In our Religion Section of The Herald yesterday, we published a story about Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed, with an accompanying picture.
It has been kindly brought to our attention that the Islamic faith does not allow the publication of images of the Prophet Mohammed and his close companions.

We unreservedly apologise for the offence the publication could cause. – Editor

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  • karombe

    maiwee…..pliz also apologise directly to the authorities tingadamburwa muno

  • Tawanda

    This is debatable. While we need to respect religions and their doctrines, we need to balance this against the right to access to information and freedom of the media

  • Tongai Nyika

    Ko iye muporofita uyu Mohammed wakasiyanei nevamwe vaporofita vamunobudisa mapicture avo. Tibvirei Herald, apology chii? Tiisirei mapicture mhani apo.

  • Christian

    Ma Prophet emuno munyika of our own race munotuka wani, avo ndivo vamunotya manje

  • Knightmare

    This is not debatable. Debate it at your own risk. A bomb is coming to a town near your, right now…

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Haaa wena Sorry is sorry maaaaan

  • Idiot

    Kutya machawa

  • Nesongano

    Makapinzwa fear, muchinyanya!!!