LATEST: Zim faces locust invasion

Runyararo Muzavazi Herald Reporter
Zimbabwe faces a new threat from an invasion of red locusts that attack maize and wheat amid fears the insects could greatly reduce this year’s yields.

The country is expecting a bumper harvest following heavy rains after an El-Niño induced drought last season.

Red locusts are aggressive, large and destructive pests that multiply rapidly and form swarms which invade farmlands feeding on vegetation especially leaves.

Presenting a paper at a Southern and Eastern African Regional Technical Conference on emerging high impact trans-boundary crop pests and animal diseases, International Red Locust Control Organisation for Central and Southern Africa director Mr Moses Okhoba said due to favourable ecological conditions red locusts multiply rapidly to form huge swarms which devour crops.

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  • Gandadema

    Can we hear what the plan of the government is in dealing with this situation. Are there chemicals our farmers should buy. Or we will just sit back and make this looming disaster news.

  • yowe

    Aaaah zvegore rino zvakundityisa from army worm, flooding, tropical cyclone now hwiza here varume…. something is not right

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Why are you advising the Editor to bar me just because I have different views from yours. Shut up if you cant debate. My position remains that its not only government that should defend our farms from locusts and other pests. As farmers we must also think and take measures to manage and protect our activities. Majaira kuda kuisa myopic politics dzenyu dze MDC stooges poses pose. You remind me of a debate that took place in Kenyan parliament some years back when MPs were criticizing their government for not providing more funds for school children. Their Finance Minister retorted that “ The government does not have testicles!“ He meant ,to advise the parents that its them who bear children and they must meet part of the cost. The government can not print more bond notes to finance solutions for all our problems. Iwe Chati bweke chinja mafungiro! Usasaririre kufunga semuswe!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Social skills includes our understanding of politics and how we perceive the role of government. Social development includes developing our political, economic,religious and other views in a society.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I have lectured you MDCT stooges of the West about the negative effects of sanctions on our economy in my many postings on this forum.. You are just incorrigible! Its the sanctions bedeviling our economy that make it difficult for our economy to provide jobs and taxes for government resources. Government does not create resources by just printing money. Period!

    • succuba

      So while I have your attention can you please tell me which sanction caused the demise of Zimbabwe?

      Which sanction is “bedeviling our economy?
      Which Sanction is the cause of “[non] provision [of] jobs and taxes for government resources?

      I am calling you a liar and fraud… do you refute this (fakey)?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Yours is a convoluted posting.

    • Madara

      so you think this government has the peoples best interest at heart?

  • succuba

    He is a (fake) professor of propaganda.

    Real professors relish and encourage debate… fake ones hate debate and refuse to respond when challenged, they just scurry away down the nearest sewer.

    It’s easy to see which one he is…