Give us farms: Youths

Cde Chipanga

Cde Chipanga

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
THE ruling zanu-pf party’s youth wing has urged Government to repossess farms that still remain in the hands of a few commercial white farmers and allocate it to landless youths.

Addressing hundreds of youths gathered for the Midlands inter-district meeting in Gweru on Wednesday, the national Youth League chairperson, Cde Kudzai Chipanga said the current generation of youths was too young to benefit from the land reform programme when it started.

“We therefore urge Government, through its relevant ministry, to take over farms that remain in the hands of a minority whites. We know such farms are there and as youths, we say we also need a fair share of our land,” said Cde Chipanga.

He said there were many farms lying idle in the country that Government did not repossess under the land reform programme which could benefit many youths if acquired.

“We know there are some farms that Government did not repossess because they served a critical sector like dairy farms. We have no problem with such farms, but there are those that still lie idle with the owners still holding on to them because they have connections with chefs. As youths we say no, let’s get those farms reallocated so that the majority can benefit.

“These are some of the grievances that we have tabled before the President and he is seized with the matter,” he told the cheering crowd.

Chipanga said the Youth League was engaged in various empowerment projects to empower youths with the land issue topping the agenda.

He said as future leaders, youths should also participate in decision-making and should also be accorded chance to seat in parastatal boards.

“We are tired of reading in the newspapers that retired general so and so has been appointed in this or that board.

“We also want to be in those boards and participate in decision making it good for the development of our country. We are privileged to have a President like Cde Mugabe who listens to our grievances,” he said.

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  • Mark

    Go out there and see how much land is lying idle and bare with absolute no activities happening on the land, this land is all land belonging to the black elite which was given land and have done nothing to produce for this nation.
    This is the first land which has to be taken away by Government and should be given to youths who are willing to go on the land and become proud farmers.
    The whites you are talking about most of them which I have seen are leasing land from the big indigenous land owners which never intended to go and to do professional / commercial farming and these whites are all producing in abundance all their land is green and full of activity and they all have hundreds of farmworkers, I have some farms ( in Chinhoyi) which have even schools for their labourers.
    So stop this bull ####propaganda and if you want land go and take the land back from every person who was given productive farms fully equipped and now has left nothing but destruction behind. All these cell phone farmers have to lose this land to hungry youths or to anybody else no matter what colour or nationality as long and=s they can add to the GDP of this country.

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    If this Chipanga is a real champion of the people, what stops him from confronting his boss on this fundamental issue? Mugabe boys live large while he does dirty work kk !! Apropos, do you know why Ndabaningi Sithole was diposed as Zanu boss? It is because he HAD to attend to his sick child abroad. Mugabe is one of the people who incited young comrades into rejecting Sithole, citing lack of comittment.
    So to you Chipangs: Where is your locus standi? If you are not a mere looter like many others of your kind, what are you? Take the devil by the horns, and not white people!

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    The whole thing is so much messed up to the extend that your good suggestion can work ONLY after a sincere land audit.

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    Hetalks as if Zanu=land.

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    They don’t get it partly because Mugabe never got it right.

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    Chipanga’s reasoning is dovoid of any economic logic. Its all about possession, possession