Zanu-PF speaks on amending Constitution

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Cde Chinamasa

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ZANU-PF is not contemplating amending the new Constitution anytime soon despite the overwhelming over two-thirds majority it enjoys in the National Assembly which gives it the power to do so.The party’s deputy secretary for Legal Affairs, Cde Patrick Chinamasa,  who is also outgoing Justice and Legal Affairs Minister, dismissed claims by MDC-T that Zanu-PF wanted to use its majority in the National Assembly to make changes to the new Constitution.

“We have the power to make changes anytime because we have what it takes to do that, but we have no such intentions in the interim.
“We have not sat down as a party to discuss about that nor has anyone raised such an issue.

“These are simply statements coming from people who fear that because they no longer have any say (in Parliament) changes might be made to the new Constitution.”

Zanu-PF surpassed the two-thirds majority threshold of 180 seats in the National Assembly by clinching 197 of the 270 seats, leaving MDC-T with 70, MDC two, with the remaining seat held by independent legislator for Mudzi South Mr Jonathan Samukange, who failed to land the Zanu-PF ticket but has since professed to be de jure independent but de facto Zanu-PF.

In the Upper House of 80 members, Zanu-PF accounts for 37 seats, MDC-T 21 and MDC one, with chiefs coming in with 18 members and people with disabilities being represented by two special interest senators.

This effectively means the revolutionary party can amend the new Constitution if need be. Cde Chinamasa said Zanu-PF was a “very methodical” party and would not just rush to make changes to the supreme law without a valid reason.

He said any changes would be done in consultation with the people as they are the owners of the Constitution.
“We are a very methodical political party and we do things for a purpose,” he said.

“We are the party that decides and might only amend the new Constitution if there is a good reason for doing so.
“Remember, this is a Constitution for the people and on every move they have to be consulted. No one should send wrong messages to the people that Zanu-PF is changing the Constitution at the moment.”

There have been concerted efforts by MDC-T and some sections of the media to create alarm and despondency in the country following President Mugabe’s crushing victory in the July 31 harmonised elections.

After the massive defeat, MDC-T and its sympathisers have desperately tried to paint a gloomy outlook of the economy by claiming that the incoming Zanu-PF Government was planning to immediately reintroduce the Zimbabwe dollar.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono dismissed the claims, saying the country would use the multi-currency regime for the “foreseeable future.”

He said when the time comes; the local currency would circulate alongside other existing currencies. The same pro-MDC-T websites and the party’s trolls on social media had also claimed that fuel prices had gone up and that South Africa had reintroduced visa requirements for Zimbabweans wishing to travel to that country.

The reports were quashed by the respective authorities.

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  • Irikidzai

    I think a lot of people would like to see that document unchanged. After the recent referendum where a resounding majority voted in favour of the current constitution it would seem like cheating the people to go back and change that document. After more than a dozen changes already it is time we focus on changing other things that help bring sadza, vegetables & nyama to every home in Zimbabwe.

    • jojo

      Lucky if vegetables and sadza come to the table!! Nyama?? That would be stretching it to far!!!


        Kana uri simbe, hakuna vegetables, sadza and nyama on your table. jojo wants to live like an American broiler.

      • Zimbabwe United

        There waffles again an MDC-T troll (an internet user who sends inflammatory or provocative messages designed to elicit negative responses or start a flame-war. )

      • Zimbabwe United

        an internet user who sends inflammatory or provocative messages designed to elicit negative responses or start a flame-war. 

    • ZANPF

      am a die hard Zanu supporter but apa wataura zvine musoro, i hate it when politicians treat us like their people,like they are our Gods.Gadzirisai Zesa yafa iyo not kuswerera zve constitution

  • Abel

    Asi dai zvengochani neminda zvanga zvisingaenderano nemafungiro edu ndizvo zvataitanga kuchinja izvozvo. Maitiro, chinja!!

  • Common Sense

    “We are a very methodical political party and we do things for a purpose,” Yes we know that…. all the previous constitutional amendments and policies have been created to protect a one party state to accumulate wealth at the expense of the majority

    • Zimbabwe United

      What is wrong with a one party state which is the party supported by all sane citizens expect those that are not ashamed that after the land reform took off, the leader of the angry British nation, Tony Blair, announced in the British Houss of Commons that his government was working with Tsvangirai and the MDC to remove President Mugabe from power because of his policy to allocate land to landless black Zimbabweans.

  • Maride

    Comrade Chinamasa is right and fully rally behind his words. Lets put our focus where it is required most. The economy is the currently the baby the requires breast feeding most. I know we may need a lot of policy shuffling to put the economy where it deserves. We depend on you comrades and we are always there to put up our constructive criticism. Those who are bent to destroy through negative criticism, lets leave them alone and continue to build OUR BELOVED ZIMBABWE.

  • Muzambiringa

    Quashed! I like :0)

  • ivor payne2

    The Bill of Rights in the Constitution cannot be changed by the two-thirds majority. There must be a referendum before this part of the constitution can be changed

    • Cde Manesi

      Are you talking of the Bill of Economic Rights IIndigenisation,Empowerment,Development and Employment creation) or the usual useless human rights shit that comes with mass manipulation and eternal poverty propagated by the western sponsored NGOs,churches and puppet political parties like our own MDCs?People rejected those imperialist dictated forms of rights.Zimbabwean well understand that indigenous Zimbabweans’ economic rights come well before the so called human rights.

  • Chrisblackusa

    The mdc is worried because they know if it won 2/3 of Parliament the mdc would’ve changed the constitution quicker then a model changes at a fashion show…give the rhodie land rights,, probably change harare name back to Salisbury because it sounds better when your holding hands..

  • Omugabe

    The Zim Patriots MUST USE their power to fix the Zim Constitution once and for all.

    The Constitution should make it abundantly clear, for instance, that homosexuality is a BIRTH/BEHAVIORAL DEFECT!
    It should ALWAYS be illegal to publicly condone, support & promote homosexual behavior IN ANY WAY!
    This means that no group can be formed to promote specific aims of so-called homosexuality; because that would be like forming another criminal enterprise to support and promote rape, robbery, etc, etc.

    It is never the Africans, Chinese, Indians, etc who have been seeking to colonize the planet with the homosexual deviance.

    This abnormal & unnatural behavior is being promoted ONLY by the european people, who have no deep sense of what’s right and wrong behavior for humans.
    Africans who would copy the european filth, are lost and are badly in need of ‘saving’.


    If the MDC-T had won, the land issue and same sex marriages and activities would have been visited already. The constitution would have been tempered with two days after the announcement, but God the Almighty has his own ways of directing all affairs. All issues will be visited at the most appropriate time of demand and people will be consulted.


    Hey why do politicians think that they own us? They have no right to change the constitution without consulting the public.Whats in the constitution is what people voted for at the referendum, so who are you to change it. I actually hate politicians

  • taona

    why should anyone doesn’t have a say in the parliament when he/she is an MP?

  • John

    I believe the constitution will need cleaning or further clarifying in areas that need to. Currently my fellow statesmen ve MDC are interpreting the issue of mayors otherwise. If this issue was that very clear, we would not be having misinterpretation. What bogs my mind is that there is an inclusion of the name “Mwonzora” as part of MDC lawyers that represent the party in matters of law. Is this Mwonzora not the one who was part to the writing of the current consititution? If he is, ah, is he failing to interpret what he contributed to or what he wrote? If he is really then it brings me to one point that was put forward by Mr Mahoso that the MDC’s contribution on constitution making was only for the purposes of regime change and nothing else, but had possibly intended to change the constitution as soon as they ascend to power. That observation may have been very correct looking at the current circumstances, ie he never put mind to the document as the agenda was something else and not the constitution. Hameno!

  • civil servant

    uchida usingadi ope party state yejongwe takaidzosa nevote. mdc hakuchina!