Plan to push First Lady out of Harare

Amai Mugabe

Amai Mugabe

Peter Matambanadzo Senior Reporter
HARARE provincial political commissar Cde Shadreck Mashayamombe approached Mashonaland West politician and Politburo member Cde Patrick Zhuwawo advising him to find “a political home” for the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, saying she had no place in Harare.The revelations came as Harare Province convenes a Provincial Co-ordinating Committee meeting today to, among other things, suspend Youth League chairperson Cde Godfrey Gomwe for reportedly organising youths to attend a meeting that endorsed Amai Mugabe in Mazowe without the blessing of the provincial leadership recently.

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The Women’s League met in Mazowe this month and endorsed Amai Mugabe to be appointed the league’s boss when the party holds its congress in December.
The decision was made official at the Women’s League Conference earlier this month.

Cde Zhuwawo confirmed receiving phone calls from some members in Harare Province imploring him to “accommodate” the First Lady in party structures in Mashonaland West.

“I found it to be highly irregular and very mischievous considering that it is common cause that the First Family has always voted at Mhofu Primary School in Highfield,” Cde Zhuwawo said.

“Because I am a Politburo member, I then chose to engage with a fellow Politburo member (Deputy secretary for Indigenisation and Economic empowerment Cde Tendai Savanhu) who is at the same level with me.” Cde Zhuwawo said the approach by Cde Mashayamombe, was causing unnecessary confusion in the party.

“I told him that the PC was causing unnecessary confusion on an issue that anybody of sober and sound mind should be aware of and requested that Cde Savanhu engages the leadership of Harare Province,” he said. Cde Zhuwawo said he had done so to stop the PC and the province’s “clandestine attempt to push out the First Lady from Harare Province.”

“I indicated that considering that the First Lady has a husband and a family, an attempt to push her out of Harare also implies an attempt to push the President (Mugabe) out of Harare,” Cde Zhuwawo said.

He said he advised Cde Savanhu that the agendas that were being pushed by the Harare provincial leadership could be read “an attempt to push the President and the First Family out of Harare, which is the capital city of the country and relegates VaMugabe to a village yekwaZvimba,” he said.

Cde Zhuwawo added that the Harare Provincial leadership persisted in pushing that agenda even to a point where his wife Cde Beauty Zhuwawo, had to also engage a Cde Bwititi, a candidate of the Women’s League national executive from Harare to also tell her to stop attempting to push the First lady out of Harare.

Cde Beauty Zhuwawo is the Mashonaland West Province Zanu-PF Women’s League treasurer.
“Zvakureva kuti province yeHarare haidi kuti VaMugabe vave vari museat of power,” Cde Zhuwawo said.

Comrades Savanhu and Mashayamombe could not be reached for comment yesterday.
Zanu-PF provincial chairman Ambassador Amos Midzi, yesterday confirmed that a PCC meeting was set for today.

“We have our normal Provincial Coordinating Committee meeting tomorrow (today) and the issues to come up will cover a variety of matters about the province. However, I cannot pre-empt the debate and agenda of the meeting. Honestly, you are asking me to do something which is unfair,” he said.

Sources close to developments, however, said the meeting was convened to deal with elements going against the province’s bid to undermine the First Lady’s ascendancy to the helm of the Women’s League.

Youth League deputy chair for Harare province Cde Takataka was reportedly assaulted at a meeting on Saturday in Mbare allegedly in the presence of Cde Savanhu.
Skirmishes also ensued in Highfield during Zanu-PF Women’s League meeting to reaffirm the League’s support for Amai Mugabe.

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Zvakawoma iZanu PF here iyi? Ko Gammatox akazoti kudini kuna Chris?

    • ChimuZim

      kikiki also want to know. I hate suspense. Reminds me, Herald can you please bring back the ‘I love..I hate column?’

    • leemoyo

      Nothing becoz angaajaira kutaura parally pane mateacher nemaVIDCO chairman who dont know and question his credentials

    • EazyRyderPaper

      It seems hw did not get the support from the usual Top 4 plus Rugare Gumbo….they are afraid of Chris and his machine gun mouth,..anokufumura

  • cde chaurura

    I do not see how the debate on which province the first lady is asigned nor the ascendancy of the first lady have anything to do with unseating the president. Kwanai!

    • Blarara Zonke

      She will be out of town day in day out ku Karoi

      attending village meetings.

    • EazyRyderPaper

      She is a member in Harare province already so why assign her another province???

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    Iii matsotsi awanda kuMbare. Handiti even MDC yakatanga muHarare. Zvononzi President ava i kana hanya. Chokwadi kana vaMugabe va”retire” ticha wonerera kunenge kusisina chakanaka vanhu vatsvuka maziso mazino achitetena jecha. Mukati pacongress muna December kuchabuda chakanaka ikoko. Ini ndikanzi mwana waMabarwe hecho chinzvimbo usevedze muhurumende ini kwete mari yacho yekutenga ma”asprin” kana ma”cafenol” inobvepi iwe munhu uchitemeswa musoro.

    • Jongwe

      “Mazino achitetena jecha”, kkkkkkk. Regai kundityora mbabvu makuseni akadayi kani!

    • Matandamabwe

      KWAAAAAAAAA iwe kwana wanzwa ndatotenga maasprin nemacafenol acho izvozvi nemusoro wandikuwadza nekuseka

  • Observer

    Ko I thought the appointment of “amai” was supposed to be a unifying factor in the party & quell all factionalism? Ko zvazvinenge zviri kutoita exacerbate the situation?

  • Mimi

    Whilst there would be no problem in having Amai Grace be elevated to be the party chairlady the question that comes to mind is whether it is really befitting for a whole 1st Lady to be embroiled in party politics of this level. Imagine having the 1st Lady having to move from province to province during campaigns and all that. Now who remains to take care of the State’s issues. I really do not think that ZANU-PF has thought this whole thing over. It is one thing for the 1st Lady to be accompanying the President of the country but quite another to take this kind of leading role especially given the shenanigans. Let’s wait and see.

    • Zim1

      Do not forget that Sally held that position up to the time of her death

  • Sue

    Hanzi skirmishes. And to mdc it’s violence

  • Dhunanga

    Handiwoni sepane nyaya apa, kwave kuti he-e Mai Mugabe ngava bude mu-Harare he-e chakazodeno hu-hu ibvai apa kutsvaga kusvibisa mazita evamwe! Who is he to say some first family must move out of the capital city? kwanai mazvinzwa?

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Mischief. Finding a home for the first lady since she was not originally in the party structures is obviously a matter that requires discussion. I do not see anything amiss. She could logically be either in Mash West or in Harare. Its unfortunate that Cde Zhuwawo sees it as relegating the First Family to “village politics” But is there anything wrong with the First Lady being with her own people after all “we are simple people you know” Ndiko kuva muroora akanaka!This matter would not have found itself in the Herald if it were not for the mischief of the faction that controls the media.

    • Orgasm Donor

      “Village politics” but that is where the majority of their party votes come from.

  • Jongwe

    Kkkkkkkkk, so people who stay at ” a village yekwaZvimba” are kind of sub………………………., someone complete this for me please, I have run out of adjectives.

  • Skipper

    Lets pray for our beloved nation…….our nation is at crossroads politics has taken root in every fiber of our being. This succession issue will generate into a war. Amai i think this route you have taken is ill advised. As for the factionalism as soon as Bob decides to quit we will witness a new calamity…Lets focus on prayer. This is when i like to do my favorite serenity prayer

  • kutototo

    In a democracy like Zimbabwe, its not a crime not to agree to a particular candidate. The chairman of the party said all posts will be contested the the wife to the esteemed president should go through the election process. No-one is special and honestly we cannot expect everyone to support the candidature of the first lady given she appeared from no-where given that she was not in the party structures and does not even qualify to contest that post if we follow the guidelines given. So who ever is out there to shield the first lady from competition please spare us and prepare for a fight, a long long fight and I promise you it will be a good fight. “Irwa kurwa kwanaka” mahwisiri anoimba achidaro.

  • Wechidiki

    Zanu PF has lost its self it no longer genuinely present the pan African dream rather what we are seeing is greed, self serving BLACK ELITIST individuals who don’t care about the predicament we found our self as a nation where are the 2 million jobs promised.

  • mosquito

    I do not support any political party, but I pray that Zanu-pf finds itself as soon as possible. They are the only remaining real political party mandated with running the government and the country. If they do not find their feet soon, they will drag their party, government, the country; yes you and me into a big dark hole!!!

    • anon

      Aren’t they doing that already; dragging us back into the mire? Why do you have so many voting with their feet if it weren’t for the mess that this party has returned us after that brief reprieve during the GNU period?

  • oolbw

    Herald is now actually at the fore front of brewing factionalism in the ‘revolutionary party’…but anyway, who cares!

  • chief chirumhanzu

    Vanhu veZimbabwe nevedu veZanu Pf united we stand divided we fall if Zanu Pf breaks the country breaks as they are the ruling party has anyone thought of the consequences as it wont be plain sailing.As long as Mai Mugabe is a player in this game not an imposition l think as a Zimbabwean she is free to get in the ring. Imi Chairman veHarare what good have u done recently? U just raise yo head when it comes to petty politics you messed up the youth congress vanhu vakarara nenzara ie youth in yo province what have u to say? I think u r a crap Chairman trying to make a name naAmai Mugabe ndapedza zvangu

  • pride matangi

    zvaiwana ngwarati.

    • solo

      Amai Mugabe lives in harare. I do not see any need for to be pushed out of HARARE.

  • EazyRyderPaper

    The first family have always been party members in Highfields in Harare Province as ordinary members,except the President of course…Now that Grace is nominated for a top post Harare wants her to move to Mash West why? And why Mash West if not that it is the home province of the President? And well knowing that the First family have always been members at the same branch in Harare Is this suggestion by Harare a subtle way of saying the first Family no is longer welcome in Harare???This is why people say there are people plotting against Zim1…If Grace is to be head of women’s league why not from Harare Province? Handiti that gives added punch to the Province? Unless there are things going on in the PCC that they want to keep from Amai and by extension RG…I am beginning to think there is something to the rumour of a planned soft coup against Zim1 at December congress by this ‘gamatox’ faction

  • Zim1

    ehe ndi*******arikuita izvi,mira uone Gushungo havagari kuChina ka,he is coming back

  • toone gumo

    Nekunakidzwazve kuona masvanhikongonya aya kutarisa kwevarambana! It appears that the political marriages are unravelling. So much for harmony within the party.