Sanctions must go now: AU . . . embargo must go unconditionally, All must respect poll results, Western lobby hits brick wall

Minister Chinamasa

Minister Chinamasa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
THE African Union Peace and Security Council has called for the immediate and unconditional lifting of the West’s illegal economic sanctions against Zimbabwe to foster socio-economic recovery. The 15-member PSC, the only organ mandated to enforce union decisions, spoke in the wake of condescending pronouncements from the Anglo-Saxon alliance that comprises the US, Britain and its dominions — the erstwhile penal colony of Australia and Canada — that they would maintain their sanctions, claiming the July 31 harmonised elections were not free and fair.

These countries — which were barred from observing the elections — have disregarded the opinion of observer teams drawn from the AU, Sadc, Comesa and the ACP countries who all endorsed the harmonised elections as free and fair.

In a statement released at the end of its 392nd meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, yesterday, the PSC said the economic sanctions had brought suffering to the Zimbabwean populace, a direct rebuttal of Western claims that the sanctions were ‘’targeted’’ and/or “smart’’.
“In the case of Zimbabwe, council further called for the immediate and unconditional lifting of all sanctions imposed on the country and stressed that the lifting of the sanctions will contribute to socio-economic recovery for the benefit of the long-suffering population of the country,’’ the PSC said

The Western sanctions are estimated to have cost the economy over US$42 billion in lost revenue with outgoing Finance Minister Tendai Biti saying the embargoes shrunk the economy by a factor of over 40 percent over the past 13 years.

Jobs and livelihoods were destroyed, with pensions and savings wiped out when the Zimbabwe dollar collapsed due to sanctions-induced hyperinflation in 2008 with hundreds of people dying from preventable diseases like cholera as Government’s capacity to provide potable water was curtailed.

Over two million Zimbabweans condemned the sanctions during the National Anti-Sanctions petition campaign held in March 2011, with the AU, Sadc, Comesa, the Non-Aligned Movement, African Caribbean and Pacific countries adding their voices, but the West turned a deaf ear in the same manner it went against these bodies over the harmonised elections that were widely hailed as free, fair and credible.
In a communiqué released at the end of the 33rd Summit of Heads of State and Government in Lilongwe, Malawi, Sadc also called for the lifting of the sanctions regimes that have also been condemned by Comesa, the ACP countries and the Non-Aligned Movement, to mention just a few.

The PSC also congratulated Zimbabweans, the political leadership and institutions for upholding the principles enshrined in the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance.

“Council called on all political stakeholders in these countries (Zimbabwe, Togo and Mali) to respect the outcome of the popular vote and continue to maintain a climate of peace and thus contribute to conflict prevention and management on the continent.’’
President Mugabe and Zanu-PF soundly trounced all opposition in the elections.

Justice and Legal Affairs Minister Patrick Chinamasa, who attended the meeting, commended the PSC for its support for Zimbabwe despite coming under immense pressure from the Anglo-Saxon alliance that wanted the PSC to condemn the harmonised elections.

“The information which was coming out of Addis Ababa is that members of the PSC had come under tremendous pressure not to endorse Zimbabwe’s elections and the fact that they have, they need to be highly commended for standing up to the truth of what they saw during the elections.

“The British and the US have been exerting pressure on anyone they assumed could have a decision on Zimbabwe’s elections. The decision by the PSC showed that African institutions are resisting external interference in their quest to deliver African solutions to African problems,” he said.

Minister Chinamasa said during the meeting he had also raised concern about the continued funding of AU programmes by Western governments.

“During the PSC I made reference to the fact that there is structural weakness in our institutions given that most of our programmes are funded externally. They agreed that this is a point of weakness that needs to be addressed,” he said.

“This is where the notion that he who pays the piper plays the tune and it becomes the justification for seeking to manipulate the assessment of those observers to depart from what they witnessed in Zimbabwe. If Africa is to come of its own it needs to fund its own programmes.”

The only observer group to issue a negative of assessment of the harmonised elections is the Zimbabwe Elections Support Network that received over US$5 million from Western governments to produce a damning report to cast aspersions on Zanu-PF’s long foreseen.
United Nations World Tourism Organisation secretary general Mr Taleb Rifai also hailed the peaceful conduct of the saying it provided a platform for a successful 20th session of the UNWTO general assembly currently underway in Victoria Falls.


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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Zimbabwe is grateful to all progessive pan African countries that are calling for the WEST to free us from the illegal sanctions. MDCT should be ashamed to continue alliance with those forces hell bent on seeing blacks suffer just becoz they kicked out BOERS from agric land , which was and still is a legitimate cause! For Tsvangiruza to continue sleeping with the WEST , hoping get back Bennet to bring back donoirs funds , is an unmitigated folly ! Bennet knows our new constitution entrenched our land reform and the resounding defeat of MDCT sent the last nail in his political coffin. We hope the BUSH -BLAIR CAMPS WILL SOON BE ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS and stop persecuting us for our agric land rights!

    • chifurira

      kikiki dreams!

    • sun

      forget about sanctions they are only about trading with the racialistic west go east ,why keep wanting to trade and do business with people you hate

      • Abel

        Unonyeba iwe. The foreign assets office of the US intercepts money destined for Zim (ZMDC) saka whether we go east or west, they will remain a nuisance. How many transactions were blocked from India? Tinozviziva isu.

    • sekuru55

      Cde, the “blacks” as you refer to them (why not just Zimbabweans?), have suffered not from sanctions from the West, but by the rape of the land (which now stand idle) by Robert Gabriel and his cronies, and the plundering of millions of dollars into foreign bank accounts. The sanctions, at least, prevent them access to the money and travel to London, etc., for expensive shopping trips for Robert and his 40 or so entourage, spending YOUR money, gained, no doubt, from back handers from the Chinese. I mean, you get the Chinese to build roads for you and build schools. Surely, after over 23 years of Independence, you can build your OWN roads and schools! What is the matter with you people? Stand up and be counted for once, and demand change.

      How can you watch the land just rot and accept the fact that you have to import maize and other commodities? At least the white Zimbabweans farmed the land to the maximum potential and earned millions for the country, by exporting beef and tobacco. Not to mention the thousands of jobs that existed for the black Zimbabwean workers. What are they doing now in the New Zimbabwe? Hungry and poor. Now there is nothing and who else can you blame for this after 23 years? Only one person – your President.

      I am sad that a wonderful opportunity was missed when Robert Gabriel became a leader. Why was he so bitter against white people? His sole intention, it appears, was to rid the country of every white person until there was none. I am sure there was a section of the white community who did mistreat their employees and staff. They are long gone. The ones who remained, the ones that could have kept the country on course and remained the breadbasket of Africa, have been kicked in the teeth at every turn. And now, your President turns the screw even further with his plan to have a black Zimbabwean a partner in every business, holding 51%. Do you really think that this will solve anything? It will just drive the last remaining employers of all the fortunate people who are lucky to have a job, out of the country and no more foreign investment. So, more people on the street with no jobs; hardly a recipe for success! Bob does not care about anybody apart from himself, and truly has no thought for his people. If he did, it was so easy for him to share the country with the remaining white Zimbabweans, and build a nation that the world could be proud of. He could have been a “true” hero. Now he is viewed as a tyrant and lunatic. Shame.

  • che guevera

    It is the maintaining of these illegal sanctions that made people vote overwelmingly for zpf…THE WORST DOES NOT THINK!!!!As long as they maintain the sanctions then Tsvancry will never be PRESIDENT,,,NEVER!

    • chifurira

      Hahaha so!!!

    • shon corner

      what are you smoking these days. are you saying if sanctions are removed pple will vote for tsvangirai. in that case zpf should not cry about their removal

    • munhu

      Isnt that what Zanu PF would want? Shouldn’t they ask for sanctions to remain then? Your logic is illogical.

  • denny

    How have they hit a brick wall because if we look at the situation as it is,no one can stop them from continuing imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe as America has already confirmed that they will not lift them.So what is the brick wall in this case.

  • Mwanawevhu

    I am not sure why are we so much worried about the Sanctions imposed on us by the west. It is a fact that thee will never be removed for the simple reason that we didnt invite them to observe our election (of which we have the right to refuse), alos they requested for the elections to be audited and we refused (its our right as well). Now for us to then say sanction must, i think its focusing on something which no one has control over. AU and SADC and are not our friends at all, they seem to side with us but actually they are isolating us from the west. All the other countries are not under sanctions, why,they oblige when asked to by the west and there economies are alive. When they come to Zimbabwe they preach sovereignty so much and we think they are on us, they are not. The truth about this world is that the West rules this world, and its entirely up to us whether to submit to their leadership (which is not fair of course) or we decide to go solo and stop talking about them and their sanctions, will just have to focus on how we are going to make outside their league. but what Zimbabwe must know is that even the Chinese realized that the West are important for their economic growth, they engaged the west but with control and thats the reason why their economy is like what it is today, without the west China was never going to be an economic giant. But the trick is that these so called western powers need to be controlled, lets engage them and make sure that they transfer as much technology as they can to us then we can also be an economic giant.

    • chifurira

      well said

    • Abel

      Tsano you are way lost in the woods. Sanctions are there because we took back our land and we must be used as an example to the rest of Africa (read South Africa) that you cannot take away land and still be prosperous. If it was about what you claim, then ana Saudi Arabia would have been slapped netsvanction rakapenga. Are you that naive? Hanzi not inviting them to observe, bwahahaha.
      You say the West rules this world, so must we accept what they say lying down. And they will continue to dominate us so long we have a defeatist attitude like yours.


        Taura zvako Abel. It is actually the west which benefits more from the Chinese than them. It is very dangerous to say that the west rules this world. The true position is that the West WOULD VERY MUCH WANT to rule this world. It is their wish and not the situation on the ground. Who said technology can only be transferred from the west? When we talk of technology, there are also technological giants like China, Japan, Russia, India etc. It is the colonial mentality which has made us to be subordinate in all respects.

  • mukwerekwere

    There’s plenty of work to be done so all this talk of sanctions is just a waste of time. ZANU PF claimed the people chose them, they accepted, so they should put their heads down and deliver what they promised. We have resources so we should use them to rehabilitate the decaying infrastructure so that our country can prosper. Shame the detrators with your good work for a change, the sanctions excuse is tired.

    • Abel

      Unoda kuti vauye kuzokorobha kumba kwako here kuti ubvume kuti vakatotanga kushanda?

      • mukwerekwere

        That would be a start. Gentlemen, you are only content when you read pro-party comments like it’s the sanctions, the detractors, the neo-colonialists..etc..It wrangles you that we all don’t think like you, shame manhingi


      Iwe mukwerekwere be advised that sanctions are there and real. For any sane person, it is difficult to smoothly implement your programs when you are sanctioned and this is a clear handicap you are aware of. Also get me correct, we saying that even if the West continues with its adamancy, we are going to continue fighting economically because we as Zimbabweans, are not that type of pushovers as can be witnessed by all the recent events. Kana vasingadi kusevenza nesu, hatinyengereri because we will never accept to be a colony again.

      • mukwerekwere

        Think for a change and not just parrot what politicians say….handiti ZANU PF have made their bed? So they must lie on it ka…..they promised all these wonderful things for Zimbabweans so they must deliver…..or are you already making excuses for them?

  • shon corner

    AU ndiyo inobvisa masanctions here. Please educate me

  • Enough Is Enough

    These sanctions have an MDC tag on them regardless of what the MDC says.These sanctions are world staged and were a direct incentive for the MDC from the West should they win the election.Funny how one can pass an exam without sitting for the exam.The West were not even observing and now they call for more punitive sanctions against Zimbabwe.Its not just about zimbabwe anymore – its also about africa as these sanctions have dispersed zimbabweans into neighbouring nations.Africa has spoken the West should keep their noses out of Africa or Africa is going to send a clear message.Slap any member states with sanctions we will slap you with an all Africa sanctions drive against the West.Economic warfare is somehow morden day world economic war its just that we have been fighting this war for some time and we are only coming to terms with it now.Zimbabwe’s story has served to make Africans aware of the greedness and the cruelty of the West.

    • munhu

      Ask yourself why Africa has not done that…there is a difference between populism and realities. The rest of Africa enjoy cordial relations with the West. They will never destroy their economies and prosperity in solidarity with Zimbabwe. Its called encouraging foolishness and laughing behind one’s back. If Zimbabwe is such a role model, which other African country, including morons like Equatorial Guinea, has followed on Zanu PFs tracks? None!

  • No to the East

    Let the sanctions stay, and impose even more please… ZANU-PF need an excuse for more failure

  • hlox

    The African Union Peace and Security Council has called for the immediate and unconditional lifting of the West’s illegal economic sanctions against Zimbabwe to foster socio-economic recovery…..
    if those sanctions where illegal; why is west getting away with it?

    • munhu

      Are we recognizing that we need the West for socioeconomic recovery? So was it not stupid arrogance not to invite them to observe the same elections which has resulted in sanctions being maintained? Whats the point of bravado when the rest of Africa is wise enough to see our stupidity and refuse to follow our path?

  • Rwatida Makuwe

    Sanctions, Sanctions! Sanctions! They are a reality. We have come up with our model for democracy here and we do not want any input from the West! So the West say you cannot have money from us or investment from us if you behave in an undemocratic way. We say who are you to decide for us what is democratic and what is not? We tell them hands off electoral process. They say OK but the they maintain their sanctions! So who is to blame, them, us or you? Why do we want the west to say thumbs up to the electoral process when we refused them entry into Zimbabwe.

  • Ruva

    I thought Mugabe said Tit for Tat , whats this sudden change in policy….. Lets be mature and speak with one voice piriziiiiiii. TIt for Tat , Sanction Obama so he wont set foot in Zimbabwe.


    The West’s stance on our poll outcome and continued sanctions is an international disgrace. Pachivanhu tinoti kushaya ganda kumeso. Our elections were one of the most credible elections in the world. The West and their puppets thought they had the Zimbabwean people in their armpits. They come with same sex marriages and expect the true Zimbabweans to subscribe to that evil. They came with policies which perpertuated colonialism and still expected Zimbabweans to follow them. They continue to make a very serious mistake of taking Zimbabweans as people who think below average and yet the Zimbabweans have proved to be leaders in that respect. We will continue to be very understanding in the near future but if we feel that now is the time to act, we will also make sure that we (Zimbabweans and the West’s kith and kin here in Zimbabwe) share the effects of the sanctions. Kunyengerera vanhu vasingatidi ndiko kunoitawo kuti tidhererwe. “There is structural weakness in our institutions given that most of our programmes are funded externally.” We have to work very hard as patriots to free ourselves from this yoke which the minister has just raised. Under whatever outcome, Zimbabwe will never be a colony again – please understand that position.

  • Mukuru

    Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions… Do you think they can be removed? The government is hiding on sanction or taking an advantage on this word so that they can not fulfill there promises. How come you always talk of it everyday? Rural and urban people, this time again you are fooled and intimidated again and again to vote for the crooks. This is another good five years for the big guys to get fat both physically and their wallets while they are singing sanctions, sanctions…. as an excuse to cover its egoisticness and looting style. Look at the assets of Gono, Chombo, Mpofu… Look at the number of farms of some zanu guys? These so called sanctions are there not to allow the listed zanu guys not to build billionaires houses in the West and have some investments there. In other words even though the sanctions are removed they isn’t much these people can do to improve our lives. To be honest we have billion of dollars coming from Chiandwa and other mining companies but who knows who is pocketing the money. We were suppose to get monthly salaries us the over sixties so that we can enjoy like those we chose to be our representatives in parliament. Before we talk of the Western sanctions, we are being colonized by our own bloody brother.

  • YOWE78

    this is going to be interesting

  • Mukuru

    Ko chii chinombonzi tsvangisoni? Ndiani angatsanangurirawo?

  • wakeupman

    but i thought the west can go to hell? what now, do sanctions stop us looking east and trading with the east? doesnt make sense to me. maybe coz im sober – go to hell and remove sanctions as well, please, wake up man ?!

  • loonex

    What makes the sanctions illegal? THis is just 100% Zanooo and Herald propaganda.

  • Abel

    They are going out of their way to intercept our transactions. whats that got to do with us doing business with them? You are not a very bright coookie are you?

  • Abel

    kana tichikuudzai moramba, ndozvakakudyisai izvozvo zvekungoti propaganda as if there is anything wrong with propaganda. Do you even know what propaganda means?