Bye-bye to potholes . . . city mulls concrete roads


Municipal Reporter

HARARE is migrating to concrete roads arguing that the traditional asphalt ones are prone to cracks and potholes. The city’s road network is in bad shape with potholes making life difficult for motorists.Efforts by council to repair the roads have failed as the potholes emerge soon after maintenance work. Acting Town Clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube yesterday told The Herald they were moving to concrete roads. She said they will start with Arcturus Road before spreading to other areas.

“We will be introducing our first cement roads very soon. We are going to start with Arcturus Road. We think there is justification to use such roads as most developed countries have since migrated from asphalt roads which require constant maintenance. We have the requisite skills in council,” said Mrs Ncube.

“Concrete roads require low maintenance and the advantage we have is that we have capacity as there is a lot of cement readily available in the country as compared to bitumen which we are currently importing from South Africa at higher prices.”

Mrs Ncube said concrete roads had a longer lifespan compared to asphalt roads.

She said research indicated that well-designed cement roads require little or no maintenance well beyond their 40-year design lives. Research also shows that concrete roads are not damaged from oil leaks like asphalt roads.

Council has over the years been criticised for its failure to repair potholes that are now a danger to motorists. With the onset of the rainy season, the potholes are now a menace.

There are now potholes even in the city centre. Major roads feeding into the city like Second Street Extension, Seke Road, Chiremba Road and Simon Mazorodze Road are now littered with potholes.

So dangerous have the roads become that motorists often ram into each other as they try avoid the potholes. Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni blamed the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) for the parlous state of the city roads.

He recently advised motorists to drive at 60km per hour on city roads. Mr Manyenyeni accused Zinara of sabotaging local authorities by starving them of funding.

Zinara allocated Harare City Council only $1,2 million for road maintenance last year. This was a drop in the ocean considering the scope of repairs that need to be done.

The city is in the process of procuring road maintenance equipment after Government approved its $30 million borrowing powers.

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  • chinos

    If poorly constructed concrete roads could be worse than asphalt roads. Go and to the Mvuma-Gweru road. Good design coupled with proper construction that is without political influence from kasukuweres of this world is the answer. Isai mari kwayo ne the right qualified professionals and u wl c

    • Profmununhema

      Good move. Proper cement roads take time to wore out. I think you need to consult civil engineers and they will advise you that cement roads build properly last long. I am not sure if you are well travelled around the world let alone Africa. Most roads that you see and admire, they are concrete with a layer of tarmac. The problem is that they do not test the soil to see the required material and reinforcement that will curb cracks etc. layers and layer of cement go on roads sometimes up to 8 layer before tarmac layer.

  • moholo

    wanhu wemuZim kutaurisa kani, thats why makadyiwa kuAFCON , too much THEORY

  • ctek

    Pane mumwe achatoba cement iyoyo wonzwa kuti we want to be innovative toita segreat Zimbabwe ruins or kunozongosanganiswa nemazijecha yoita dusty gravel mucity centre

  • tee cee

    it will take 10 years to impliment

  • yowe

    hahahaha YOWE!!!! MAIHWE

  • Amai Mandigona

    1. Bitumen is not a by product of coal carbonization , it is in fact a petroleum by product
    2. Tar which is a very brittle binder and is no longer used as a secondary binder in road surfacing; is a by product of coal. Tar can only be used to prime product s like TP7 and Tp12
    3. Clay ? My foot – You need a basic course in civil engineering .
    4. Yes are right kudzidza hakuperi

    Tell lady Josephine Ncube that there is vast difference between cement and concrete. Cement roads ? My foot

  • Rigayi Ikonomi

    Please Josephine, hakuna chinhu chinonzi “cement road” tinosvika kupi nevanhu vane ignorance dzakadai pamapositions ane basa ?

  • musombodiya

    More than the irritating sound you hear when you drive past a bridge

  • Gonna

    City of Harare kindly put a danger sign and barricade the dangerous pot hole on the above picture for the safety of citizens and foreigners