LATEST: One killed, four injured in Karoi town accident

Accident 3by Walter Nyamukondiwa in KAROI

A woman died in Karoi town while four others, including her son, were seriously injured after a motorist evading spikes thrown by municipal police officers lost control of his car and encroached on to a pavement where the victims were vending on Tuesday evening.

accident 1Chaotic scenes immediately followed as onlookers bayed for the blood of the Karoi Town council officers, who, fearing for their lives, had sought refuge in a nearby vehicle. The raging mob started stoning the vehicle before setting it on fire.

accident 2

Zimbabwe Republic Police details had to fire three shots into the air and later used tear-smoke to disperse the mob. The injured were admitted to Karoi district hospital.

Angry residents called for action against the Karoi Town council and its partner Clyna Trading, which has been contracted to manage traffic in this small town of Mashonaland West.

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  • mandevu

    this country is becoming a police state where its citizens are being increasingly bullied. it is time to stop this

  • Ray Mbada

    Shame! R.I.P. mother of people. But! For how long are we going to mourn relatives and friends while our Lawmakers are watching like they are no longer in their senses? Do these Ministers remember at any one point how they got to be in those offices? Should we turn to America or Britain for interference? China or Russia for help? What is it that make them so numb when people are losing lives everyday? These spikes are more dangerous than guns especially when in the hands of hungry and corrupt forces who are more interested in money than human life. They armed insane people to destroy innocent lives! How many drivers of these vehicles have died as a result of their careless spike-mishandling? And if there are no drivers listed about, who is our target in this dirty game? Just careless thinking by fools mandated to do a good job but chose to use the wrong tools.

  • melon

    very sad, this is but a small town why copy some of these methods from a big town like Harare. Spikes are very bad. In smaller towns there is totally no need of all this.

  • Mwari pindirai

    Clyna Trading also contracted in Chitungwiza and its believed to be owned by leo mugabe and his brother zhuwawo, vanhu vofira hukama kanzuru inotadza nei kuita yega.

  • Tambai Mese Mujairane

    This is what happens when there are no leaders.