Police warn against violence

Snr Assist Com Charamba

Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba

Crime Reporter
POLICE today warned politicians to desist from inciting lawlessness intended to cause chaos while the media has been urged to report objectively.  In a statement, Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba commended the people for taking heed of peace messages.  “We want to warn politicians that are considering this option of inciting Zimbabweans into mass protest that it is not good for the country. Politicians should not blame the police when they find themselves on the wrong side of the law,” she said.

She said they would not hesitate to deal with anyone, in terms of the law, who incites the public to cause violence and would act accordingly to restore order.

Analysts recently said the law should take its course on losing MDC-T politicians threatening to incite violence with the aim of rendering the country ungovernable.

MDC-T spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora who lost Nyanga North constituency to Cde Hurbert Nyanhongo, this week said his party could take to the streets challenging President Mugabe and Zanu-PF’s crushing victory in the harmonised elections.

The party’s treasurer, Mr Roy Bennett, wrote on his Facebook wall urging people to reject the outcome and launch an intense programme of civil disobedience.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said: “We also urge Zimbabweans not to be dragged into the option of mass protest. Zimbabweans are law abiding citizens and should reject this unlawfu action.

“We urge the media to report responsibly and objectively and not to incite lawlessness intended to cause chaos and mayhem in our country,” she said.

“Be reminded that as media houses, you are not above the law and have a role to play for nation building.”

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  • L Makombe

    Why would any sane person listen to a loser who has nothing to offer. Why would any sane person listen to Bennet who is basking in glory outside Zimbabwe. Bennet invested heavily in the MDC-T and his investment has gone up in smoke. Zimbabweans, I know they have matured and are sane people who do not follow ideas of losers. Why would you like to go down with someone who caused his own downfall through arrogance. What happened to Biti’s video. Was it not doctored or stage managed and I believe the police will get to the bottom of the issue. The MDC-T should home grown unfortunately they did not learn from their Kenyan friend who had a thirst of blood and lost big time in the recent elections. The MDC-T lost because of their thirst of blood and now they want Zimbabweans to embrace their satanic ideas of street demonstrations. Which devil created them that wants blood every now and then. I believe their american friends have now legalised satanism and witchcraft in the USA army and they want to import this idea into God fearing Zimbabwe.

  • Mhondoro

    No-one is going into the streets. We are ready to go back to work, increase productivity on the farms we got from RGM, start new projects, in which we have controlling equity interests and move the country forward..

    • zimbotry

      You may need money to do that. Let us see if ZanuPF can provide any. Good luck and I wish you success

      • Tinotonga

        You are lost man, me an a lot in my community got productive farms, made money last season and are sure back to work already. Got vacation coming up soon after the celebrations too so its tight but we sure have to work and make Zim and our families happier. Viva Zim, power to the people!

        • zimbotry

          You have me wrong. I wish you every success and hope many others can have your success too. We need more that produce food and commodities so we can stop being a Nation that relies on foriegn aid.

        • Stuart Ben Smith

          You were given stolen land.

  • rudo

    Lets respect peoples’ choice people wants Mugabe so tsvangirai go back to the drawing board and prepare for the next elections

    • zimbotry

      Totally agree. Lets now see if he can deliver on all his promises. I await my share of the “trillions” of dollars he promised us. And lets see if the people remember these and other promises of prosperity

  • Andile Andy Koli

    They keep on warning, saying this and that, I believe actions talk louder than words. Well done is bettter than well said.