Fire Prof Moyo: War vets

Prof Moyo

Prof Moyo

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo must be dismissed from Zanu-PF and Government for his unbecoming behaviour, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) said yesterday.

ZNLWVA urged President Mugabe to take action against Prof Moyo. Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, ZNLWVA chairman Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa said Prof Moyo had “run amok by shredding every rule book in the country” when he attacked the characters of a Vice President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) and Cabinet ministers.

“We cannot have that kind of traitor because of his background, maverick because of his behaviour, an anti-Government programme minister because he denounces Command Agriculture even when the President tries to caution him, he still defies the President,” he said.

“We cannot continue to have such kind of men in the midst of Zimbabwe’s body politic. We are saying to the President enough is enough. Jonathan Moyo is literally in a brawl. He behaves like a mad dog in a manger.”

Mr Mutsvangwa

Mr Mutsvangwa

Mr Mutsvangwa said Prof Moyo was obsessed with succession. “He is angry that this revival of the economy is creating a closing window where the agenda for economic abortion will not succeed.

“The only thing that Jonathan and his group talks about is succession, but everybody else in the country is concerned about the degradation of the economy.”

Prof Moyo has been attacking Command Agriculture on social media dismissing it as “VP Mnangagwa’s Ugly-Culture”. “We are saying enough is enough, particularly when he starts scolding our generals,” he said. “This is an army which we value so much. Every Zimbabwean family lost someone to make the Zimbabwean army be what it is today.

Rtd Col Dube

Rtd Col Dube

“He denounces Chiwenga who went to war as a young man, probably at 14 years and rose to become the top general in all the battles of that war.”

General Chiwenga

General Chiwenga

Mr Mutsvangwa dismissed claims that the ZNLWVA was organising demonstrations against Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees Minister Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube

He said those organising the demonstrations were errant job seekers with a dirty history.

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  • Jonah15

    Not true, if you support every stupid policy in the west you pay at the ballot box. Diversity of opinions is what makes them better governed countries than straight jacket govt like North Korea, Zimbabwe etc. Donald Trump gets crtitisied by the Republics all the time, so is Angela Merkel and Zumba. Humans are not meant to agree on everything that is why we had debates in school, they helped us to explore same issues from a different point of view thus making everyone more informed.

    • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

      I have no business with Zanu squabbles but my taking is that Moyo is refusing to be “whipped” into party line, party regalia and sloganeering ahead of an election, full stop. My friends, this is an act of insubordination or dereliction which attracts disciplinary action forthwith. Every other position doesn’t hold. This is no longer internal democracy or competition of ideas but simply a “sour-grapes” scenario where Moyo thinks Mnangagwa is getting more credit from a project started by her G40 royal highness and that, at the expence of their G40 project.
      Mnangagwa is using command argriculture to show how impressive Zanu can be while Jonso is using the same to tarnish names. Zvimwe hazvidi njere dzakawanda kani kkk.

  • Grace Jones

    Did Jona not sign the official secrets act?

    • yowe

      That does not apply in this case.Parliament discussions are for public record.The nation deserves to know the facts of the command programme

  • xyz

    I have just realised that he is now Mr Mutsvangwa. Surely how can you be that vindictive as to take his ‘comrade’ title just because he was dismissed from party and govt? At least Moyo will hang on to his Prof title if dismissed.

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Chris, Chris, Chris…you are not a saint yourself. Wait! Were you not fired from government yourself? What is better, the black pot or the black kettle? Same fanana! Mese naJona makangofanana. Munotaurisa. However, I think Jona is better because sometimes he comes out in the open and does not just sing praises for the sake of it. He is not like you who seems to be guided by a primitive mentality yekuti mambo haatadze! What do you want from Chiwenga! ‘…he went to war…probably at 14…’ Was he a child soldier? Please don’t further demean whats left of this liberation war hero and the war itself. Cant you just keep quiet…! Are you trying to make a come back? Its coldka outside zpf? Ana mukoma Kiri makange majaira kudya zvevapfupi nekureba! In fact given your recent history, you must also be fired from ZNLWVA and any other organisation which may give you a platform to broadcast your toxic praises and vitriol. Mugabe, Chiwenga, zpf and Zimbabwe should be wary of the likes of you who talk and claim to ‘know’ too much.

  • Garwe

    But it’s ok for the army general to attack a sitting member of parliament and Cabinet minister and label him enemy of the state?

  • Good Reason

    Away with your tribal antics Chris. Zimbabwe is dead because of yes men like you. Let Moyo question things for the nation. Who said war veterans are more equal than others. Stop braying like a donkey baba.

  • patrioot

    THE last to do is tell the president to fire someone.he does the opposite.tell him to keep him if you want him fired

    • Gamba ReManyika

      Also thought the same. After 37 years in power it’s too late Cde Chris to advise Gushungo how to run his government. You are also wrong to proffer such advice especially if you were not consulted at stage of appointment. Jonso akatsika gidi. A Zimbabwean ghetto proverb goes like: Kakutu kumedza mabonzo (kuvadyira bhonzo) kanotemba exhaust pipe (kuzasi).” Translated this means: The puppy that swallows bones believes in the capacity of its **.

  • Tsotso

    I have been following your readers’ comments with keen interest about this command thing. Looks like you (Herald) are losing the plot. Try and plot the results in an exploded view pie chart and see for yourself what I am seeing. The lizard is unlikely going out for sunshine after all. Dzvinyu kuzambira zuva kuona mwenaaa……………………………

  • Ray Mbada

    -His father was a Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) activist and community leader. Moyo’s mother had strong ties with the late Ndabaningi Sithole, who at the time was ZANU’s president. It was through these links that Jonathan Moyo ended up being in Zambia and later Tanzania, between 1973 and 1977.[1]

    -Moyo has claimed that his father who died in 1983 was a victim of the 1980s Gukurahundi Massacres.

    -THERE was an outpouring of sympathy for Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo’s family over the heinous murder of his father Melusi Job Mlevu during the Gukurahundi era in the 1980s.

    -But asked if he still maintained Moyo was Sithole’s child, Mutsvangwa retorted: “Please that is neither here nor there on this matter. He is still the son till he goes for a DNA test. Whichever way, he will still be an adopted son because all his life revolves around Sithole.”

    This therefore means, he is a controversial man, either side, whether he was fathered by Sithole or Melusi, both were not loyalists to the present government hence the boy is wild and may not be termed unless it’s for a day.

  • eliah

    Sorry Comrades ,he can’t be fired. No reasons for that full STOP.

  • yowe

    Why not provide numerical facts of how much was used in the Commànd program, the average yield per $1000 invested.The number of people who received funds the amount recovered from these people.Actions being taken to recover outstanding amounts etc…The fact that you keep saying command is a success and cannot provide numerical figures shows that this programme is not a success. There seems to have been excessive wastage and a lack of efficiency ….Jonso is right in what he is saying….example a family man intends to build a house that will cost 80,000 he ends up using 320,000 to build that same house after taking on massive debt.Should his family be happy that the house has been built when in fact the family is now left with massive debt that must be repaid some how and if the father had been honeat they could have built 4 houses?? Ndonyanya iripa Command, mari yakashandiswa is not commensurate with the harvests…We used too much and this shows that the natiom incurred a loss on the programme. Musangofarira kuti makohwa think in terms of actual return on investment…

    • mdawini mkhosi

      @Yowe, you dont seem to have the hard facts about this Command Agricuture. If there was a wastage, give us the facts: how much was invested and what the returns are. You may have a point but in the absence of real facts, you are not saying anything.

  • yowe

    He is not fighting it…he is stating that there was wastage..If you intend to build a house and the surveyors tell you it will cost 80,000 and you use 320,000 to build that house do to theft and corruption …should your family be happy that imba yavakwa when you could have actually built 4 houses???That is the issue here the money used in this programme is way too much for the harvests realised.Hapana chekufarira because in essence the nation has been robbed of a lot of money and the people in charge for Command should account…That is what Jonso is saying .People need to think and listen something is wrong paCommand apa and those in charge should explain

  • Jokonia

    I think what Jonathan is doing is right cz he is unearthing the corruption which is happening hiding behind command agriculture.

  • Tarubva Chibva

    Chiwenga dropped out of school to become a CHILD SOLDIER? This guy is still fixated at Standard 3 level and has never moved.

  • Tarubva Chibva


  • Tarubva Chibva

    Can’t be said any better

  • Tambai Mese Mujairane

    Firing the party Chief election strategist in the election year, just because he has done what he has always been known to do?No leader would fire the chief strategist close to a critical engagement. Mutsvangwa realises he is a small fish and is so being used by Lacoste, does he now forget his demands they made last year, for each war vet to get $500 000 each etc?

    Lacosts, your tricks are all too clear, makaruza kare, Jongwe richakukurudza haro, Jongwe rimwechete ndiro baba Mugabe,

  • Sampenyula

    I like the discussion, guys where there is smoke there is fire, I really hate this gov but this time I want Jonathan to spew the beans

  • mdawini mkhosi

    @tsotso. Taura zvaunoziva. Who stole US$15 billion from who? This CIC you quote, when did they expose the theft? And what have they done about it?

  • mdawini mkhosi

    Jonathan Moyo’s public criticism of Command Agriculture does not make sense. He is part of the Cabinet that endorsed the programme, and he is a participant. If he doesnt like his Government’s policies why not resign. So, in this instance, Mutsvangwa is right.

    • Chunga

      Jonso is not criticising command agriculture but he is highlighting the need for transparency, accountability, checks and balances, performance evaluation mechanisms around use of state funds to fund this programme. He is criticising the opaqueness that surround otherwise this noble initiative. He is also criticising the way the programme, which was by the way initiated by the First Lady, is now being touted to be a success under the leadership of Ngwena thereby touting him as an able and capable leader ahead of anyone else. The funding by Sakunda did not go to Tender showing that corporate governance issues were not followed to allow for competitive bidding.

  • Mhofu Chaiyo

    It clearly shows how silly Chris Mutsvangwa is. It explains why he was fired by the President – he cant read the water temperature well. He clearly gives Prof Jonathan Moyo the ammunition to continue on his path blocking VP Mnangagwa’s ambitions. Prof Moyo is equally doing what he is doing with the President’s approval, otherwise he would have long been fired like Chris Mutsvangwa. Furthermore, who is Chris to tell the President what to do? By the way, Prof Jonathan Moyo is not a member of the Army, so he doesnt need to respect Gen Chiwenga. Gen Chiwenga dragged himself in an unnecessary battle that he will emerge very battered and bruised – image wise, because the President is not going to do anything to Prof Jonathan Moyo!

  • nelson moyo

    why are you bothered by what happens in the west Jones Musara – i thought we were now looking to the east for guidance in all we do and say ?