‘Road Accident Fund in the pipeline’

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
Government plans to introduce a Road Accident Fund aimed at assisting victims of road carnage that continue to claim lives, a Cabinet minister has said.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo said third party insurance was one avenue to compensate road accident victims, but had not helped matters as it was exacerbated by the proliferation of fake insurance policies.

Dr Gumbo said this in the National Assembly while giving a ministerial statement on the recent road accident along the Harare-Bulawayo highway involving a bus and Mercedes-Benz sprinter that claimed 31 lives and was declared a national disaster.

He said third party insurance was being administered privately by insurance companies hence his ministry could not comment substantively on the actual amount being collected periodically.

In other countries, said Dr Gumbo, third party insurance was administered by Government, but in Zimbabwe’s case, there had been reliance on insurance companies as agents since the colonial era.

“I have already advised Cabinet of my efforts to set up a Road Accident Fund and I will submit the paper to that effect to Cabinet in the next four weeks. Allow me, therefore, at this stage to defer discussions on this proposal which I am consulting relevant stakeholders as I prepare it,” said Dr Gumbo.

He said the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe should, in terms of the law, get 12 percent of every third party insurance policy issued per term for promotion of road safety and not compensation, which he said was the responsibility of insurance companies.

TSCZ collected an average of $224 000 per term or $2,688 million per year.

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  • Ambivalence

    How long is the pipeline? How long will it take to travel down the pipeline? Tired of dry pipelines. Do we need a pipeline at all? Just do the damn thing and forget about manufacturing a pipeline first. You may cut costs that way.

    • Mabaleka

      l agree with you totally. They always talk about pipeline, what about the actual work? we really need a new generation of leaders in this country. The way of doing business for this old folk is too slow and too much red tape…

  • Pidi

    I suppose the minister knows that similar accident funds in South Africa and Botswana are technically insolvent? The key is to cap the levels of compensation under any such fund.

  • sambiri

    Why would government try to set up something they don’t have resources to fund? Is that hard to think a little bit making regulations and laws to enforce car insurance companies to be obliged to foot this than letting the taxpayer fund something they don’t have. Simple setting minimum payment to road and property damage inline with inflation trend. Now that Gumbo should tell his troubled government to consider.

  • yowe

    Nxaaa Road Accident Fund! Who is going to run it? Once it starts you bastards will import 20 Hilux D4Ds and pay each other massive salaries!Please regai siyai zvakadaro kana taita accident tine Nyaradzo hatidi hurumende pedyo! Tinokuzivai hapana chinobuda muri mbavha. Accident iyitike mopanana ma$5,000 allowance to visit the accident scene! Mabva ikoko moyenda kuInyanga for a conference to discuss how much to give the bereaved families! Siyayi regai muri mbavha we do not need you. Iro ziMinister iri hatitori zivi taking advantage of this so he can loot YOWE!!!

  • Rocky Chauke

    we had accident fund Muzenda was the Patron yakaenda kupi makuda kutanga imwe futi. mari yacho inani tinoda kuziva before this other one you want to start. yandiri kutaura started pa Chivaka or Chivake Distater Fund kana muchirikuyeuka vana veZimbabwe