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MDC-T fires Khupe

The MDC-T National Council has today fired the party’s deputy president Thokozani Khupe and two other senior officials.

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Run your own race


Charles Mungoshi Jnr. Versatile Fufu
In this life we are not the same, everyone has their own identity. The human error that is common in the multitudes is that we compete against each other. You need to separate yourself from competition because life is greater than competing. We are not running the same race , though we may be of

the same kind.

A lot of people don’t even realise it – that they live to be better than the next person which is a shallow mindset to being a great person. You can see it in the way people interact in absolutely anything.

Even when people are having a conversation, they always want to prove to the next person that they are more educated than the other, even telling the same story people fight to show that they know what happened more than the other.

It’s a game of life – the motive to work is driven by the fact that so and so can’t be making more money or impact than I am.

This attitude is the same reason why we do not celebrate achievers, the next thing a person says about someone who is rich or successful is that they use juju or they’re looting.

All this is because a person’s mind is oriented in the attitude of competition.

I want to assure you that there is no way you can achieve greatness trying to be better than someone else – life is a marathon not a sprint. That person you are trying to beat started ages ago and you have no idea.

Do your level best to outdo your past, compete against yourself. Yes, look at what others are doing be it in the same industry or just life generally and pick one or two things to improve yourself.

Get to know people for the sole purpose of being motivated and inspired not to feel like it’s a direct challenge against your life. Work hard to improve the way you approach life – think of every interaction with someone greater than you as an opportune time to learn not to be challenged.

A mentality of competition blocks you from learning further in life – a great person is one who knows how to adopt many concepts from different people and comes up with one idea that lifts him up.

That is the major failure of many in the approach to life. Change your perception of those better than you or upcoming so that you can be a better person.

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