Fire Prof Moyo: War vets

Prof Moyo

Prof Moyo

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Correspondent
Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo must be dismissed from Zanu-PF and Government for his unbecoming behaviour, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) said yesterday.

ZNLWVA urged President Mugabe to take action against Prof Moyo. Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, ZNLWVA chairman Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa said Prof Moyo had “run amok by shredding every rule book in the country” when he attacked the characters of a Vice President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) and Cabinet ministers.

“We cannot have that kind of traitor because of his background, maverick because of his behaviour, an anti-Government programme minister because he denounces Command Agriculture even when the President tries to caution him, he still defies the President,” he said.

“We cannot continue to have such kind of men in the midst of Zimbabwe’s body politic. We are saying to the President enough is enough. Jonathan Moyo is literally in a brawl. He behaves like a mad dog in a manger.”

Mr Mutsvangwa

Mr Mutsvangwa

Mr Mutsvangwa said Prof Moyo was obsessed with succession. “He is angry that this revival of the economy is creating a closing window where the agenda for economic abortion will not succeed.

“The only thing that Jonathan and his group talks about is succession, but everybody else in the country is concerned about the degradation of the economy.”

Prof Moyo has been attacking Command Agriculture on social media dismissing it as “VP Mnangagwa’s Ugly-Culture”. “We are saying enough is enough, particularly when he starts scolding our generals,” he said. “This is an army which we value so much. Every Zimbabwean family lost someone to make the Zimbabwean army be what it is today.

Rtd Col Dube

Rtd Col Dube

“He denounces Chiwenga who went to war as a young man, probably at 14 years and rose to become the top general in all the battles of that war.”

General Chiwenga

General Chiwenga

Mr Mutsvangwa dismissed claims that the ZNLWVA was organising demonstrations against Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees Minister Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube

He said those organising the demonstrations were errant job seekers with a dirty history.

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  • Chamunorwa

    Surely, proper governance at any levels requires different voices to be heard. Moyo’s criticism of command agriculture is quite sensible. The army should not lead agricultural production. It should focus its attention on defending the nation.

    • Jones Musara

      He can not criticie Gvnt projects publicly as a Cabinet member. He must resign first. Thats the procedure even in the West.

      Regarding the Army, read Section 212 of the new Consttn which empowers the army to be involved in agric production to protect Zim from hunger

      • succuba

        Exactly where in Section 212 does it say the army is empowered to be involved in agriculture?

  • Ray Mbada

    What’s tribal about Jonathan Moyo? You are worst tribalist because you pick it from the surname to think he is Ndebele and many of you have made that mistake for long.

  • Ray Mbada

    They should criticise it at its initiation because they are part of the originating team. It’s unfortunate every comment is based on some hidden agenda otherwise the truth is that as a member of parliament he should not fight the same from outside,

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      true. jonathan moyo has an agenda. he has not hidden his intentions. He is not special, not at all! It will catch up with him one day. He can not abuse the whole government like this. He is an MP, why is he not raising all this through Parly? He sits in the cabinet, why not resign from there? Kutsvaga kurohwa ozoti ndarohwa..rega akadaro. personally i am expecting not less that $100 000 from Command Agric, and somebody goes on to disrupt that when he is feasting on our tax money.

      • charlie gee

        jonathan moyo has an agenda i agree but i think he is also raising valid points that must be properly investigated. if indeed there are ppl who have corruptly benefited from command ugly culture as he puts it they must be exposed. critisism is health in any democracy. is Chiwenga allowed to make political statements according to our constitution.

      • Zvobgo

        after putting in 320 000 you expect 100 000?
        skuru inodiwa shuwa
        and the prof has it!

  • Tsotso

    Are you saying the act allows theft to be swept under the carpet? In that case the CIC must go to prison for exposing the US$15 billion theft. Taurai zvamunoziva pliz

  • Dennis mudzingwa

    “There is nothing wrong with diverse views. We do not have to sing from the same hymn book. We are not clones of each other. We think differently, but we come from the same ideological orientation.” Chris Mutsvangwa 2 months ago…

  • Cravennd

    Fire who?????No Ways, Its a known fact that RM anf JM have a Huge, huge respect for one another…

  • Pablo

    I thought CDE Mutsvangwa was fired from ZANU PF……Does he have a say who should be in Zanu or not…?

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Kufarira kutengeserwa 1990 Datsun Pulsar for the price of the latest Merc

    • yowe

      Exactly Gary…wofara kuti ndine motor hahaha

  • Knox Moyo Chirandu

    Comrade Mutsvangwa you are missing the point. The G40 guys can not be fired by Mugabe because they are his boys. When Tshinga Dube said what he said, it did not take three days before he was reprimanded but Jonathan, Zhuwao and Tyson can break the rules on daily basis but our president will always look aside. Mahoka was fired for the same offence that Mandi Chimene committed, but do you ever hear the President castigating Mandi, no. Why? The ZANU PF wars are directly being formulated and managed by the First Family.If anyone fails to realise that then you can shout and shout until tomorrow but no action will be taken. Remember 9 provinces openly rejected Kasukuwere, but where are we with that issue today?? Some cadres are more equal than others in ZANU PF, period. The war is between President and Ngwena, ndoopane nyaya yese ipapo, pabateyi, mupabatisise. ICHOO!!!!

    • Gamba ReManyika

      Last sentence very telling. Ummmmmmm?

  • yowe

    The onus is not on me as Yowe to provide numerical figures Mr Mkosi.Jonathan Moyo produced figures that showed that there was extreme wastage and probable theft on Command Agriculture …Since the inception the nation was told US$500million was used in on the programme. AfterJonso made noise the VP came and revised the figure downwards to 300 million.Now Jonso has further queried the use of the funds stating that it is overstated why cant the people incharge be forthright and disclose actual figures of what was spent, the actual harvest linked to Command Agric and not other non government production, the amount of loans recovered etc??? Things should be transparent so that effectiveness of the programme can be scientifically measured..Not just to say we have a bumper harvest when no one can measure the cost incurred….YOWE!!!! 92% LITERACY we demand figures.Either Jonso or a certain VP will be brought to shame

  • Shuvai

    Zambia has had a bumper harvest! Without command agriculture.

  • Tsotso

    Ask the CIC who exposed the grand theft, not me. Unless you tell me you are in the company of the NASA rover in Mars, you should know who stole the US$15 billion from who

  • Cecil Roars

    Iwe Christopher iwe ka. Kwana! Do you still belong to that party yourself, a party you want Jona to be dismissed from.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      The problem in Zim is that we have so so many groups all competing for a say in governance. Some of these groups are just plain idiotic some genuinely represent civic voice. When you start to let a group of war veterans hijack the voters will, or any group for that matter, then you have chaos. That’s exactly where we are in Zim. That govt can take tax payer money and pay Sakunda, or give fatty boy Wicknell free $5m, or build all sorts of projects without tender, etc and not a whimper from these so called war veterans. Before you know it cross border traders association have a say about Moyo, so will donkey cleaning association of Guruve, then gango monitoring association of Mereki, the goblin biltong skin scheme of Zvimba, etc. Where does it end? All because someone criticized an archaic communist project? Whatever happened to market economy?

  • Profff

    I think you have hit the nail on the head here. Where are the figures that show how much was put in; who benefited to what amount; and how much the state will realise given that the state itself through GMB is procuring the maize at a loss making price? I know a lot of farmers who just produced for themselves it was such a good rainfall season in a long time. tese takarima but we were not beneficiaries of Command Agriculture. The Harare area was green with lush maize all over. I know of Command beneficiaires who could not even plant the maize the inputs (in most cases just either seed or fertiliser) was delivered very late they just stored it. Yes there is a lot of maize around and the reasons are mutlifactored.

  • Sawubonafish

    Yawn, sounds of desperation from Lacoste……..

  • Gamba ReManyika

    I am temptd to agree with you although Jonso achifarisa!! Nyaya yese iri panamudhara. Zvaana Chris izvi ndesvevana vari kutya kusvitsa nyaya yavo kumakata saka vanotenderera nekushunya zvimwe zvana.

  • Cde Muziriwegazi(Mzilikazi)

    But Moyo gave his background history which differs from Mutsvanagwa`s narrative of Moyo. Mutsvangwa was a nonentity during the armed struggle. He lies a lot about those he hates. When Amos Midzi died , no one mentioned of his being an ex political detainee . Many leaders in our party never carried a gun but sat in Maputo or London or New York but hold sway in the party. Why talking of Moyo alone?

  • BringBackOurFlag

    this is not constructive critism but deliberate poly by Him and frends designed to undermine the gvt.he should raise all these issues in cabinet or politubro

  • Zvobgo

    the prof has a brain to see wastage where there is wastage..
    if you other guys are just cabinet furniture thats not his funeral