Mutsvangwa slammed over MDC remarks

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Christopher Mutsvangwa

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Reporter—
War veterans executives ousted from Zanu-PF are now pressing for regime change under the façade of succession politics in revenge for their expulsion, analysts have said. They said antipathy was now driving war veterans and other expelled former party members to dine with the West. This comes in the wake of remarks by Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairman Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa describing the opposition MDC-T as a loyal opposition.


MDC-T instigated the imposition of illegal Western sanctions on Zimbabwe in a bid to remove Zanu-PF from power.

Analyst Mr Tafadzwa Mugwadi said: “While one understands the frustrations of the war veterans fraternity and Mr Mutsvangwa in particular given how they have been unfairly emasculated from the only party that they have given everything to, it is also crucial to caution that they have very little to gain if any by giving the opposition the benefit of doubt,” said the Tanzanian-based Mr Mugwadi.

He said the MDC was responsible the economic hardships caused by sanctions.

“No matter how much he may be tempted to put lipstick on a frog’s mouth, it can never be a beautiful girl but an even uglier frog,” he said.

“Mr Mutsvangwa with due respect needs to regroup with his ex-combatant troops and go back to the drawing board because a good puppet or imperialist is a dead one. The West by supporting the MDCs has made itself an incredible player as a potential observer of the elections ahead of 2013.

“In this light, the international community must be watchful if the West reject the outcomes as is their norm because they are a contestant although by proxy.”

Another political analyst, Mr Goodwine Mureriwa, said the war veterans were wounded and seeking revenge.

“When you are imbued with principles, you remain stuck to the revolutionary principles and cannot change goal post,” said Mr Mureriwa.

“Aligning yourselves with opposition agenda is tantamount to bhora musango. While you seek to threaten the party leadership, you end up destroying the revolutionary movement. You cannot go to bed with the opposition a creation of the West.”

Mr Mureriwa reminded Mr Mutsvangwa and his allies that there is a thin line between succession politics and Western sponsored regime change agenda.

A Harare- based nationalist and political analyst who elected to remain anonymous on account of protection of his public interest and reputation said: “It is inconceivable to believe that a revered and reputable war veteran like Mutsvangwa would make such utterances in the wake of available evidence that show the opposition political party that he says is loyal to the nation is the one that is contributing to the suffering of the people as a result of illegal sanctions that it advocated for and supported.”

Mr Mutsvangwa, the nationalist said, should reconsider his support for the MDC as against the interest of the nation at large.

“The Zimbabwe citizens will never be any better in a government led by the MDC party considering that it is a political party that seem to be furthering the interest of the colonial masters and imperialists Western countries.”

An American emissary visited Zimbabwe recently with indications the funders of the regime change agenda were roping in disgruntled ZNLWVA members for legitimacy.

Following the American’s visit last week, the war veterans’ leadership intensified their attacks on the President and the First Family declaring publicly during at a press conference on Wednesday that it had no problems working with the opposition in a coalition.

Mr Mutsvangwa said after looking at the matrix of the Zimbabwean political scene today, the traditional enemies of the party were no longer what they were focusing on.

“We may have had differences with the MDC in the past but when they came on board to write the Constitution with us together and they are in Parliament, they are behaving as a loyal opposition to Zimbabwe and most of the time actually are championing the welfare of war veterans. We have no particular misgivings about them.”

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  • Mugabeism

    Mr Mutsvangwa has dishonoured his liberation war credentials.

    Let this be a lesson to all ZANU-PF cadres – support your President and his personally chosen successor or you will slowly starve in the wilderness that is outside the revolutionary party.

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    Naro bhora musango Chris. Mugabe anofunga kuti takapusa. Those still in his side are the New sellouts.

  • kachasu

    No Zanu pf is responsible for the economic malaise we are in. These guys have no clue whatsoever on what to do.

  • succuba

    @Fidelis Munyoro… Chief Reporter

    Are you open for debate on this forum and willing to defend your article?

    I have a number of issues that need to be clarified!!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The majority of us war vets understand the linkage between our land reform and economic sanctions imposed by the West . The majority of war vets complain about the suffering because sanctions. That is the real understanding not your propaganda . The economic suffering did not start when few war vets were expelled from ZANU PF . Ask those misleading you , why they did not say what they are saying now before their expulsion from ZANU PF.

    • Gandanga

      You are an idiot.

    • succuba

      How have you personally suffered because of “sanctions” (fakey)?

    • zimbotry

      You totally do not understand what these people are thinking how much they have been betrayed. Bury your head in the sand if you want to but that does not make the truth go away

  • Grace Jones

    Chris impeachment chiwororo. naro Bhora

  • SR-71 Blackbird

    Those who believe the West fashions their foreign policy at the behest of the MDC need their heads examined.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    You may try to mislead the misinformed but that wont work. The war vets have strong roots in running the affairs of the Revolutionary Party ZANU PF. They are the fish and the povo are the masses of water where they live. You may get lost by your assertion that you can isolate war vets from the Party they so dearly fought for. Constructive dissent is welcome in any democracy, stay guided accordingly.

    • zvihutazvashe

      So if i read your contribution correctly, war vets fought for Zanu Pf and not the country? Just wanted clarity on that. If that is the case then it would make sense for Zanu pf to feel aggrieved when war vets make pronouncements that seem to align with opposition views. They feel that as a party they own the war vets which is the reason for this patriarchal attitude towards them. However, in an ideal world, wars a prosecuted in the defence of one’s country not a certain political party. That is patriotism. Patriotism is not one’s love for a certain political party or ideology. It is about one’ s love for their country…and the last time i checked, Zanu pf is not a country and it certainly does not have the support of all Zimbabweans.

  • Gombe

    Mutsvanga is right, any man antagonised like he was will behave like that. The only person who is mattering in the country right now is Grace. Anyone else Havana NASA. Zanu pf needs to go back kuchirangano chekutanga. Iyezvino yakuita kunge private company were you have to swear allegiance to mortal beings. If Tsvangirai takes the farms who does he give them to? That’s a bygone.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    You are now singing the real objective of sanctions but Zimbabweans for real know that and will shun all machinations intent on spoiling our sovereignty.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    What else can I expect from my fellow expert in insults. The closed shops in bilateral financial banks, seem to be further than your nose for you to see their effects.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    You seem fame hungry succuba

  • Tachiona Machaka

    You need proper education, not the trash you got.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    Well said, pito, let him hear.