Govt bans councils’ ‘costly’ workshops

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Government banned local authorities from holding workshops and conferences outside their jurisdiction with immediate effect.

The ban is meant to contain travel and accommodation related expenses gobbling thousands of dollars at the expense of service delivery.

In a circular titled: “Financial Prudence” forwarded to all local authorities, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said most local authorities were being extravagant on seminars while service delivery was deteriorating.

Minister Kasukuwere said no out of pocket allowances should be awarded for events held within council areas. “The 2016 Budget Cycle has revealed that almost all local authorities have unacceptable levels of creditors and that service delivery is not being given the full attention that it is due,” he said. “There appears to be a growing abuse of council funds to indirectly enrich councillors and staff.

“In order to protect public funds and instil a sense of propriety within the institution, I hereby direct, in terms of Section 313 of the Urban Council’s Act, that no council may undertake any “look and learn” visit, or any workshop or conference outside their area of jurisdiction without the written consent of the permanent secretary.”

Minister Kasukuwere’s directive comes after some councillors and officials were fingered in shady deals, prejudicing council and residents. Officials at City of Harare are accused of siphoning about $200 000 from Harare Municipality Medical Aid Society.

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  • Thomas

    Rubbish central has a conference going somewhere every week .Give us a break fake Tyson.

  • yowe

    Pamberi nekuparadza!!!

  • Biggie Taapatsi


  • chematombo

    Thank you Minister, please also cut number of treasurer’s forums /Finance directors forums to two per year ,because the forums are no longer meaningful due the abuse by the directors of finance in local authorities, they have created sub committees only to siphon council finances through unapproved accommodation which range from $120 to $150 per night and out of pockets of $80 to 100 per night and unapproved lunches and dinners of $25 to $40 ,this means that an officer would be claiming above $300 per day unapproved claims in areas were hotels are plenty and cheaper than the unapproved claims. So, Minister do something urgently, you can remove the unapproved component and force them to book in hotels with approved bills. In this way they will cut the number of workshops because it will not be profitable for them. Also, urban councils association appears to be involved in arranging endless workshops the benefits which are not visible at all.. Do something there minister.