Why I ditched Tsvangirai: Wife

Happier times . . . Tsvangirai pictured with Elizabeth Macheka at their wedding last year.

Happier times . . . Tsvangirai pictured with Elizabeth Macheka at their wedding last year.

Takunda Maodza Assistant News Editor
Ms Elizabeth Macheka yesterday finally spoke on her rocky marriage to former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, saying their separation has nothing to do with the MDC-T leader’s loss to Zanu-PF in last year’s harmonised elections, or his material well-being.
Ms Macheka, in an exclusive talk with The Herald, said their problems were sparked by “sensitive personal issues” that only the two of them could resolve without interference from relatives, friends or party officials.

The nature of the problem, a medical one, has been disclosed to this paper. She said like anyone else, it had always been her dream “to be happily married in poverty and in the midst of plenty”.

While Ms Macheka kept a tight lid on the nature of the “sensitive personal issues” affecting their relationship, The Herald is reliably informed that Mr Tsvangirai wanted to marry his late wife Susan Mhundwa’s younger sister, Leah, and officially communicated this to Ms Macheka and his family.

Mr Tsvangirai, the sources say, strongly believed marrying from the Mhundwa family would resolve the “sensitive personal issues” he is facing.

This did not go down well with Elizabeth, leading to a mutual separation a month ago.
Yesterday, Mr Tsvangirai denied he planned to marry his late wife’s younger sister.

It is understood that Mr Tsvangirai has tried to resolve his sensitive personal problem by consulting Prophet T. B. Joshua, meeting little to no success on that front.

Ms Macheka said she was against Mr Tsvangirai’s visits to T. B. Joshua as a Catholic.
“A lot has been said and written about how I am to blame in the current situation between myself and Mr Tsvangirai. It is not my intention kufukura hapwa, kubvisa matenga akafukidza dzimba or awaken sleeping dogs.

“Let it be known that it is every woman’s dream to be happily married in poverty and even in the midst of plenty,” she said.
“He knows the genesis of the problem, what steps he has been trying in vain to address the situation, including visits to TB Joshua and others. The paralysis between us has nothing to do with the outcome of the July 31, 2013 elections, MDC-T, any other political entity, foreign hand or material worth.

“The matter is both personal and circumstantial and only him and not even relatives, friends or party comrades can solve.”
She said Mr Tsvangirai must not play the victim in the deterioration of their relationship.

“Crying the victim or casting aspersions on anyone, including myself, is not only a self-serving sympathy-seeking gimmick but intellectually, factually and morally dishonest stance to take as close friends from both sides of the families and relatives know.

“I shall not be drawn into a public discussion of my marital life since it is a private matter and private matters are best solved privately,” Ms Macheka added.

Sources close to the goings on allege that although the couple loved each other, the relationship had never been smooth sailing.
Family members, including a young brother of Mr Tsvangirai (name supplied), would reportedly spy on Ms Macheka on behalf of the MDC-T leader.

They were allegedly paid up to US$6 000 each to do this, and to justify the money they got, they lied to the former Prime Minister that Ms Macheka was a Zanu-PF spy.

Ms Macheka is the daughter of strong Zanu-PF cadre Cde Joseph Macheka.
It is alleged Mr Tsvangira’s younger brother constantly fed the former PM false stories about Ms Macheka’s infidelity.
This was one factor that destabilised the marriage.

“He would pay his party security aides to spy and track on Elizabeth, paying them as much as US$6 000. The party spies would also cook stories. When Elizabeth discovered this, she confronted Mr Tsvangirai who did not deny it,” one source said.

Yesterday, Mr Tsvangirai said he would handle these matters with his wife.
“We will sit down and discuss them as two mature adults,” he said.

He also denied plans to marry Ms Leah Mhundwa.
Mr Tsvangirai said although Ms Leah Mhundwa was “given” to him by her family as part of a Shona cultural practice (chimutsa mapfihwa) following his wife’s death in a car accident in 2009, he never intended to formally marry her.

Sources maintain Mr Tsvangirai often visited Ms Leah Mhundwa behind Ms Macheka’s back, further destabilising his marriage when the alleged trysts became known.

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  • Mrs Mukanya

    mmmm Elizabeth, apa wazonyatsovhura hapwa manje Now tave kuda kunyatsoziva kuti that medical problem ina Tsvangirai ndeipi? Besides, Inga wakapika mhiko pamberi pevanhu vese uchiti “in sickness and in health”. Ngatisadaroyi vanhu, somehow feeling a bit sorry for Tsvangirai coz chikoro hacho change chagara chiri chishoma…..

    • chitota

      excellent observation.

    • rukudzo

      Precisely. She cannot say handichada murume because of a medical condition. Even if Murume akati ndave kuroora umwe mukadzi, that should not be grounds for divorce Kwete. I feel sorry for Morgan even though I differ with his politics.

    • Jotham

      Whom are you sympathising with?. Apa munzwa wasvika pafupa chairo.

    • punungwe

      Point of correction. Elizabeth and Tsvangirayi were not married in church so there was no swearing about ‘in sickness and in death’. Musapomere mwana mhosva yaasina.

      Secondly that Mr Tsvangirai has been having sensitive personal problems is not a secret. Several internet news sites covering Zimbabwe openly reported the claims of a female MDC activist living in the UK concerning what could potential be an erectile dysfunction problem.

      If that is the case, then all the talk about spells from the Mhundwa family, visits to TB Joshua, ‘locking’ by discarded ex-girlfriends is just superstitious blubber.

      Mr Tsvangirai needs professional medical assessment and treatment if that is possible. It may also require a change in lifestyle, especially deit and watching his weight. Being overwieght makes it harder for the heart to pump blood throughout the body, including supplying adequate blood to the affected organ to maintain a satisifactory erection.

      May I point out that his nickname ‘Chematama’ points to weight related issues.

    • shaw Golazi

      Zvanzi ne Herald “Ms Macheka is the daughter of strong Zanu-PF cadre Cde Joseph Macheka”
      That in itself tells the wole political story at play. Last year the same herald reported that Elizabeth is sleeping with other men. You cannot glorify the tree & vilify its fruits. What is public knowledge is Joseph Macheka, like all other Zanu politicians is an enemy of the people. His daughter has always been unclean just like his father. Zanu is Zanu even if you polish it the dirty still sticks on. ZANU means dirty in every language.

  • Papajose.

    Mr Tsvangirai makasotwa nemaformer exgirls so moto hapachina. So taurai neakakugadzirai aroyonere. It just needs kuzvininipisa inotambika. Without that maone.

    • rukudzo

      That’s exactly what I was thinking as I was reading the article. Even Viagra cannot work on that one. No he must go and compensate every woman he may have offended. Also Susan may not be happy with the choice so Leah may end up being the right choice since the marriage that Mr Tsvangirayi has to Elizabeth does not prevent polygamy, then I would persuade Eliza to soften up and adopt a win win situation where Mr T marries both Eliza & Leah.

  • Mudimbu

    I disagree with the notion that the “sensitive personal issues” refers to HIV or AIDS because if it were the wife would have used the words “acute and deadly issues”.

    • rukudzo

      No it does not mean that. It means the tools in the bedroom may not be working as expected.

      • Chinhamba

        Rukudzo, do you mean that “goods are not fit for user requirements”, if we are to use commercial nomenclature?

        • rukudzo

          “Motor” ye fridge haisi kushanda. So no cooling takes place to use a metaphor

    • Flower

      She might not know the terms you suggested, I quote (acute and deadly issues)

  • M33

    Think myb Tsvangirai’s Ding Dong aint working myb from wat they believe was done by e late Mrs Susan Tsvangirai dats y they offered him to marry the late Mrs lil sis …..hehehe zvakaoma!

    • rukudzo

      But it could also be psychological you know. Mr T has been through a lot of these things, now it may be creating some dissonance in him which ten affects performance. Pave kutodiwa counseling.

  • chitota

    Married parties are under a reciprocal obligation to maintain marital confidences. Revealing the ex-PM’s erectile dysfunction goes too far.

    • chamunorwa

      Ngaa tsvake vedeliverance vanoziwa kugadzira nyaya idzi varimo vani mu zimbabwe

    • rukudzo

      Agreed. But kana munhu kadzi atsamwa, everything is fair game. I think She feels Mr T is blaming her for collapse of marriage, now she wants to put record straight, but she has done it the wrong way. Remember she also reads all these comments we make and as a human being, some of the comments make encourage her to act the way she did.

  • Zimboy

    No the issue is……. he is IMPOTENT

  • Sixpence Ranjisi

    Tsvangirai I thought he was “dead and buried” soon after the elections in July last year and therefore no longer has any relevance to Zimbabwe’s national issues and interests.why should scribes devote so much energy and precious time to his private affairs.such stories should be relegated to pub gossip as they serve nothing really.instead we should be reading about strategies to improve on services in the country.

    • imwi

      As an ex pm and someone who once wanted or still wants to be the President whatever he does will always attract the media you sucker! And by nature divorce or seperation stories are always newsworthy I know mdc supporters, like their leader, lack good judgement but not to the extent you have displayed here. How does he ever still want to have power and govern this beautiful country of ours when he can’t manage his own private and family life????

    • rukudzo

      ama politicians ngo ma fe vhuke. So one has to make sure there is 10 tones of concrete on the grave. Ki ki ki.

    • Bigboy Musonza

      Uri dofo hanti. Tsvangirayi leads opposition with sitting members of parliament. Where do you live? Hence the interest zvino izvozvi us going to buried manje.

    • chikonobaya

      Thank you Sixpence. We need real news here

  • Bigboy Musonza

    AnaTsvangirayi it was only Jesus Christ the only son of God who performed miracles. Not even his close aides the apostles known as disciples could walk on water or raise the dead. Wakamboita seyi Susan? Hausati wambodii hako munhu mukuru ungaroore sure mukadzi asati adyiwa nemuchenje. Unongofarisa hako chete. Now stop blaming maCIO. Indava kuterera madofo?

    • PasiNenhunzvatunzva

      Kuroora here mumwedzi wambudzi, kuita munhu wekutanga kuita izvozvo muzimbabwe. Haiwawo chakapusa

  • Ini Ndini Onini

    Mr Editor – Please answer me this. Why has Nathaniel Manheru stopped his weekly articles. Has he run out of ink ndimutumire mubvamaropa.

    • Mxhosa Maphalala

      Its because the Information ministry is now under Jona Moyo and is a no nonsense man.

  • case

    When white people organised Graca for Mandela instead of any of the beautiful Xhosa chicks, they knew that such a move will ensure that Mandela will have a tried and tested woman with experience of being a leader’s wife, impartial on SA politics and never cheated on a her dead husband. Now no one among the MDC fools nor their handlers ever thought in that light. A case of fools leading each other astray.

    • Cer

      I thought Tsvangirayi’s handlers are also Whites

    • Tendai Sean Joe

      Stupid thinking. You always think whites do things for blacks, because blacks are incapable of doing it themselves. Did you want Mandela to marry your mother?

    • Lorna Brain

      This is a well publicised medical issue; nothing out of this world and it certainly doesn’t make him less of a man gazetted or not!

  • Dr vic

    I know the problem

  • Peter


  • Guest

    The story says, “The nature of the problem, a medical one, has been disclosed to this paper”. That part of the story is not referenced to Elizabeth Macheka. So who revealed this medical issue?

    • Jairosi

      You asked a good question. That piece of information shows there is a hidden hand pulling the strings. Why did Elizabeth not just say they had personal problems instead of being so specific? She knows fully well that ZanuPF and the state media have been denigrating her husband so why approach the Herald and not other media outlets? Something stinks about the who;e issue; remember the other story published by the Sunday Mail about taped mobile conversation between Liz and an alleged boyfriend?

      • PasiNenhunzvatunzva

        She doesn’t even know she was being specific, akangofanana naChematama kupusa

  • http://www.zimbabwe.com Oneal Patel

    I am not one for speculating, but I find it very strange that Elizabeth will grant an exclusive interview to the Herald to discuss her marital woes knowing fully well that the paper has been spearheading a smear campaign against her husband. She also expresses the need of wanting to maintain the privacy of their relationship but goes on to divulge the circumstances that led to the separation. There could be a hidden hand behind the troubles. It appears as if Tsvangirai has been compromised again. The man might have fallen for the Zanu pf bait and the unfolding of events will bury him politically. If Zanu pf are indeed the brains behind this debacle, I give them ten out of ten for execution. The MDC T need to seriously consider the suitability of Tsvangirai as its head in view of the embrassment and tarnishment of the brand occassioned by him.

    • Tony Blair

      Well, Tsvangirai has now given two exclusive interviews to The Herald on this story. So what you saying son?

    • YOWE78

      REALLY???? very weak observation Tsvangirai has been smeared by the herald for over 10 years and how many times has he gone on to give interviews to them about this story??? You give Zanu Pf too much credit if you think they are a hidden hand in this. Marriage is hard and this is clearly a marital issue which has caught public attention thats all.Why would Elizabeth keep quiet when Morgan is in the paper (The Herald included) talking about her and making it look as if she is the one who has broken their marriage….TIPEIWO ZVIRI NANI PLEASE

  • Lex Mapazho

    Ndofunga tsvangirayi ane song yaTuku ”Hosanna dzandimomotera ” pamusoro peplaylist yake and iri parepeat

    • Dicky


    • YOWE78

      HAHAHA !!!!!! wauraya

  • Twalumba

    Manheru’s absence has coincided with Zwayi’s forced leave. Simple deductive reasoning says Zwayi is Manheru iwe Yonini. Like my bring back Zwayi page on Facebook…. zvaTswangilayi we always knew akula lutho!

    • Abel

      Usanyebe iwe. Manheru stopped writing way before Zvayi was suspended. Besides they have completely different writing styles. Manheru is in Malaysia with the old man, end of.

  • chamunorwa

    Inga tine vanoiita deliverance munyika medu ngavaende vabatsirwe tirege kuramba tichinzwa nyaya idzi.

  • Doctor Love

    Taneta isunenyaya dzegarinya iri Rizi nechidhara chake Chekushata, varambana so what? Handiti Tsvangi is not perfoming well inbed nekukura, iri wo garinya richiri kuda 3 rounds pe night, saka chashamisa chiyi

  • Luke weKwaSeke

    And rumour say Lia Mhundwa is pregnant of same idiot. What circus?

  • Fire

    Tsvangirai should have married Leah.Looks like he married a gold digger who was even cheating on him with a number of former boy friends as reported in the Herald last year.Now she says she is catholic and did not want Tsvangirai to visit T.B. Joshua, she’s sick to the bone.I thought when you are married especially in Zimbabawe, the husband is head of the home and you follow the husband.This is where Tsvangirai made a grave mistake, marrying one of these gonyeti women who cannot find their true position in the home and be content with it.Usually these women who are in the habit of leading their husbands double up as cruel prostitutes as well.And if she is a decent woman why is she resorting to spill beans in the press, why can’t she exhaust all channels available and why doesn’t she want family to intervene.Tsvangirai should just leave her and marry Leah, as long as he picks his women in pubs,the Avenues of Harare and shabeens he will never come right.The sooner he marries Leah, the better.At his age he should surely forget about these so called celebrity prostitutes.

    • Lorna Brain

      Who told you she hasn’t; she will do what she has to do, after all women always get the brunt of society. Tsvangirai sought the consignment of spies on his wife; that is just disgusting!

    • mudanyika

      Ati Leah wacho arikuda ndiani? Kasi muri vekwana leah

  • Mimi

    Every other man can underperform sexually when faced with problems like in the case of Tsvangirai. But spying on one’s wife is as ridiculous as it is crazy. Tsvangi obviously did not trust Elizabeth and rightly so given that Elizabeth wacho kanenge kamufastwo futi. If not why was she going to SA with a former lover behind Tsvangirai’s back. But both parties should not lie to the world. Truth is that funds, politics can also affect a relationship. But Elizabeth should have known all these things before marrying Tsvangirai. Remember what she also did to fellow woman Karimatsenga, aiti zvinoenda nekupi. Tsvangirai will do better to accept taking Leah Mhundwa in this situation and mess because nekuruza kwake, not many women will love him genuinely and worse because he has nothing to offer any woman anymore….

  • kovo

    Bamba TSVANGIRAI makakasika kuita zve madzimai Susan asati adyiwa ne muchenje. Indava dzenyu. I ndomene

  • Chipikiri

    Was this an interview or did they send questions and she sent back written responses? The style appears very formal and for someone who could not say “reiterate” a few months ago, the English is very, very good!

    • gerro

      Exactly its too cramed and certainly that is not the Riz we heard struggling with retrate, retrate aiwaba Mai Ngirazi zvinonzi reiterate

  • Skiff

    Sad,that situation needs a woman who understands you not fortune hunters.

  • Tuksedo

    The man has lost his mojo.

  • mboma

    Tsvangirai cant be having ‘bedroom-fire’ problems coz its said he wanted to marry Leah, so if he cant fire anymore how will marrying Leah help? One wonders how in the first place tsvangirai settled for Eliza. Vana Eliza ma mercenary.
    The only thing tsvangirai seemed to have gotten right is to realise that Zimbabwe needs change, but his conduct and everything is so so questionable

  • Mwalimu

    At one point Elizabeth was said to be having problems in expressing herself in English. The quotes here attributed to her are extremely verbose. Did she speak in Shona and someone translate or the Herald is inventing stories?

    • mhofu


    • gerro

      I was surprised too

  • jojo chengera

    The nature of the problem has been disclosed to this paper, on the other hand, Ms Macheka kept a tight lid on the nature of the sensitive issues….shuwa Takunda, what are you failing to say? You think I can’t read between the lines? You are simply trying, albeit in abject failure, to spin a yarn. A bed time story at best.

  • Flower

    If the medical problem is HIV ngazvingotaurwa. Ms Leah Mhundwa if for any reason you decide ku mutsa mapfihwa, the first thing you have to do is to negotiate full medical examination coz i think its not right for him to turn to you because there is a medical situation on the map.

  • Mpisi

    This story is meant to divert our attention on real issues affecting the country. This is tabloid rubbish. The govt is printing the Zim dollar as we speak. The Zim dollar is coming with its zeros…..!

  • spraga

    Here is my take: I don’t believe it has anything to do with HIV/Aids. Even TB Joshua cannot cure this. It should be , I suspect, a case of impotence (the failure to be aroused and perform sexually). I suspect Tsvangirai puts this down to failure to marry Ms Mhundwa from his deceased wife’s family. It is therefore the reason it is stated “Tsvangirai strongly believed marrying from the Mhundwa family would resolve the “sensitive personal issues” he is facing.” He thinks it is case of anger or revenge on the part of the Mhundwas. Obviously his wife (Ms Macheka) is having none of it (that he should marry Leah Mhundwa).

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    IF i was the Zanu-pf supporter father of Tsangirai wife i will instruct her to stop that man once and for all.

  • Thumani

    Regai tioone kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe. Zvematongerwo enyika kungotarira, nokuti idi razvo kana manyepo hapana chaiye anoziva, zvagara ndezvekutenderedzana pfungwa.

  • Ndozvandisingade Izvozvo

    “Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.”

  • Moment of Truth

    I am a medical provider, I could get the ex-prime minister some Viagra and Cialis for free, but they might both need to use protection as the wife has been stepping out and the ex-Prime minister is known to step out too. So long story short these 2 are sick people, and Tsvangirayi got screwed, coz pfambi hadziroorwi. I think Locardia is chuckling wherever she is.

  • Willom T

    I am a medical doctor. I am of the opinion that MT might have male nymphomania or hypersexuality. This is, given his several sexual escapades.

    Medically it is known as ” satyriasis”.
    Hypersexuality is extremely frequent or suddenly increased sexual urges or sexual activity. Although hypersexuality can be caused by some medical conditions or medications, in most cases the cause is unknown.
    Mental health problems such as bipolar disorders can give rise to hypersexuality, and alcohol and some drugs can affect social and sexual inhibitions in some people. A number of theoretical models have been used to explain or treat hypersexuality.

  • Mimi

    I remember Elizabeth Macheka rimwe gore refusing that she was an item with the former PM in this very Herald paper.Obviously Elizabeth thought that she was loved much more than all the other women in Tsvangirai’s life and forgot that shiri ine muriro wayo hairegi. Good that the chicken have come home to roost. Elizabeth should not cry foul because she got into this marriage akasvinura sematemba. What did she expect? Lucky thing though is that she was wise enough not to have a child with Tsvangirai, this former PM is a disappointment and as a woman I will urge Elizabeth to put her foot down in this issue. Refuse to be used by this foolish man no matter what he has…. If I was Elizabeth I would make amends with Karimatsenga who suffered hell in the hands of this devil of a man and the Bulawayo girl who was dumped after she had a child with Tsvangirai.

  • Mbanda

    That’s a real puffing space for the over-eating and the day-dreamers. The Herald is making business while you take turns to blame, appreciate, scold and the like. May you please keep it up while you also sort some spies for your loved ones.

  • ubit

    medical condition???? Makandiwa is nearer than TB Josh “those with complex medical conditions GROW first month, GROW second month, GROW third month