BREAKING NEWS: Mutsvangwa, wife booted out

Cde Mutsvangwa

Cde Mutsvangwa

Herald Reporter
Zanu-PF has suspended Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa from the party for three years for gross indiscipline. Also suspended for three years are Cdes Monica Mutsvangwa (Women’s League spokesperson) and Esphina Nhari (Women’s League secretary for administration).

Seven former provincial youth chairpersons Godfrey Tsenengamu, Godwin Gomwe, Washington Nkomo, Kumbhulani Mpofu, Vengai Musengi, Edmore Samambwa and Tamuka Nyoni were expelled.

Details to follow…

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  • cde chokwadi

    koo kudzi

  • Simuti

    zvaiwana ngwarati! Well at least we now know who is in charge of the country . .

    • bodo_kwete


  • Cde Moto

    Yoweee dog eat dog chaiyo

  • Tengenenge

    Self-immolation…for whose benefit? G40?

  • Membathisi

    Time for great soul searching-never lean on a rotting log.Husband ,wife and runner boys all swept away…

  • mpengo

    How to self-implode 101. Best-selleling manual by ZANUPF

  • Ndiya

    Chris et al should look beyond suspensions, Suspensions are nothing 2018 is a big win. The question 4 the other faction: is Zanu going to win an election in its fragmented state come 2018 and what are the political implications.Grace has a choice of running away and the others??..Chris go out here form structures rather than leaving it late and you become political nonentity come 2018. Right now the worry should not be remaining with Grace et al, because ZANU is wherever you are and in your heart ..donot worry about being in Grace et al thats not Zanu.

    • bodo_kwete


  • matshobane

    you were warned to “STOP IT”,but you didnt respect makwiramiti.Its pay back time.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Kwahi atuka Dr Amai atuka Gushungo mbune watch out lacoste!

    • bodo_kwete

      Ndoosaka tavakuvapandukira gushungo nemukadzi wavo wechipiri.

  • bond coin


  • bond coin

    let the G40 rule kana herald rashaya zvekunyora only a few sentence zvinongoshowa kty his expulsion is to pave a way for others who are so ambitious zvakaoma

  • Matsimba

    I will hasten to add that a stalk of grass, delicate and seemingly vulnerable to the force of a typhoon, survive in the aftermath of great storms. It is the rigid, physically strong tree, with deeper tap root which is uprooted, for in this world decide forthwith where wind is blowing from and bend to its dictates and you shall survive.

  • bodo_kwete

    What sin did they commit? Did they disrespect mum-grace? As of now, there is only one comandment in Zanu i.e. Munhu wese ita zvirikudiwa naamai.

    • Fred Muchena

      there is only ONE centre of power

      • bodo_kwete


  • bodo_kwete

    Zanu one-sided thinking. Real pricks are people like SK Moyo. How can any self-respecting man endorse such stupid thinking?

  • bodo_kwete

    time will tell.

  • bodo_kwete

    chris can just apologise and join these real revoltionaries. Mugabe’s ego and that of his wife are not as important as our future.

  • bodo_kwete

    An opportunity for Mugabe to tell them off.

  • bodo_kwete

    lack of composure

  • Phillip Munyaradzi

    At the rate the suspensions are happening they will be no one left in ZANU by 2018. I am not sure this is good for the party. Its definitely good for zimbabwe though, the more they fight and suspended each other the better for us!

  • Nsindamanzi

    George Charamba must be shit scared wherever he is. He also got himself messed up in this fight and Mahoka put him to order. He could have been fired by now it he did not take the warning seriously. Interesting times indeed. I hope he has realised that he was talking from the wrong basket.

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    2018 HOKOYO

  • Lacoste Garwe

    Mutsvangwa is not welcome to People First. He is the one who was insulting Dr Mujuru at the top of his hoarse voice. He can form his own People Last!!

  • Chris Tsvakayi

    Where are you Cde Lacoste when we need you the most?

  • my zanupf

    Wadyajena haabudi. Mutsvangwa still haana chekuchema he was in wrong train from the onset of the journey. Now my question is all these thousand and half former zanupf champions who were booted out are wrong. kazhinji mukaona murume oti akaroora oramba akaroora oramba murume iyeye ndiye nhunzvatunzva. WATCH OUT FOR THE ZANUPF BULLETS. Since independents we never received such a barbaric firing, it only started with the women s league post 2013