LATEST: Zim faces locust invasion

Runyararo Muzavazi Herald Reporter
Zimbabwe faces a new threat from an invasion of red locusts that attack maize and wheat amid fears the insects could greatly reduce this year’s yields.

The country is expecting a bumper harvest following heavy rains after an El-Niño induced drought last season.

Red locusts are aggressive, large and destructive pests that multiply rapidly and form swarms which invade farmlands feeding on vegetation especially leaves.

Presenting a paper at a Southern and Eastern African Regional Technical Conference on emerging high impact trans-boundary crop pests and animal diseases, International Red Locust Control Organisation for Central and Southern Africa director Mr Moses Okhoba said due to favourable ecological conditions red locusts multiply rapidly to form huge swarms which devour crops.

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  • ivhukuvanhu chete, chete

    Murombo haarovi chinenguwo vakomana…. The red locust are a real menace especially to maize which is about tussling. Anyway, large hectares are already maturing. Thanks God for the good rains.

    • aah bo

      Menace no – makore endongwe akawanda and people still harvested.

      Just me saying saying those plagues were not just a little tale in a book. I postulate hat the confluence of these factors – persistent droughts, followed by floods when it did rain, army worm outbreak, locusts and who knows whatever else is on the horizon – is because we wronged too many.

      Tiri kurohwa ngeshamhu. This nation is cursed and suffers for its leadership’s wickedness and of course its incompetence.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The government currently has limited resources to fight such pestilences efficiently, let alone all side effects of “good rains“. God giveth and taketh with away with another hand! “Good rains“ will be accompanied by leaching in farming fields, worsening of our poor roads, destruction and flooding of some homes,over flowing and breaking of some dam walls and a increase in insects. But we should sing that good rains are better than bad drought! Learning does not end and we need to acquire and learn more skills in management of climate and environment until Jesus “comes back.“. The government , we elect, is lead and administered by people from our society. Their ability to play their role is informed by society and interactions with other countries. We need social skills on how to manage socio-economic problems, instead of just spreading our hands like nest chicks to receive from an impecunious government !

    • yowe

      We are a sovereign country and we do not need the West!!!

    • succuba

      Sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees, instead of accepting that the government has limited resources, why don’t you question why the government has limited resources?

  • Madara

    google it.

  • Fred Moyo

    ZANU finally smiling after great disappointment following food rains we are receiving. Prospects of good harvests are a serious blow to the party, which thrives on food handouts to win votes as 2018 elections beckons.

  • Fred Moyo

    you are a professor of what?

  • Fred Moyo

    we can elements like this who breath, eat and roam amongst us

  • succuba

    Two days without reply… says it all really…… this person is a fraud and liar.