Mutsvangwa slammed over MDC remarks

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Reporter—
War veterans executives ousted from Zanu-PF are now pressing for regime change under the façade of succession politics in revenge for their expulsion, analysts have said. They said antipathy was now driving war veterans and other expelled former party members to dine with the West. This comes in the wake of remarks by Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairman Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa describing the opposition MDC-T as a loyal opposition.


MDC-T instigated the imposition of illegal Western sanctions on Zimbabwe in a bid to remove Zanu-PF from power.

Analyst Mr Tafadzwa Mugwadi said: “While one understands the frustrations of the war veterans fraternity and Mr Mutsvangwa in particular given how they have been unfairly emasculated from the only party that they have given everything to, it is also crucial to caution that they have very little to gain if any by giving the opposition the benefit of doubt,” said the Tanzanian-based Mr Mugwadi.

He said the MDC was responsible the economic hardships caused by sanctions.

“No matter how much he may be tempted to put lipstick on a frog’s mouth, it can never be a beautiful girl but an even uglier frog,” he said.

“Mr Mutsvangwa with due respect needs to regroup with his ex-combatant troops and go back to the drawing board because a good puppet or imperialist is a dead one. The West by supporting the MDCs has made itself an incredible player as a potential observer of the elections ahead of 2013.

“In this light, the international community must be watchful if the West reject the outcomes as is their norm because they are a contestant although by proxy.”

Another political analyst, Mr Goodwine Mureriwa, said the war veterans were wounded and seeking revenge.

“When you are imbued with principles, you remain stuck to the revolutionary principles and cannot change goal post,” said Mr Mureriwa.

“Aligning yourselves with opposition agenda is tantamount to bhora musango. While you seek to threaten the party leadership, you end up destroying the revolutionary movement. You cannot go to bed with the opposition a creation of the West.”

Mr Mureriwa reminded Mr Mutsvangwa and his allies that there is a thin line between succession politics and Western sponsored regime change agenda.

A Harare- based nationalist and political analyst who elected to remain anonymous on account of protection of his public interest and reputation said: “It is inconceivable to believe that a revered and reputable war veteran like Mutsvangwa would make such utterances in the wake of available evidence that show the opposition political party that he says is loyal to the nation is the one that is contributing to the suffering of the people as a result of illegal sanctions that it advocated for and supported.”

Mr Mutsvangwa, the nationalist said, should reconsider his support for the MDC as against the interest of the nation at large.

“The Zimbabwe citizens will never be any better in a government led by the MDC party considering that it is a political party that seem to be furthering the interest of the colonial masters and imperialists Western countries.”

An American emissary visited Zimbabwe recently with indications the funders of the regime change agenda were roping in disgruntled ZNLWVA members for legitimacy.

Following the American’s visit last week, the war veterans’ leadership intensified their attacks on the President and the First Family declaring publicly during at a press conference on Wednesday that it had no problems working with the opposition in a coalition.

Mr Mutsvangwa said after looking at the matrix of the Zimbabwean political scene today, the traditional enemies of the party were no longer what they were focusing on.

“We may have had differences with the MDC in the past but when they came on board to write the Constitution with us together and they are in Parliament, they are behaving as a loyal opposition to Zimbabwe and most of the time actually are championing the welfare of war veterans. We have no particular misgivings about them.”

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Yes ! Yes! No one in ZANU PF is responsible for our economic nadir. Its the West who imposed sanctions ,which are supported by the MDC AllianceUS party.

    • succuba

      So the west is responsible for the demise of Zimbabwe!!!!…. care to clarify (fakey)?

      • Tachiona Machaka

        The ruling Party ZANU PF is enjoying the support of the majority of the population in this country, the very essence of democracy that led to the Second Chimurenga. The state of the economy is just a passing phase went through even by our own former masters succuba, They created the monster hoping to chain again the people to view the Ian Smith regime as a better option. Sovereignty first, economic prosperity follows our own ingenuity, hence the THIRD CHIMURENGA that has courted the ire of the imperialists abroad and within. The heroes can rest in peace Zimbabwe will never be a colony again as clearly espoused by the Iconic Leader of Zimbabwe, HE Cde RG Mugabe. Gushungo Woye.

        • succuba

          What the heck has your mumbled verbose response got to do with the west being at fault for the “economic nadir” of Zimbabwe?

          While you are here, perhaps you can explain in layman’s terms what the west has to do with the “economic nadir” of Zimbabwe because for sure the (fake) can’t…

        • zimbotry

          What Colony? They do not exist in todays World. And many War Vets are sick and tired of the false promises of ZanuPF

      • zimbotry

        He is a bullying coward. No chance

    • Sims

      Ian Smith survived proper sanctions from UN and a war with you guys. He was a good economic manager Full stop.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Komukazotorerwa minda ne MDCALLIANCEUS party yacho? Musaite madhanha echembere kurota ichiyamwa zamu ramai!

    • zimbotry

      People are seeing the light after 37 years of theft and mismanagement. Wanting a change for the better does mean they should be labeled sellouts. These are the very people who fought for something better that has not been delivered

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        The war vet leaders expressing their democratic views are not the majority of us liberation heroes who are not in fighting with ZANU PF leadership. They are expressing parochial views. Only how people will vote will correctly show how the majority of Zimbabweans feel or support. Anyone can organize the voters by telling them what you can do for them if elected and form government .MDCs lost votes when they only shouted at rallies, “Mugabe must go! “.The people never understood how that translated into their interests. The people elected Cde Mugabe. Period.

        • zimbotry

          You have no idea of the real World so I doubt you know how many disgruntled War Vets there are. I have treated many over the years who are very angry with the Zimbabwe we have today. And many comment on how our leader runs of to Singapore for his Medical care while the hospitals they are forced to use lack basic medicines. That is not what they fought for

  • pidzo

    in my opinion i think mutsvangwa is right.the greatest enemies of the state are those in government that are plundering the scarce resource that we could have put to good use to evade sanctions destroying our economy.those that have forgotten NZIRA DZEMASOJA DZEKUZVIBATA NADZO.Join ZANU PF or MDC to serve the masses then we can safely say nyika yedu ine tolerance not to say MDC are responsible for the sanctions yet some in ZANU PF continue to sing sanctions while living a flamboyant life.

  • Sims

    Did they go to honour Mugabe or they sacrificed their lives for a free Zimbabwe?

  • zimbotry

    You are seriously delusional if you believe that. They are the ones who have failed to control our economy for 37 years. But then a select few have big offshore Bank Accounts, multiple farms and don’t care what happens to the people of Zimbabwe

  • Chirasha-Mukwasha WaMambo

    It is pathetic that party activists at now regularly labelled ‘political analysts’. Their opinions, instead of helping Zanu PF identify it’s shortcomings and solutions thereto, they parrot party propaganda denying the party a chance to self-correct and reform! The reporters and these party activists have become a formidable team hell-bent on denying Zanu PF critical review.

  • Cde Samanyanga Dotito

    Grow food and table it.

  • succuba

    Still no answer then…kikikikiki