Zanu-PF youths warn malcontents • . . . hail empowerment polices • President avails 1 000ha for stands

Thousands of zanu-pf youths gather at the revolutionary party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday for a Youth League inter-district conference. —(Picture by John Manzongo)

Thousands of zanu-pf youths gather at the revolutionary party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday for a Youth League inter-district conference. —(Picture by John Manzongo)

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In a massive show of support for the ruling party, thousands of Zanu-PF youths yesterday brought Harare traffic to a standstill as they marched along Jason Moyo Avenue before converging at the party’s headquarters in support of Government’s empowerment policies.

The youths warned they would not sit idly by while malcontents threatened to destabilise the country.

Addressing the youths at an extraordinary Harare youth league inter-district conference at the party’s headquarters, Zanu-PF Youth League deputy secretary Cde Kudzanai Chipanga said Government had availed 1 000 hectares of land for residential stands in Harare following their appeal to President Mugabe.

He said the President received a number of requests from the youths during the recent One-Million Man March and these were at various stages of implementation.

“Youths highlighted a number of problems when we toured their various provinces,” said Cde Chipanga.

“I am happy to inform you that the requests were well-received by the President. One of the things that you raised was that senior members in the party benefitted from the land reform programme free of charge and as youths you also want to benefit through the provision of residential stands in towns. Our President accepted this and I am happy to inform you that he has given you 1 000 hectares of land in Harare for residential stands,” said Cde Chipanga.

“We want to make sure that when we go to vote for President Mugabe in 2018, all youths will be landlords. Zanu-PF is the ruling party and it cannot be a ruling party of tenants and lodgers.”

Cde Chipanga said the stands would be distributed in a transparent manner.

The youths were informed that Government had availed 1 000 hectares of land for residential stands in Harare as part of the 300 000 housing units outlined in Zim-Asset.

The land is in Shawasha B, Norton and Harare South and will be developed by the Urban Development Corporation.

The provision of residential stands to youths in Harare comes barely two weeks after more than 7 000 youths in Bulawayo benefitted under a similar scheme.

More land will be made available in other urban areas.

A letter from the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing signed by Ms Grace Moyo on behalf of the permanent secretary Engineer George Mlilo confirming the availability of the stands was read out to the youths.

Cde Chipanga said the beneficiaries would be asked to complete registration forms in the coming weeks, adding that the process would be transparent. On the request by youths to do mining without disturbances from the police, Cde Chipanga said that was work in progress.

“No youths should be denied to mine in Zimbabwe but you should make sure that your operations conform to the laws of the country,” he said.

“Modalities are being worked out with the responsible minister to ensure that youths get mining licences.”

He said other development projects were in the pipeline in the agriculture and transport sectors.

In the agricultural sector, he said youths had asked for an input credit scheme starting this year while others wanted to benefit through employment in the dualisation of the Beitbridge-Chirundu highway.

Cde Chipanga said youths from Mashonaland East and Mashonaland West provinces were set to benefit from the land availed in Harare.

He said it was disturbing that while President Mugabe and his Government were making frantic efforts to empower people some rogue elements in the opposition ranks were seeking to destabilise the country.

“The duty of a pastor is to pray for peace and stability in the country,” he said in reference to Evan Mawarire who has been leading demonstrations calling in President to step down before his term is over.

“Those who are masquerading as pastors saying tajamuka should stop that. Isu takajamuka 1980 patakatora nyika, tikajamuka futi 2000 tichitora minda and now tajamuka futi tichipa vanhu pekugara.”

Cde Chipanga said Zanu PF youth would not hesitate to counter demonstrations that are meant to destabilise or bring down a constitutionally-elected Government.

Business came to a standstill in Harare as the syouths who attended yesterday’s meeting marched from Fourth Street to the party headquarters mid-morning.

The whole Zanu-PF complex was filled to capacity while others followed proceedings from outside the perimeter wall.

The meeting was attended by several Zanu-PF legislators, Women’s League and party leadership from Harare province.

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  • Chihelele

    This is baffling. Zanu pf was demonstrating against who and what? Were these unemployed youths demonstrating to maintain the massive mismanagement, lack of jobs, no money? This business that anyone who doesn’t think like Zanu pf is an enermy must stop

    • Amai veZimbabwe(PhD)

      The youths demonstrated against the French and American ambassadors who are behind the regime change agenda. We as ZANU-PF want the ambassadors expelled for their criminal behaviour. We want all negotiations with the IMF and World Bank suspended especially as the IMF now say there is no country relief program under consideration for Zimbabwe at this time. Why should we give them $1.8 billion of we get nothing in return?

      • Harry

        Lol yeah right as if they will care. Always a good thing for the Government of the day to find a scapegoat if things go horribly wrong in your country and the Western World is the ideal one. It is a strategy for all countries who have exhausted all internal resources and have nothing more to offer its supporters. Blame it all on the capitalists, the Western World!! Wake up please and see the real world.

      • Fellow Believer

        We should give them the $1.8 Billion because it is theirs and we owe it to them… Hahahahahahaha

      • gutu chitovah

        kana mapedza kusvuta mbanje munambovata dzidzikire. you think zim is donating 1.8bn to IMF? Or is it investing, where upon you expect a return? fast track land reform formular haiitwe pamari yavanhu, hezvo motiyaurisa nenhamo, muchimboti tinozvigona. Haaa iwe Amai veZimbabwe(PHD),*!!!!!!!!!

      • True Zimba

        Zimbabweans who are tired of a nation without a currency, without Electricity, without jobs.. (I could list a million things) are the ones pushing for a regime change.

        Don’t lie to anyone. France and America have nothing to gain from regime change in Zimbabwe. It is ZanuPF which has something to lose.

      • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

        Expel like in dzingai vanhu if they want regime change. Asi munovatyasu

      • Collin Mackenzie

        Why are wasting your time responding to a Stay away.

        Zimbabwe should not pay them all they are doing is leading us on and putting us further into a crisis with the hope of working together.

        Our Minister of finance must wake up and put that money to paying to workers and defer all until the next rains.

      • Brooklyn

        Amai veZimbabwe let me hypothetically speaking award you the title Amai. Hamunzwiwo tsitsi here kuti munhu ashanda kunze kwenyika nekuti zimbabwe yafawo orambidzwa kupinda nezvinhu zvake zvaatengerawo mhuri yake? Ok hamunzwi tsitsi saAmai her kuti teacher adzidzisa mwedzi wese ashaye mari yaakashandira asi Va supa vatenge havo mota ye$200 000?are you not ashamed that corruption commited homicide on our industry? especially steel manufacturing and mining?hamunawo tsitsi macivil servants achitadza kutambira minister vachinzi vari worth above 1.2billion?kana musinganzwe tsitsi hamuneti here nekuba maresources enyika vamwe vachitambura muchivashandisa kuti vazviuraye?Musadaro we deserve a better zimbabwe not to use our country as your atm at the expense of naive people and tax payers…

        • economist

          Iwe, do not be foolisht, returning residents have a waiver , duty free futi. do not just bark, so you were making noise in the streets for something which is imagined, idiot.

      • mhofu

        Whose 1.8Billion are you talking about you imbecile, is it not theirs, you want to expell then when u are going to their countries with begging bowls, you are unbelievably daft for a zimbabwean….

      • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

        Chikwereti dzoserai…

      • Kyle James

        Kiki Kiki thinking of shyte loving housefly. Do you even believe what comes out your mouth?

      • TAKUNDA

        Typical ZANU PF mentality, you owe them money and there are under no obligation stated or implied to give you money . The world owes you nothing , grow up.

    • denny

      Just imagine they use a bait of stands so that people may come in numbers.

      • James Wekwa Bhora

        Imagine those ill built structures with rooms smelling of poverty ,no jobs just big empty rooms with candles inside

    • Tsotso

      And equally baffling there are no mvura inovava cannons from ZRP, no tear smoke billowing in the sky, no threats of being crushed by Chombo. Of course let us hear what manheru says on Saturday. Good luck chipanga !!

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Because the demo is legal and not violent. The French/British, US inspired demos saw police being attacked, roads being barricaded and vehicles being stoned in Ruwa,Epworth, Mufakose,and other places. In trying to control the thugs police had to use force. That is the difference. Anyway, you can enjoy watching the videos where the so called pastor is now preaching his lunacy in SA streets like a madman. Tell the pastor not to shy away from blaming those holding his political tail for sanctioning our economy.

        • mandevu

          good try again Prof – but the real distinction lies only in whether a gathering is supportive of the ZPF government or not. Normal democracies recognise the right to voice and expression. Our poorer people are now fed up – particularly when in trying to voice our feelings we get brutalised – no wonder we react as we do. We are not in a normal situation, you cannot argue as if we are

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            Yes the situation is not normal because of sanctions. Is it real democracy to stone other citizens` vehicles when they decide to ignore the stay away?Is it democracy to block roads with boulders and stones to infringe other citizens` rights ?. Try that in UK and make the Queen`s government smile you fool.

          • asd

            Sanctions responsible for $ 15 dissappearing go to hell

          • James Wekwa Bhora

            I hope you dont blame sanctions if your children ask for food, i begoo

        • zimbotry

          The French and British had nothing to do with the demonstrations. Its the poverty, corruption, lack of delivery on election promises, failure to pay people on time….the list goes on, that people demonstrated about. We go begging to the West for aid continuosly. And do you really believe the youth will stand for this bribery when they realise how few of them will get any land and there will be no jobs or money to facilitate building. Take your head out of the sand.

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            Please excuse us from your extreme ignorance. UK/France support sanctions against our economy. They have dirty hands on our economic suffering. We want the West to lift sanctions so that our economy will recover and be able to service our debts. Zim is a member of IMF.Without sanctions, we were not going to be in arrears. After all you are ignorant about the looting of African resources,including slave labor, arising from colonial partition of Africa. The youths are free to decide their path,away from your wiseacre nose.

          • IJaha le Manxeleni

            We were already in arrears in the early 1990s that is why we had to swallow the ESAP pill baba

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            The arrears were manageable before sanctions! ESAP was advisable because of the imbalance between our private and public sector , not because of debt servicing.

          • IJaha le Manxeleni

            You clearly have not been following the economic trajectory in this country prof.

          • zvihutazvashe

            The only dirty hands on Zim’s economy are yours and your party’s…dim wit

        • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

          It worked hezvo chimusangano chese chssimuka…which prominent channel did not know and talk about This Flag ….ma youth ezanu awana mastands new hash tag

        • Truthfulness

          Heyo nyevero kwauri, tendeuka usati wafa. Repent before you die. Kutongwa kuriko uye kwave pedyo. Pastor vachatongwa nezvavo iwe nezvako. Usazoti hauna akakuudza.

    • Albert Mtasa

      Against malcontents ka. Vari ku jamuka

    • jojo

      what a sad sight.all these able bodied poor souls should have been working for the country.after this sponsored propaganda exhibition,its now back to reality to most of these youth——–empty pockets……………no jobs………..and no food.

  • Idi Amin Rorbeto Mugabage

    Cry my beloved motherland… Only in Zimbabwe. Goodluck my fellow countrymen.

    • BabaWaNgwarai

      Mastands musina mabasa . Breeding ground for snakes. Anovakwa neiko. Seka hako BabaWangwarai. Kupiwa ndege isina fuel . Hanzi now you can fly.KKKKKKKKK.Ngwarai!

  • Masedzano

    Youths have been given stands. Well and dandy. These youths are unemployed and most of them unproductive – not their fault by the way. These youths are so gullible. Hiw are they going to finance the building of the said houses? Vatengesegwa chando kuNorth Pole!

  • zimdondi

    “For the record, we know you are returning to your lives of hunger after this – but have fun.” It’s so sad how they never learn.

  • Tawanda

    That demonstration doesn’t rig or fix the economy. ZANU will be defeated by the economy. On top of that God is not on the side of the evil. It may appear like the devil is winning for a short while but the devil will lose, always. Zimbabweans are not only raising their voices against the regime, they are also praying to God.

  • john

    Doomed motherland. Insanity of mankind never cease to amaze me. Imagine all those people are unemployed.

  • Ndozvireva Ini

    I thought they would be given jobs then land to develop. Remember when what happened when you gave those “farmers” cheap diesel? They SOLD it. I see the property prices crashing down when stands will be sold for $0.50 per sqm to buy a bottle of musombodhiya….mirai muwone henyu!

    • widzo

      Let’s hope they will not take back this land.

  • Tinovaziva

    That’s the good thing about the economy. It cannot be threatened into submission. The problems that were outlined will persist and the economy will continue to slide. Civil servants will simply stay at home, so will doctors and nurses. How are these youths going to enforce their wishes? By beating people and forcing them to go to work? Even that will not solve the underlying problems in our country as it will not say for example make the police less corrupt. We will see who will win.

    Even Ian Smith had his own black stooges who did anything he told them. We called hem Madzakutsaku.

    Kutengwa ne1000 ha. Kkkkkkk.

    • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

      Agree with you my sad

  • MyView

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. The 4th Chimurenga I guess where the youths are saying to a troubled gvt give us land and we promise you power and hope
    But will the chosen few be able to upstage millions more unemployed, unpaid and hungry? .
    History tells us in 2000 Zimbabweans voted NO to a constitution that promised them land.
    Meaning POVO dynamic needs go beyond land.

  • Mkoma Sam

    We are already having a candidate for the 2018 elections in the likes of His Excellency RG Mugabe. Better things await us in future. Well done Chipanga!!!!

    • Cde Njelele

      Hear !hear!

    • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

      Kupusa itai kushoma…will buy you a ticket womboitawo a week tasting democracy. Will drive you around wodzoka hako ku animal farm. I don’t think order iri kuno can make you happy . Every citizen matters not divide and rule

  • Jerry Doghead

    This guy is an idiot is he trying to legitimise corruption. Citizens are saying enough is enough. We are sick and tired of corrupt government officials. Actually they want President Mugabe to act against corrupt officials in his givernment. Whether the president steps down or not that’s not the issue. The issue is about corruption.

  • eliah

    These demostrations run completely parrarel to the ones conducted a fortnight ago. The aggrieved were protesting against unemployment, blatant corruptiom taking place ,general poverty ,economic decay among a host of other factors. They want these attended to as a matter of urgency and naturally the other factors would fall into line. The Chipanga road show did not address these and what they are advocating for is another demand relevant to another section of the youth and no one begrudges that hence they should leave the other protests run unhindered as the different groups are pursuing different agendas for different objectives and different conclusions.

    • LT

      So Zanu PF is the only people who can demostrate? They brought traffic to a halt, is that not violation of other citizens’ rights? Nemiwo mayouths svinurayi, munofunga kuti mose menenge mave maLandlords muna 2018?????????. Imba inovakwa sei?

  • zimbotry

    So they will have stands but no jobs. Therefore no money to build houses. Poor delusional people. Also no money for education, medical care and food.

    • nyika ndeyedu

      In the short term yes, owning a residential stand but without money to develop it looks foolish, but in the long term it’s not a bad idea at all. However, the action of giving out these residential stands is insincere on the part of the leadership notwithstanding the fact that it’s unashamedly partisan and unfairly serves the long term political interests of just a few Zimbabweans. It is actually without any doubt that the current Zimbabwe leadership has failed to deliver not only the socio-economic basics required to sustain simple life for its citizens but has failed to deliver on its own promises. The path that Zimbabwe is walking was chosen by the leader[s], i.e. the path of confrontation, the path of “defiance”, the path of “Look East policy”, the path of “Blair keep your UK and I will keep my Zimbabwe”, the path of unsolved corruption scandals etc etc. Sanctions are like a war / a confrontation and if Zimbabwe is losing the war then people are not wrong to demand a new General in Command to fight and win the war, Zimbabwe is not wrong to demand for a leadership that can deliver on basic socio-economic fundamentals needed to live life sustainably. Whatever reasons the leadership gives for the difficult circumstances Zimbabwe’s peoples are in, the question is Is the leadership capable of overcoming the difficulties (whether it’s sanctions, corruption etc) and give Zimbabwe the life it deserves. The answer, as shown by what is on the ground is, “NO the current leadership is incapable”

      • succuba

        Will they get deeds or paperwork for these ‘stands’?

  • kutototo

    How ironic, it was a Wednesday “working day” and thousands of youths attended the ‘stand rally’ able bodied youths who are supposed to be turning the wheels of the industry, its a clear sign of the level of unemployment and the powers that be cannot see that. The youths should be reminded that everyone has a democratic right to protest like they did.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      You did not say that when some people gathered at the court demo on a working day! Uri chitoto.

      • kutototo

        One and the same thing and points to the same conclusion that the rate of unemployment is too much such that during a working day there are thousands of youths doing nothing and if you add those who went for the court demo plus these for the stands demo and make them productive in industry we will stop from having Indaba after Indaba to announce the pay day for civil servants.

      • Blackwave

        Chitoto ndiwe unosapota mbavha nemhondi dzezanu pf…No point of correction…uri imwe yacho….you are the real enemy of Zimbabwe and its citizens. Kunyepera kuda nyika muchiba nekuparadza nyika ino pamusoro pazvo motaura nhema. Munofunga tiri vana vadiki isu. When we take to the streets to voice our disgruntlement then we are labelled malcontents,hooligans and terrorists and your president threatens to take away our citizenship…munofunga kuti takanyanyopusa zvekumirira America neFrance kuti vatiudze zvekuita sezvamunoitwa imi nemaChina? What a bunch of psychos and mongoloids!!! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Zanu is more than just a party…its a cult…where its supreme leader is heroworshipped and deified. Its akin to those religions that are given to idol worship…where Mugabe is the idol. His word is gospel and noone dares contradict him lest they get expelled or worse. Hey im tired of this cartoon character calling herself Muzvinavhu and his vein attempts to bully anyone who gives different views to his here. Typical of your party who try to silence is by the use of brute force anytime we try to express ourselves. I know u get a lot of space here to air your propaganda rubbish about so called sanctions because this paper is Zanu controlled. It really doesnt matter what u say to defend your fellow thieves but the truth remains and facts are indeed stubborn. The Blackwave is here and will not tolerate your nonsense here. The Blackwave wont care even if this comment is not printed but Muzvinavhu or whatever the hell your name is, be warned…you and your unruly youths and corrupt cohorts…be very very worried…*…

  • mandevu

    more bribery and corruption – no matter how you try and package it up. As for the the rent-a-crowd being ZANU PF youth – it is really stretching the imagination

  • Benjamin the Donkey

    Malcontents? So is it a crime to speak out against the things that have gone wrong in our country. Muri kuzvinyebera. Muchatongwa nevanhu

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Herald Moderator, where is my comment?

  • Truth is Truth


  • Wali

    Things that Zimbabweans must challenge: Ministry of Local government has jurisdiction over land on behalf of the State. UDCORP is a government/State agency. The land they’re parcelling to ZANU-PF youths at a ZANU-PF march is actually State land. Another glaring case of abuse of State resources, government officials and State institutions to progress a political party agenda. There’s everything wrong with ZANU-PF tactics. This is more of fundraising for their election campaign than actually helping the youth. Sadly, they always fall for it.

  • Venda

    1 000 ha of stands given to youths by the President???? Baffling! Is that the role of the head of state- or is it why the City of Harare Department of Housing and Community Services was destroyed by Ignatius Chombo and his fellow bandits?! Banana republic- country gone to the dogs!

  • Gweru

    kkkkk I think its counter demonstration, why can’t they make counter paying civil servants kkkkk. Asi parikuda kudzoswa failed operation Hlalani kuhle of which 10 out of 1 qintillion supporters will benefit.

  • True Zimba

    We are blaming bad government decisions that brought hyper-inflation to the point of losing our currency. We are blaming corruption through out the ruling party which is running the government.

    Zimbabwe is not the only country that has sanctions imposed on it. There are many countries that have illegal sanctions place upon them. The sanctions never stopped Zimbabwe from producing anything but after the land reform no structures where setup to ensure these once commercial farms do not turn to rural homes.

    The land reform was planned badly executed with the hope to have a tighter grip on power and not with the interest of the people of Zimbabwe in mind.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      If you dont understand how sanctions are undermining our economy just shut.up.Those who imposed sanctions know well their negative effects. They dont believe foolishly like you that sanctions are not effective.Yes we have government weaknesses ,which are human , but not the major cause of our suffering. If you think your sellout party MDCT will harvest votes from the effects of sanctions ,you will live to be disillusioned.

      • Truthfulness

        Kindly explain how corruption, looting and mismanagement is undermining our economy then toita a comparison.

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          Its not necessary because we had corruption before the sanctions. Nigeria & Kenya have worse corruption but no sanctions. What empirical evidence do you need you fool? But I am not condoning corruption .It must go too. Why dont you just be patriotic enough to denounce both sanctions and corruption in you are a Zimbabwean?

      • govaz

        Our biggest enemy has always been corruption. Imagine ministers building multi million dollar mansions in such an economy. Corruption pays at most 10cents to the dollar ie if a minister gets 10 million the country loses 90 million.

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          Yes its not acceptable for corrupt ministers,if any , to build the mansions , but the value of the mansions compared to what we loose via sanctions is too colossal. We have yet to investigate the source of their funds.We have lost diamonds value not because of looting but transfer pricing where the US uses it evil machinations to bribe those who buy our mineral to lower the prices at markets against our diamonds . HAVE YOU ASKED YOURSELF WHY TO DATE THE EVIL US IT STILL AGAINST OUR DIAMONDS TRADE DESPITE KIMBERLY PROCESS APPROVAL?

          • James Wekwa Bhora

            If you cannot carefully manage your resources then opportunists will find their way , You have the responsibility to manage and oversea in the best interest of everyone .The major problem is we have decaying leadership coupled with individuals like yourself who fail to think outside the box , maybe due to the war in the 70s but many countries experienced such wars and managed to move on amicably.We are extremely patriotic reason why we are bitter with ZANU PF.What is it mean bussing up thousands of youths in the Capital shutting down the few supermarkets and clothing shops in the city.Ndokupera kwazvo. There is a serious lack of thinking and innovation in little ZANU PF

      • Truthfulness
      • Non Partisan

        Correction, if you don’t realise that the sanctions have nothing to do with our problems then you must shut up ! Seriously had enough of your nonsense, like a broken record stuck on the same track

      • James Wekwa Bhora

        Your generation will be the poorest when you are gone my friend

      • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

        Explain to everyone iwe don’t just sing this song everyday..Which sanctions

  • Mbimbindoga Chidembo

    So dishing out stands is going to solve our economic problems…or is this a diversion from facing the real issues. The pastor has no presidential ambitions.

  • john

    They were demonstrating to show that demonstrations are not goood. Insanity of nankind never cease to amaze

  • Ummmm

    I pray that the same stands are not taken by the bosses. Landlord with no job and no money

  • True Zimba

    I need to understand this. Does Zimbabwe belong to Mugabe? I am asking, does all the state owned land fall into the back pocket of the president?

  • Chasura

    Zanu pf and its dump youths just exposing how much of unemployment is there right now. Thank you Herald for showing the world the real situation on the ground. At least we now understand the magnitude of unemployment in our youths who are supposedly the future of this once beautiful country. Again thank you Herald!!!!!!!!!

  • Where are 2 million jobs

    Anyone who went marching at 10 in the morning is not employed.

  • DarkChild

    It was business as usual yesterday in Harare and generally the rest of the country. Zimbabweans have ignored the calls for a march by a shadowy group of politicians that are threatening violence against anyone who opposes their views. Police are not prepared to deal with this shadowy group that has threatened violence and demanded that police step aside from maintaining rule of law and order, so the police stayed away and their chief spokes woman kept her mouth shut! Apparently, there is a 3rd force behind the march, which promised sponsorship in the form of free land. It remains to be seen if the 3rd force will be able to afford paying it’s marchers each time it wants a march done.

  • Marufu Chihwandire

    Politics dzemuZimbabwe hadzisi dzema hashtag, facebook and WhatsApp. Its politics of real voters. Avo vamuri kuona avo. Come 2018, you will sing the tired old song of rigging. Zanu pf mobilises, it doesn’t rig. Imi itai zvenyu zve #thisflag nemawhatsapp enyu.

  • Brooklyn

    Is it sanctions that led Supa to say he deserves a car worth more than $200 000 worth of tax payers money?Or the VP to say i can misuse government property because i work for the government?Is it sanctions that see beloved ministers buying expensive cars with tax payers money so that civil servants dont get paid? Is it sanctions that say 3mil Zimbabweans working in South africa cannot bring grocery back home? Is it sanctions that commited homicide on Ziscosteel, Lancshire, Zimasco, Sable, Zimchem, Bimco, Steel Makers Globe and Phoenex? Those Industries were crippled way before sanctions came and what did that? or rather who did that?And dont use God. And bastard in one sentence you obviously dont know Him. God is love. Love doesn’t curse. You know nothing about both. Sometimes when you are evil you easily see the same character in others and subconsciously you judge. The real evil you know. The real sanctions you know. Dzekuti our own ppl cant bring their own hard worked grocery home. You do not have basic sense of decency you need help.

  • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

    Kkkkkkkk dofo. Tora 1.8 billion pane 15 billion yengoda yamakaba nemachaina

  • CorpGovGuru

    Did people come to demonstrate against Mawarire, to suport ZANU (PF) or they came to get stands being distributed by the revolutionary party.

  • Baba veZimbabwe(MPhil, PhD)

    Hatingabvumiri nyika kuti idzokere kuvadzvanyiriri…ma Youth eZanu tichangoramba tichipihwa zviro zvehupfumi hwenyika yedu napresident vedu vaMugabe. Otherwise kana vasisipo togodyepi kana maBritish atora nyika through ma malcontents? Inguva yedu! Pasi nema Sanctions!

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    These youths should demonstrate more often – that way the Police will not stop our own demonstrations.

  • Phillip Munyaradzi

    Zimbabwe is the only country in the world where the government demonstrates for or against itself.

  • Baba veZimbabwe(MPhil, PhD)

    Takangomirira ma modalities, tiwane ma stands edu. Pasi nema Santions!

  • Harry

    Uhm.. so why dont you look east for money? Then you dont have to deal with the Evil West?

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      We are asking the West to remove its evil hands so that we can economically interact in the international system , not on charity basis but business wise squarely. NO MODERN ECONOMY SHOULD BE LIMITED TO HALF GLOBAL SPHERE! Would UK survive if its limited to EU only?

      • buzz

        Don’t lie to people, only one company in Zimbabwe can not do international trade with west ZDI, any other company can trade with the West. The reason IMF is not giving us money is we have not paid our debts to them $1,8bill to be precise.

      • Jeffrey Kangara

        You are obsessed definitely, Iran is under sanctions but it is launching its own satellites as of last year, it has a missile hiding drone. North Korea is under sanctions but you never here Kim crying that remove your sanctions. For your own benefit Iran is becoming a global player under sanctions, this has forced the western world to come back to the table with them. They can come hiding with conditions like the nuclear sh*t but the fact is they won’t stop a fast developing Iran.
        Our government has nothing to put on the table hence there is no motive for businessmen to try and come to the table, let’s make our house clean first professor. In shona zvinonzi usabvisisa munhu chiuswa chiri muziso iwe une danda muziso mako.

      • James Wekwa Bhora

        Before sanctions you met with World leaders with negligible if non-existent outputs .You pulled yourself out of the Commonwealth without a referendum to Zimexit ,kkkkkk .

      • Sando

        Your boss said keep your England

  • Harry

    So how r u going to pay back the IMF if u can’t even pay ur civil servants? By borrowing more money? Can’t you understand the economy has been destroyed and is non – existing? It is very basic economics.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)


      • James Wekwa Bhora

        Sounds like you are not well travelled , you lack facts. Hamusati mambogara kunze kwe Zimbabawe ndosaka pasina chamunonyatso ziva

  • Cde Chirikuutsi Wasu

    There is no guarantee that Zim will get the loan after paying the debt,because the US holds sway in IMF board and will block the deal and we will be in more seriously situation than now!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Keep your animal farm literature in your library, but Zim is not England. Who said you should be political consultant for ZANU PF?

    • FlyboyX

      Who talked about England? What about England? AT least their system works for the interest of the British hate them or like them. If 100million pounds dissapeard from treasury, someone will be taken to task about it. We lose an entire saving pot and life goes on? and you don’t want us to speak out? Dude… I do not want to be a political consultant to a ##### or to be associated with it in any way. Sanctions or not, where is 15B? Sanctions or not, how can #### build a multi bedroomed mansion when he has failed dismally in business?? Genesis Bank, UTC etc? We question these things and your leaders first answer is foreign sponsorship? You think Zimbabweans are too blind not to see corruption in the system. Dude…really??

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        You are flying into a Blair toilet you little boy. Corruption in our country does not justify sanctions. Other countries with corruption too are sanctions free from the evil West. You enjoy exaggerating our country `s corruption as the main problem just push your futile political propaganda. You wont win in your regime change failed project.

        • James Wekwa Bhora

          Dont mention Sir Tony Blair, coz after him came 3 presidents including honerable Theresa May,yet in your village only one person has single handadly halted hope and progress

        • muparavanda

          I would like to believe you are one of these rotten ministers furiously defending your cohorts and trying to justify your looting here. Now let me tell you something Mr zanoid…your days of looting and plundering this economy are coming to a close. You can hallucinate all you want about the so called sanctions but we wont be fooled any longer. Tell your cohorts their time is up and ww are claiming back our country and you will run to malaysia or wherever it is that you stashed your ill gotten wealth. Forwarned is forarmed. The path you are treading on is very thin Mr minister…

        • FlyboyX

          I am a little boy…thank you for reminding me. However Mr Big man, what happens in the west is their problem. . So others are corrupt and we should be corrupt too, my neighbour beats his wife so its OK for me to beat mine? That’s typical ZANU logic driven by either blind patriotism or patronage benefit. So according to you Mr Big Man:
          1) 15 Billion disappearing ,which by the way is 5 times the national GDP is exaggerated? ..and we shouldn’t ask? We could have earned this money with or without what you call sanctions.
          2) Ministers enriching themselves through government tenders is exaggerated?..and we should not ask? If I put Names here the CIOs at herald will erase them.
          3) ZESA, Air Zimbabwe, ARDA, NRZ, ZISCO, CMAS, ZBC, etc have been run to the ground and we are exaggerating? …and we shouldnt ask questions?

          Shall I continue?

    • N. Sithole

      What is the point of studying literature then if we can’t draw lessons from it? Surely, the whole essence of education is to enlighten and transform humankind. I thought professors knew this.

  • Vikeke

    Firstly I want to commend the Herald for being a flagship media brand. However I must warn the publication from spreading hate speech and name calling. Who are “malcontents” those who question the Government? Regardless of these “malcontents” being used by West are they just as much Zimbabwean as the Editor and the 2 authors of the story? Wasn’t Chinamasa in the West with a begging bowl, most recently he was in Britain and I wonder what came out of it? Please Herald stop using hate speech against fellow citizens. One has the freedom of conscience which is enshrined in Section 60 of the Constitution!

  • Mai Vako

    njere shoma dzinouraya vatenzi nebasa zvese

  • jacktheswede

    No populist policies will ever develop a country..see Cuba and Venezuela. We are still paying the price the 1997 unbudgeted for war vet payouts,ill planned and executed land reform and the 2015 unilateral decision by the President to pay bonuses to the civil servants against the sound advice from the Min of Finance. The list of this failed policy is unending

  • Cde Samanyanga Dotito

    When is your past coming back , after being advised by his lawyers not to twist the lion`s tail. Jamuka tione. The pastor`s drama is now losing steam. Iwe itao zva pastor tione. Koinga nezuro nanhasi hatina stay away. An elected government must be given its space to govern. If you want change in government be ready to contest in 2018! Ndiyo democracy! ITS NOT THE PASTOR STUPID!

  • jojo

    I swear I saw a poster that said ‘GIVE ME A JOB NOW AND PLEASE KEEP YOUR STANDS’.

  • succuba

    @ Herald Online Editor

    Why was my comment removed?

  • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

    We have the wrong people at the top ….What of those who belong to Mai Mujuru? They are less important than vari maZanu. Mugabe legacy is just something never to try or admire . Will work hard and get things with legitimacy than hate others and get used for it

  • Zvichapera Zvichapera

    Makaita sei vanhu imi? Munofunga kuti hupfumi hwamuinahwo hwekuba mari yevanhu varikushupika munosvika nahwo kure, ehe iwe nemukadzi wako kana nemurume wako mungangosvika asi vana vako havasvike. Ehe iwe baba namai anozviti Amai veZimbabwe (Phd) nekaka kanozviti Cde Mzvinavhu makarwa Hondo papi. Munondirwadzisa chaizvo, ungati shuwa ukaba mari and do all kinds of Phd in corruption you are now a comrade. Yes you are enjoying that money today and living as a queen and king though no love and happiness but I need to warn you, your kids kune achine vana vadiki or vazukuru venyu will not enjoy that money ndiro rinonzi jambwa, munyama usingaperi from generation to generation mari idzodzo dzamuri kubira vanhu we curse you and God will curse because you are not blessing others. I went to war and I am retired, I played my role tikakusiirai mutangire patakasiya but instead you are taking the lives of people into a dirt pigsty. I am more troubled that even vakaendawo kuhondo kuti vabatsire vazukuru vedu they are burning their cooks. Never in your life support evil, never, never,never and never you will die the evil way or it might not be you but your dearest. There are people who are innocent and suffering in our country and bear one thing in mind, they are praying and God is watching them and hearing their prayers. As you are stealing from them, God is also watching you, who you think God will favour? Zimbabwe had been under sanctions before imi munozviti macomrade if you don’t know but there is never any moment when love was taken away from your own brother, from the poor person, from the innocent, but people sat down to find ways and indeed by that time Zimbabwe made its own products for the country and this was strengthened by oneness in decision making and by not exercising corruption. God I am surprised that some people are speaking blasphemous words against God in your campaign are you sure???? If don’t comprehend something or have a revelation of a man of God better to shut up and never make a comment, God uses people and He comes in many forms. Never ever undermine a man of God and even that holy bible unofa kunge bete ratsikwa. Usada kufadza chaunga nekutaura mashoko akashata. taura zvakanaka zvinodiwa naMwari supporting vanhu vake. Zimbabwe is not for individuals, not for the riches, not for the poor but for everyone of any level, race, religion, tribe, a Zimbabwean is a Zimbabwean by love. Your talk of sactions from the west, I don’t deny that sactions are there but why are you not dealing with the sactions that we are imposing to our own people, saction for salaries, saction for jobs, saction for better health, saction for education, lets start by this and see if the West still will stick on these sactions, then if they continue, indeed you can blame. I know kuti vazhinji vaverenga muri vana kwandiri naizvozvo isu takura hatichagoni zvekutaura semi mune masocial media asi ndinokumbirawo kuti zvamunogona kutaura kudai, taurai zvineshanduko inovaka nyika, inosimudzira solidarity, kutaura kunosimudzira nyika benefiting everyone from rural to urban. Again never ever in your life support evil kana uchida kuti vana nevazukuru vakako vararame zvakanaka, ZVICHAPERA IZVI. Mwari varikudenga ngavatiitire nyasha.

  • Chokwadi


  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The angry citizen should be angry with those political parties such as MDCT who support evil sanctions!

  • Cde Mgagao

    To Heaven with her! You get lost and drown in the dirty waters of Thames River.

    • zvihutazvashe

      No you get lost…dim wit!!

  • N. Sithole

    Please leave the ‘professor’ alone. All he can see are sanctions imposed by the ‘evil’ West, as if the economy was not already on a free fall by the mid nineties.

  • Common Sense

    Let me put it simply (because clearly you are very simple)..

    Firstly, the IMF and other western financial institutions have NO obligation whatsover to give Zimbabwe credit/loans. Get.that.straight.

    Go and demand a loan from your own bank and see what they tell you, they want you to be credit-worthy first, and prove you have means (and desire) to pay it back

    Secondly, we owe billions and are in arrears, loans that should have been repaid when Zimbabwe was doing well economically… But your dear leaders were so corrupt and money was put into their own pockets… and one pf the key contributors to our economy was the commercial farming (over 50% +) Instead of gracefully migrating land to deserving people, the vast majority goes to ZANU-PF cronies and the military, to appease them… and guess what? they don’t all farm… so the economy dives.

    Now how do you expect the IMF or any ‘bank’ to give Zimbabwe credit when we have no economy (our fault), and a Government that is unaccountable… why on earth should they give us credit when Zimbabwe clearly has NO INTENTION OF PAYING ANY MONEY BACK… even if we do well again

    Hear’s the kicker, China and other Eastern countries refused to give us credit, why? For exactly the same reason, they have no trust in Zimbabwe’s ability and will to put the money to good use, and responsibly… ZANU-PF has singlehandedly made us non-credit worthy… So are they imposing sanction on us too?

    So take your sanctions mantra and shove where the sun does not shine

    When a government is elected to lead this country responsibly, and the West can trust us again, we might get somewhere… but your bunch are the problem

  • Common Sense

    Attention ZANU-PF youths: The people of Zimbabwe are waaaaayyyy past the point where they care about your idle threats to take the people on…. all we can say is

  • James Wekwa Bhora

    This is primitive and extremely backward ,what a scapegoat !! We are talking of salaries and a major shortage of currency a week ago and ongoing stayaways and now this .Land in Zimbabwe has no value at all !! ,1000ha to be given to these people with nothing, similar to how they took the land by force from productive White people.Its suicidal.Last week there where in London begging with a empty bowels ,This shows the confusion ZANU PF ha, bussing up youths from far away impoverished villages with no hope in life ,taking advantage of vulnerable groups to protect this dictatorship government ,SAD.

  • James Wekwa Bhora

    I agree with you my true and only friend

  • VaneMaziso

    Rights are given to those who deserve them in terms of borrowing money from İMF or WB..nyangwe Benzi hari kweretese munhu asina order mari..Creditworthiness is 0 for Zimbabwe..and you have approx. 0.16% SDR at İMF bcoz of a useless economy..Learn reality before pointing fingers with reference from fairy tales you were told by your patrons

  • Tawanda

    Robert Mugabe is the one who called for sanctions. He told IMF and World bank to go to hell. He went on to tell Tony Blair to keep his England while he keeps his zimbabwe. And if I may ask, what are sanctions? Why can’t zimbabwe impose sanctions on Britain? Let me tell you what sanctions are. It’s when a beggar stops receiving donations from a lender. That’s why a beggar can’t impose sanctions on the lender. By reversing the so called sanctions you are trying to force the helper to help you with his resources. That’s nonsense. After all let Blaire keep his England

  • bhurujena

    wow … what a deluded bunch .. seriously kufarira stand. why does the loving government build 300 000 core houses will full facilities.
    which planet do these youth come from ??

  • muparavanda

    I placed a comment here and it was not published while the likes of muzvinavhu have lots of comments here. Its quite clear to me that this is because i do not support the ruling party. Well whether you print my comments or not, it wont change the way i feel. Go on and be biased towards Zanu pf because you also are Zanu pf. I will not be silent though because my country is burning and i refuse to keep quiet….

  • Blackwave

    No u should be ashamed…

  • Mzalendo

    Next time translate the parts in local languages….I am reading from Kenya.
    In 1992, when the opposition in Kenya united to oust the then president Daniel Moi who had ruled for over 15 years(he went on to rule for 24 years), the then rulling party, KANU, resorted to “empowering the youth”. Several young people benefited from massive money printing and benefits from state resources. The country suffered till 2002 when a new opposition wave swept the country. KANU is long dead (though the “youth” who got empowered in 1992 currently rule the country). Zimbabwe has a lot to share from Kenya. The government will spend more time on survival tactics than development. But I am positive with the current progress. The entire country must maintain a tenacity of purpose, a unity to change the country for the better, selflessly. I hope I don’t hurt any Zimbabwean by saying …..Tajamuka from Kenya.

  • Givhi

    Confirmation of the high unemployment- some people will never learn -wars vets have disowned him -another demonstration against the war vets

  • CDE Chakadenga

    Takusvipai changamire hatichada mhani. Tati puu. Hatichada mhanhi, humbimbingoda chete, mafarm iwayo makaawanepi changamire, corruption chete imi nehama dzenyu muchidya uchi hwenyika. Ana Zhuwawo vanotoenda kuParlliament vakaputa mbanje nokuti vanoziva kuti vanhu havana simba. manje zvose izvi zvavakupera changamire. Isu sema War Vets tati kwete. Maprovince ese gumi tati kwete, akushora wodzinga mubato, ziva kuti tisu takairwira nyika iyi..

  • Nooshie

    The Chinese word for “Crisis” also means “opportunity”, Sanctions too have a positive side e.g. Protection From Competition from imported goods which are prohibited by the Countries imposing Sanctions. Sanctions spurred Innovation In Rhodesia and South Africa and created Goods as good as and often better than those Sanctioning them. In Zimbabwe Limited Sanctions were imposed on ZanPF rather than our Country. Had Rhodesian type Sanctions been imposed ZanuPF would have redirected the suffering upon its dissidents .
    Recently government imposed import restrictions on goods we SHOULD and CAN be producing ourselves with or without Sanctions but are not. Our lack of Innovation has nothing to do with Sanctions but our lack of Innovation, further hampered by bureaucracy, the greatest innovation award goes to Gideon Gono for his Trillion Dollar note. You cannot hamper productivity, frighten away investors and demotivate people and expect value to roll off a printing machine simply because the image it creates says “I am valuable”.

  • Sando

    ZANU pf has problems with figures. First it was 2 million jobs