Zhuwao disowns Mutsvangwa

Minister Patrick Zhuwao

Minister Patrick Zhuwao

Herald Reporter
Zanu-PF Deputy National Secretary for Science and Technology Cde Patrick Zhuwao has refuted claims by war veterans leader Cde Chris Mutsvangwa that he has agreed to differ with him on their divergent political positions.

Cde Zhuwao told a media briefing yesterday that he had no “modus vivendi” with Cde Mutsvangwa.

He said this was impossible, especially after Cde Mutsvangwa admitted to having cordial relations with the European Union.

A modus vivendi is an accommodation where parties agree to disagree as well as to continue on a direction of their choice.

Cde Zhuwao said: “I wish to state that I have not agreed to disagree with Chris Mutsvangwa.”

Cde Zhuwao said in order to prove that he had no “modus vivendi” with Cde Mutsvangwa, he supported the position taken by the zanu-pf Provincial Coordinating Committee of Mashonaland West to pass a vote of no confidence in the war veterans leader in December last year.

This follows weekend private media reports in which Cde Mutsvangwa, who is also the Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees, was quoted as saying “he had a modus vivendi with both (Cde) Kasukuwere and (Cde) Zhuwao”.

Cde Mutsvangwa made the said remarks after he was asked how he related to Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Cde Kasukuwere and Cde Zhuwao, who have been linked to a political faction in the party known as G40.

“I wish to correct an impression created by Chris Mutsvangwa wherein he indicated he has a modus vivendi with Kasukuwere and Zhuwao,” said Cde Zhuwao. “I wish to state that I have not agreed to disagree with Chris Mutsvangwa, especially in light of his stated cordial relations with the EU, which has imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe and still maintains them.”

Cde Zhuwao said he can never accept a situation in which any State entity or grouping disregards and tramples on the democratic expression of the “sovereign people of Zimbabwe.”

He said that the EU’s position on President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, whom Cde Zhuwao said “are an embodiment of the sovereign State of Zimbabwe”, makes it unacceptable for any leader in Zanu-PF to contemplate or announce that they have cordial relations with the EU.

“I can never reach accommodation with those that hob-nob with such retrogressive forces who have a proven track record of consistently attempting to effect regime change in Zimbabwe and thus undermining sovereignty of this nation.”

Cde Zhuwao said in order to prove that he had no “modus vivendi” with Cde Mutsvangwa, he supported the position taken by the Zanu-PF Provincial Coordinating Committee of Mashonaland West to pass a vote of no confidence in the war veterans leader in December last year.

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  • Chief Economist

    May be Cde Mutsvangwa should be less talkative on valuation of political foes and put more effort on his government portfolio, the welfare of liberation war heroes . Cde Moyo`s DNA results do not add value to the focus we require on our economic recovery based on ZIMASSET. We need leaders who understand that we don`t feed our stomachs on their political utterances devoid of economic value.

    • muZimbo

      Well said Chief

  • Tellme Madidi

    Christopher Mutsvangwa is singing for his last Political Supper in ZANU PF. Mutsvangwa is living in the past in a generation of reform through Political, Economic and Social inclusion

    • Realest Negus Living

      You will be sorely disappointed if you believe the likes of Zhuwao represent reformists and political, economic and social inclusion. Even his press statement itself shows he is rabidly anti-reform

  • jacktheswede

    modus vivendi is the new catch phrase in Zanu circles! Than God i dont have a a modus vivendi with my wife

    • mabwe


    • Modus Vivendi Moyo

      U cracked me up.Let me see if I can have a modus vivendi with my DeMbare friend.I am Bosso kkk

    • Tafadzwa

      i dont have a modus vivndi with you my brother.kkkkk

  • K Sekeramayi

    Cde Zhuwayo should respect the elders …..

  • Observer gonzo

    Headline in the Chronicle reads “Expel Matsvangwa: Zhuwao”

  • jojo

    We get you Cde Zhuwao, but go back to Mozambique and fight Alfonso Dhlakama or you can even join him! The choice is yours!

    • Zimba 1

      Spot on; Vana Zhuwao are the criminals who are **. Moment of reckoning is coming. Personally have no sympathy for Zhuwao–he is an *.

  • Muturikwa we Gweru.

    I sometimes believe it is very healthier not to talk too much, more frequently and worse still, emotionally through the press especially if you are a well known politician. Look at how safe the other politicians are and yet they are still doing their work. One can spoil his life by too much talking and more publicity. Some names are dominating the press more than others.

  • Tengenenge

    All that Zhuwao said confirms there is a modus vivendi. The problem is using literal interpretations of words and phrases. Mutsangwa simply said I dont mind those little puppies at all, whatever they said or do.

  • Ngwekazi

    Its so funny really how Mutsvangwa has used the war vets of Matematanda to gain votes. If Mutsvangwa thought Herald was doing good for him giving him all the space to spit vernon, sorry mate, this was a trap. You will be left in the open Mutsvangwa. Why not be like your Monica. Very clever indeed. Eversince a vote of no confidence was passed against her, she has gone quiet. Ndizvo zvinoita vakachenjera. Now Mutsvangwa you have mobilised war vets like Matematanda to also spit Vernon. The likes of Matematanda lose nothing if expelled from the party. But you Mutsvangwa you lose a lot coz you are a public figure. You will not be surprised those war vets are jealous they didn’t get the chance of going up like you. Those are the first people who gonna laugh at you when you are down. So don’t be used Mutsvangwa. Muchasekwa mukafa vakuti, ‘ndiyani asingade kuita Minister? Handiti tese takaenda kuhondo”. And to see that you are used, look at that man you fighting for, he is very quiet and keeping a low profile. You still remember on the Mujuru issue, Auxilia the wife came out on TV saying, baba vakanyarara despising Mai Mujuru and the next day the husband was on TV differing on the wife’s comments. Instead saying he worked well with Mai Mujuru. The only time he said something negatwas on his slogan “Pasi ne Mhaaaaaanduuuuu”. So becareful Mutsvangwa.

    • Njiva

      Who is going to expel Mutswangwa??? Zhuwawo??? Where exactly is your mind AND who exactly are you afraid of?? You seriously live in a world of self made fear. Stop watching horror movies, THEN maybe you will realise Mutswanga has nothing to loose and nobody to be afraid of.

    • bodo_kwete

      ziso revanhu kkkk. very observant.

  • Tarupiwa

    Whether you agree or disagree with him does it really matter???

  • Nyamasvisva

    I am not a humanities person. I am more at home with stuff like F= ma ; Q= mcO(theta) ; E= mc^2 etc etc. I must admit events in the country over the last couple of months have helped me not only love humanities but also acquire a few words /concepts for example Putchists , successionists, arrivists, changists and now modus vivendi ! Wow . But I am sad I didn’t quite follow this , unless I wanted to understand it technically. Chris says he has a modus vivendi (transalated by Herald to mean he has agreed to disagree ) with Patrick. And then Patrick disagrees that he has a modus vivendi implying he agrees to agree with Mutsvangwa. You see the scientific me always believing in the power of double negatives. I would then conclude that he is saying that they agree even on the varungu bit Patrick mentions. In vernacular – Farai oti handiwirane na Peter iye peter oti Aiwa handiwirirane naFarai kuti hatiwirirane. Zvaaniota handizvifarire! Don’t laugh at me guys I am curious , someone explain. Soon I want to sue the same terms here so need to be sure. Or maybe I read fast, even, I normally catch.

    • Biggie Taapatsi

      The way to go Nyamasvisva, humour is a great stress reliever.

      Seems Zhuwawo thinks that for people to “agree to disagree” it must be written, signed and witnessed,.

  • Cde Nyandoro Kunzwi

    The elder should fold his tail. Gudo guru peta muswe vadiki vakutye! Rich Shona proverb to revisit ! Cde Mutsvangwa `s tail is all over the media ! Can you imagine is he was the party leader with his “negatively generous“ and foul mouth! He should only preach at the church where the pastor`s world is alpha & omega, not in politics.