashoma

  • JekaCheka

    As I see it, this is all part of Vision 2018. If you can brainwash as many youth as possible during training, that should be a silver bullet (pun intended). Remember these are going to be 99.99% unemployed, disenfranchised youth with nothing to lose. So if you take them away from the streets, give them a clean uniform, feed them and above all, indoctrinate them, you are well your way to the holy grail. This group will be forming part of the core voting population come 2018, so something has to be done (or appear to be done) about them. Clever thinking on whoever is strategising this. Hopefully the plans do not back fire when Gvt runs out of food and uniforms along the way.

  • muza

    Pablo stop being myopic , always blaming colonialism, why did nt you comment in shona or ndebele. English is an international language. Soldiers s training instructions are conducted in English their military equipment instructions are written in English. Even if they are to be taught computers, the operating system and softwares are in English. Shona or ndebele are not developed languages that can be compared by Russian or Chinese languages. Thats why all their books are in Russian and Chinese. Tell me one computer software or mathematical concept written in shona or ndebele