Zinwa to disconnect defaulters In a statement, ZINWA corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga indicated that water levels in most of the country’s major dams were on an upward trend in response to the rains.

Elita Chikwati Senior Reporter

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has, beginning today, embarked on a massive water disconnection exercise aimed at recovering $2, 4 billion it is owed by various clients.

The disconnection exercise is targeting Government departments, local authorities and other categories of clients whose accounts are in arrears.

Zinwa corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga said Government departments and other affected institutions had been advised to clear their arrears or face disconnection.

“Of the total debt, Government departments owe $1, 011 billion, local authorities $507, 324, 789, irrigators 394, 116, 208, while domestic clients account for $ 251, 010. 289,” she said.

“Other clients such as parastatals, mines, industry, schools and churches account for the remainder of the amount.

“This non-payment of water bills by clients has adversely affected ZINWA’s operations as the revenue generated from the water sales is used for the procurement of critical resources needed in the delivery of service.

These resources include water treatment chemicals, fuel, electricity and plant spares.”

Mrs Munyonga said the non-payment of bills has affected the authority and it has not been able to timely service statutory obligations which include taxes, levies, payment of creditors and staff salaries.

“Zinwa is advising all clients in arrears to ensure that their accounts are paid up or to present acceptable payment plans at their relevant service centre offices,” she said.

“Service delivery can only be sustained when users of the service pay for the services they receive. In the absence of payments from the users, it becomes extremely difficult for Zinwa to continue providing service.”

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