Arts centre engages young talent

Chitungwiza Arts Centre artist Noah Limbo (right) teaches young Chris Mubayi how to carve a stone

Chitungwiza Arts Centre artist Noah Limbo (right) teaches young Chris Mubayi how to carve a stone

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Chitungwiza Arts Centre has embarked on an art training session for young aspiring artists. The initiative that began last week saw several art-loving youths coming and to work with established sculptors during the training.

Art Centre chairman Taurai Tigere said the youngsters, mostly teenagers, came from different parts of Chitungwiza.

“This is an initiative meant to cement the relationship between the art centre and the community. Art has to be appreciated within our community first before we go beyond borders,” he said.

At the workshop they were taught how art can be used to express a person’s thinking before embarking on curving the stones.

Tigere believes that is one way the arts centre would give back to the community.

Several artists have benefited from the centre as they are earning a living through carving stones.

“Artists here are earning a living through selling their pieces in different parts of the country. By engaging the youths we are trying to teach them about the importance of art in the community and the impact it can make on an individual,” he said.

Asked on the selection criteria they used to choose youngsters that attended the workshop Tigere said they opened the advert to everyone.

“I think the message reached everyone in the community and we are happy that they responded by sending their children here,” he said.

He said that alone shows that stone carving is getting recognition within the society.

“We will be having several programmes that cement the relationship of the arts centre and the community”.

“It is very important that we let them understand the use of art and its impact on the society,” he said.

Some of the students who attended the workshop said it was good that they had the experience.

“That was a good experience for us and we want to thank the Arts Centre for taking us through the process,” said Chris Mubayi.

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