Moyo recruited to destroy Zanu-PF: Mutsvangwa

Cde Mutsvangwa

Cde Mutsvangwa

Munyaradzi Musiiwa Midlands Correspondent—
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association chairman Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa has challenged Professor Jonathan Moyo to contest his claims that he was Ndabaningi Sithole’s illegitimate child, who was seeking revenge for his father who was rejected by the revolutionary party after forging an alliance with the Smith regime at the height of the war of liberation.

Cde Mutsvangwa said he also had empirical evidence that Prof Moyo was recruited by western imperialists who were pushing the regime change in Zimbabwe. He said Prof Moyo was assigned by these people to dislodge Zanu-PF with his “petty parochial ideologies” that reside in him.

He said Prof Moyo was a traitor just like his ‘father’ claiming that the former Zanu Ndonga leader had facilitated his mentorship in politics by Cde David Thodhlana (Todhlaana) so that he could be attested into the army and become a commander.

Cde Mutsvangwa called for Prof Moyo’s expulsion from Zanu-PF because he had become irrelevant and lacked discipline.
“There are people in the party who have no history and are opportunists who hate the President, the party and the security establishment. Manje mirai muone. Tinoda kupedzerana. Professor Jonathan Moyo thinks he is unique and his professorship is special, as if there are no other professors in this country who are more brilliant than him.

“He was sent to Tanzania by Sithole after being promised the commandership. This is well documented,” he said.
Said Cde Mutsvangwa: “There are only two people who fled Mgagao, a mentally challenged person and him. This means their thinking was alike.

Jonathan was given a scholarship to go and learn in the United States of America. On his way, he stole radios from his stepmother Vesta Sithole.
“He is friends with Robert Rodberg, who was a strong critic of President Mugabe who was brought to Harvard School of Governance from Ford Foundation to recruit black people to support imperialists. Jonathan Moyo has always been anti-Government, anti-Zanu-PF and does not like President Mugabe.

“This is evident through his writings in the pink paper. Ane daka rake redzinza. He wants to take revenge for Ndabaningi Sithole. Ndakamuti kana uchiramba enda unoita DNA test. He has a petty parochial agenda residing in him. He wants to reinstate his father’s kingdom. Prof Moyo is inherently and impulsively destructive. He has no place in Zanu-PF. His role is finished.”

Cde Mutsvangwa also launched a scathing attack on Zanu-PF national commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere whom he said had no history in the party and that his parents connived with white settlers to ill treat fellow Zimbabweans.

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  • SimonPetere

    Ha ha ha ha …recruited by who nhai iwe comrade. If that was not picked up all along then there is foolishness in Zanu from top to bottom. ..In other words JM is wiser than all Zanu pF combined . It’s simply not true and you know it. Don’t put others in harms way Mutsvangwa …you are too big headed and that will surely catch up with you. JM is indeed wise and you are saying it

    • Dr Sithole

      You are spot on man. What Mutsvangwa has basically done is to expose his appointing authority, the President himself and all the foot soldiers in the party for lapsiness and lack of credibility. Given how shrewd and grand political master President RG is taunted to be, how could he have missed this. The truth of the matter is, the President himself realised what an asset Prof Jonathan Moyo is to the party…no wonder he re-appointed him into the party’s highest organs despite the differences earlier. Simply put, Mutsvangwa is trying too hard and honestly needs a psychiatrist. If he doesnt and adjudged sane enough, then the President should ask him some serious questions nekuti ndivo vakaisa Prof Moyo pachidanho chavanacho muZanuPF and government. Following Mutsvangwa’s logic that when Prof Moyo attacked Charamba, he was also attacking the President…this is no different, by attacking and questioning Prof Moyo’s role in ZanuPF and government, Mutsvangwa is questioning President Mugabe. There you have it Chris and all your sympathisers. Hate him or like him, Prof Moyo is indeed a master strategist and earned his Professorship in political science for that.

      • pendingpsychologist

        At least you are one of the people in Zim including Judas Iscariot, that are NOW realising that Psychology is important as a field of study and practice. Psychology covers both medical and ‘non-medical’ or lab based findings(diagnosis) and solutions or treatment(prognosis). I hope one day you may be an ambassador in teaching the younger generation that political sciences is no better than social science or applied human science. Kana munhu we Ethics chaiye ought to be respected as much as munhu asina kufunda pachikero chamungapa chedzidzo. RESPECT

      • SimonPetere

        You just nailed it. Mutsvangwa is a * that must be termed

    • Judas Iscariot

      Cde Mutsvangwa,you were appointed by the president to represent your fellow war veterans. You said most of them, are destitute and living in poverty. So how does the prof, proving that he is not Sithole’s son,improve the lives of your fellow veterans? Obviously your family,is being well taken care of,and you can afford to waste time, on such petty issues. I’m beginning to believe the prof,that you might need psychological evaluation. Please take your medicine.

    • Observer gonzo

      100% RECRUITED TO DESTROY THE PARTY BY WHO? Moyo was at one time hand picked by none other – for a ministerial post despite loosing elections! We were told he lost elections because he was busy with the larger party election strategy and all in Zanu PF have credited Prof for being the spin Dr behind their survival. I dont like Prof Moyo at all, at all, but this Mutsvangwa guy needs some serious help. The degree of abuse of state media is much more sickeing than with prof Moyo and his musical jingles.

      • Nas

        I agree with you except pama jingle apo…..

    • Nonoe

      True that Petere

    • mpengo

      Well you can’t really be too hard on Mutsvangwa. He also needs a chance to position himself for succession.

      If he can eliminate competition by dragging names in Mud or casting doubt, he is free to do so. It is the dirty game of politics played by all.

      He’s ambitious grasping at any chances to give him better standing than his rivals.

      That is their game.

      • 5Star General

        Spot on Mpengo, everyone needs to position themselves!!

      • SimonPetere

        My problem is we have cunning and greed people in these positions. ..I wish all the effort was put on trying to improve the economic and welfare conditions currently leaving pple like destitutes in Zim

    • tsuro

      Jm is wise??? To who?? Your mother???

  • Brian

    And how is all this history helping the the masses,not even one job is created by this silly talk

    • mpengo

      The so-called masses and their jobs are not important, dont you know?

    • Keith Rufaro

      And what job is yo comment creating?

  • sibonile

    Hehehehehehe pakaipaaaa

  • sambiri

    Hahahaha true that Saviour has no war credentials and as for Moyo , he once said he will never forgive zanu in his hay days in South Africa. Well said Mutsvangwa.

    • Judas Iscariot

      So are you saying the president who appointed them as cabinet ministers has poor judgement? Maybe the president realized, the positives outweighs the negative. You need a few intelligent individuals,in ZANU PF and Moyo happens to be one of them.

      • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

        Appointing Moyo to a public office is not a good judgement. That person is a valuable strategist who should work in the background (back office) well away from the frontline – and for good measure with a muzzle on his mouth.

      • James Bond

        It was a bad idea! Moyo is a snake in the house and must be treated as such. As for Tyson, well we all remember when he was CIO in Mutare and his forays into the Tamandayi area kwaitora *! I hope they end up in jail…

        • Freedom Fighter

          He was not employed as a operative. He was a driver in the organisation.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Normally lead stories from Herald are lead stories in the chronicle. Not any of lead stories about Moyo being under fire make it into Chronicle these days. Don’t forget Mududuzi is a bummie for Moyo.

    • speaklow pakaipa

      Meaning what exactly?That the Chronicle should write silly stories like this one in the Herald?Freedom Fighter my black behind.

      • James Bond

        Meaning Mdu owes his job and huge salary to Jonathan, dummie!

  • Londisizwe

    Kikikikiki! With all State controlled media doors shut in his face, can’t wait for Moyo to beg for an interview in the Daily News as a follow-up from the Standard.

    • James Bond

      Zvaiwana ngwarati! They say: karma is**!

  • Analyst

    Prof JM was recruited into ZANU PF by “The only centre of power” HE Cde RG MUGABE!! He was even fired at some point and re-admitted again by The President!!! So what are saying Mr Mutsvangwa??

  • MweniTafara

    1) A child does not choose to be legitimate and 2) To be mentally challenged is not a issue to ridicule unless Mutsvangwa is another one.

  • Mafirakureva

    On point Chris Very clear JM is a “plant “

  • L. Makombe

    If Moyo was recruited by the westerners to destroy ZANU(PF), and the President goes ahead and appoints him into his government, is the President being used by the westerners to destroy ZANU(PF). In short this is what Mutsvangwa is saying. I wonder why Mutsvangwa is so vocal considering that his wife was chucked out of the Manicaland executive. My own view is that Mutsvangwa is the one bent on destroying ZANU(PF).

  • omahn

    But I think cde Mutsvangwa is behaving like a child. Why not take all the dossier you have and present it to the president who then can decide. Remember you are all appointees and by washing this dirty linen in public you are guilty of undermining the appointing authority. behave wisely cde.

  • Simweena Bantu

    Mutsvangwa has gone nuts

  • Tafadzwa

    haiwa. This guy is noisy and boring, so JM has changed from being Sithole’s nephew to illegitimate child in 3 days. And all this history manga musingaizivi here pamairega JM achinyora your campaign manifestwhich is now the national economic blueprint ZIMASSET. Did you Chris not know this history when JM told ZANU PFtounleash terror on the masses if it was to survive backin 2008.Truth is zanu cant survive without JM and youare stupid to advocate that hebe expelled. The man is a great political mind that will always be in demand from zanu,Mugabe knows that and that is the sole reason hewas taken back after his misdemenors of 2004. Imi vana Chris kungotaura without any real substance and everytime you openyour mouth you remove every doubt we have about your being empty-headed. Jonah acharamba achiita zvaanoda mu zanu kusvika yaparara, imi mungatodzingwa iye achisara just to prove his brilliance.

  • Diva Dollar

    I don’t like Jonathan…neither do i like Chris…infact Chris is somewhat going nuts…i f he has a problem with jonathan he should report him to the President.

    • Flint Madziya


  • samas

    I think Mtsvangwa has lost the plot somehow.His head is not in the right place.When the heat was under his feet,he went quiet.Now he feels a bit cooler he is barking mad.What he is doing as well castigating other members of the party using the herald or zbc is equally wrong.Those are not part of the social structures.He said that Moyo was Sitholes nephew,then changed to son next it will be daughter,now Kasukiweres parents were sellouts.Lets hear what they were tomorrow

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    SUDDENLY – Tsvangirai and Joice are no longer “The News”. “The News” in Zimbabwe has always been people or institutions that ZANU PF wanted “destroyed”. Now that “The News” is ZANU PF itself it means the party is no longer shooting at its enemies on the outside but is directing the bombardment at positions within its own territory. Interesting

  • Blackwave

    Zvinonyadzisa kana varume vakuru vavakutaura nhando nekutukana pachena. And only a few days ago mr editor went on about not getting involved in this tiff but we have two stories on the issue…is this wht u call ‘ not getting involved mr editor? Or maybe u really do not want to get involved but your handler, Charamba, wont have it? Which shows that u do not control your newsroom or what gets published. You have already shown the side that you support in this matter, so i suggest you stop wasting our time trying to appear fair and with the interests of the nation at heart. If at all you cared about our interests, then you would stop publishing this trash which should be reserved for tabloid columns. You would investigate many instances of corruption by top government officials. You would follow up on issues that were exposed at different parastals like airzim and psmas? What happened to the parirenyatwa issue or chombo’s shaddy dealings at town house in Harare? What is government doing to create the 2 million or so jobs promised under zimasset? Whats happening with the various multi billion dollar projects that were concluded by the government last year and when will we see any real benefits from them? These and more are the real stories that we yearn to read about. Our country is in economic turmoil and yet the national publication decides to allocate space for some overpaid and unproductive ministers to have a go at each other? Where is the national interest there? If i were the minister for information, heads would roll at Herald. Why are we constantly being bombarded with this trash on a daily basis mr editor? I hope you will publish my comment this time around…

    • Observer gonzo

      Haiwaho! Editorial team is there to position adverts, and sport only. Headlines are for their handlers..even the cartoon is off bounds to editorial team.

  • Fred Muchena

    verbal diarrhea !!!

  • Nonoe

    Is this paper meant for shona readers only? What happened to the translation of venecular?

  • Givemore Chivandaidze

    now the Herald have become a nuisance in fostering perssonal rift between these two gentlemen.Herald is now the mouth piece with one sided stories.If i was the president i would rather rubbish the whole issue.State media should be discipled in articulating such sensitive issues that promotes more division in the ruling party.So it now Moyo with social media attacking Mutsvangwa and then Mutsvangwa with his Cmdes attacking the two Moyo and KASUKUWERE using the state media mainly Herald.So to me both parties are no good and their personal vendatta have nothing to do with NATIONAL HUNGER,reeling economy vesus Zim asset promises.Bepa nhau ngaritaure stats on how many inneed of food aid,progress on the farms iterms of food security which is the critical point.KANA vachida i would advise the prsident to expell vese not kusiya vanhu vanotipedzera nguva kutaura zvemamhuza nyika yose kuverenga zvohupwere….they are apoointed to work for the nation not zvekunyombana.

    • Department 6

      the state media is being dictated what to write…i would not call it state media rather Party media as in ZPF party media/

  • Wenharo

    this Zimbabwean politix is bull

  • Shoko Ndirori

    Methinks the party has been infiltrated by Martians, aliens from outer space (with superior intelligence, telepathy…..) Kikikikikikiikikikikikikiki. I have always wondered what happened to the people of the once great civilization of the Munhumutapa Great Zimbabwe. Now I know! History has a funny way of repeating itself, painfully when no lessons are learnt!

    • Chidhumo

      Jonathan Moyo is very stupid. He thinks that he can fool everybody in our party. History will judge him. COMRADE Mutsvangwa is 100% right. Jonathan should be expelled from our party.

  • grace

    Sounds like Soul Jah Love versus Seh Calaz. Total crap. tsvagai zvekuita both of you

  • MadzibabaJoshua

    First it was the `Gushungo Dairy Bombers` then Tomana,now its Jonathan Moyo,and next its Tyson Kasukuwere…..aaah things are now becoming clearer and the jigsaw pieces are now falling into place.

    • Kusvikazvanaka

      Ummm…we do not expect vana baba vakuru kuropota zvisina mature. nhai ndirikuresva kunzwa here>? Saka Mutsvangwa arikuti President vakaunza JM kuzouraya Zanu pf??? Someone please explain?

    • Nyamasvisva

      It was political banter when we were told that Joice visited n’angas and wanted to kill the President. It still is political banter all these stories about underwear , radios , son of Sithole, Chris real name being Tagarira et al. It is bantering too that war vets want to bar Moyo and Tyson is mobilizing thugs. Equally laughable is the now dead stories of VP office break ins and bullets in offices stories. The only credible story is the attempted bombing of Gushungo farms by four members of a little unknown party . Attempts by the big -wigged Tomana to free suspects has claimed his standing. I mean its the only story worth reporting on and attracting readers interest for that one definitely will have an interesting conclusion only second to Tsvangson’s treason case a few years back! If anyone wants to tell us who was girlfriend/boyfriend with who in the camps we are not interested!!!!!!

  • James Bond

    Moyo is getting his just deserts! He has caused untold suffering and upheaval in many a journalist’s household since his ascendancy to Cabinet in 2000. Wakatanda vanhu mabasa vasina mhosva achida kuunza ma runners ake. He is a charlatan and ngaende!!

  • Department 6

    so who is crazier of the two, the one recruited to destroy ZPF or ZPF which employes some1 they know kuti will destroy them
    kupa bere kuti zvifudze mbudzi/

  • spiralx

    This lot disappear up their own backsides more and more as the weeks and months go by, don’t they.

  • ian

    It is increasingly becoming clear that having failed dismally to deliver on their election promises and with only one year left before the next elections, those in Government are now using this tactic to try and divert the people’s attention from real issues on the ground. They have tried looking east, without success. They have also tried looking west, north, south and also towards the heavens, to no avail. Perhaps there is now need to look for solutions from deep beneath the ground,at the centre of the earth maybe! Kkkkk. The idea from these guys is to try to keep people busy with these sorts of drama, but what they do not know is that only primary school going children can be deceived in this manner! Who in their right senses will believe the crap coming out of Mutsvanga’s mouth? If Jonso is a sell out, why has he been made to be part of government all these years? Some of the stuff being said is really foolish e.g. that Jonso stole some radios when he was going away to the States!!! This I suspect is retaliation for what Jonso himself is reported to have said-that Chris stole some female underwear at the camps! Very hilarious indeed. What is unfortunate however is that this comedy is being played by people who are supposed to be taking this country forward. There is serious shortage of drugs and medicines all over, there is widespread unemployment with industry having closed down, etc, etc. Corruption is rampant with almost all state run enterprises having been run into the ground. Land that was re-distributed remains largely idle. Rather than tackling these, the leaders have decided to engage in these shenanigans. What makes me sad is that through all this, the gullible suffering masses have remained and will continue to be as docile as ever!!! Last time, it was the Jukwa chronicles-vakangwara havana nhamo.

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Nyaya dzeZANU dzakora muto gwazvino ukavona poritikisi dzoita ruvengo segwebarika zvirinani ndizvigarire kuMberengwa ndichizvirimira . Tinoda poritikisi dzinobuditsa vana vevhu nkubva muhuruva imwi mokandirana makano

  • Lunga

    Who really cares????

  • Ngwekazi

    The President should just fire all the Cabinet and start afresh. Please Herald, don’t take sides. Itsvina zvese. We do not expect such from people who are learned. Vokundwa na Chinos sure. Chii chavarikurwira? They are taking advantage of our 92 year old President. Manje the two even in their 60s will never think like our President at 92. Shame on them. And if I was Jonah I would keep quite taking into consideration he is still mourning his beloved daughter. Tshiyana lakho Jonathan. I feel pity for Kasukuwere atukirwa vabereki vake.

  • Ngwekazi


    President should just fire all the Cabinet and start afresh. Please Herald,
    don’t take sides. Itsvina zvese. We do not expect such from people who are
    learned. Vokundwa na Chinos sure. Chii chavarikurwira? They are taking
    advantage of our 92 year old President. Manje the two even in their 60s will
    never think like our President at 92. Shame on them. And if I was Jonah I would
    keep quite taking into consideration he is still mourning his beloved daughter.
    Tshiyana lakho Jonathan. I feel pity for Kasukuwere atukirwa vabereki vake.

  • Fred Muchena

    Mutsvangwa is having unfettered access to state media.

  • OkaS’lwane

    Kwaaaaaaa kwaaaaaaaaa kwaaaaaaaaa! 2 points, I feel not even the slightest iota of sympathy for Jonathan. He’s my mp who won the Tsholotsho by-election on false promises of fighting for delivery of basic services on the ticket of the same Zanu pf that has long forgotten about us. He’s not even responding to my emails on the dire water situation in Tsholotsho coz usadla le eHarare!!! We told you Zanu pf is using you as a political condom, see now. To Mutsvangwa your piece in fact serves to shore up Jonathan’s long held observation that “the president is surrounded by dead wood”

  • Zakaman

    Kutakurana. IT SEEMED LIKE CHRIS WAS ALMOST OFFLOADED A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO. NOW THE HEAT IS ON JONA AND ZIBENZI IRI KASHUKUVIRI. These are real fire bombs. Pound for pound. Hameno Jona naKashukuviri pavanyura vakadzoka. Kana Grace unotsva nguvo akapindira apa. Kashukuviri iweeee!!! Wezhira huyauone.

  • diaspora

    All these are doctored responses to give Jonathan some ill-deserved mileage.

  • SimonPetere

    To Zanu