Actress Chipidza gets chance to shine on continental stage Chimwemwe Chipidza

Valerie Mpundu Arts Reporter

Local actress Chimwemwe Chipidza is set to represent Zimbabwe in Uganda on May 24 at the Africa Monologue Challenge, a prestigious competition where actors from the continent compete for a lead role in a Pan-African film, among other exciting prizes.

The challenge gives budding and aspiring actors the ultimate chance to showcase their talent to the global community.

In a landscaped video of not more than one minute, the monologue is usually on a plain background with very clear audio and recorded in English.

Chipidza is among the top 10 finalists together with representatives from Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Malawi.

In an interview, Chipidza, described her journey as one that has been a great experience and a learning curve.

She is happy to take part in the African Monologue Challenge and said: “This is a good move for me.

“This is not the first time trying this challenge and at first, I was not successful. I then tried my luck again this time it came running.”

“I was very sceptical but gathered the courage to participate and to my surprise I was one of the 50 finalists.”

Chipidza said evictions would happen every two weeks and she kept holding.

“I am glad I managed to be one of the 10 finalists.

“The monologue to me is good as it strengthens my resolve to explore cultural connections while giving an African narrative.

“I like to explore cultural connections and promote Pan-African collaborations. I have high hopes and dreams for this continent.

“In my work I aim to build unity and cooperation between various cultures.”

Chipidza ,who started acting in high school plays, said this ignited her passion as it helped in building a strong and confident person.

In 2016 she played in the drama “Much Ado About Nothing” at the British Embassy as they commemorated English playwright and poet William Shakespeare, giving her the much needed experience and recognition.

Adding a notch to her belt in 2017, Chipidza assumed the role of assistant director in the film “Cook Off”.

In 2020 she acted in “Blue Roof”,  a College Central Production series. College Central is famed for their 2020 Covid-19 production “Wadiwa Wepamoyo” which made them a household name.

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